For many,A High School Teacher is God Himself!

Karmegam,is a School mate of mine.

On Every Full moonday he never misses to go for Girivalam@Thiruvannamalai.

I come to know that it is a Full Moon Day because of his never Failing SMS..

“Suri..I am doing this Girivalam,praying sincerely for your family’s welfare!”

President's Award 1965

President’s Award 1965

Invariably,tears will blind my eyes,when I see this SMS!

Karmegam means,A  Dark Cloud-literally if translated.

Was it a Dark cloud around this wonderfil fellow in his early days?May be Yes.

My Father's last Photo in a function in Ramnad

My Father’s last Photo in a function in Ramnad

Dry lands of Ramnad produced drier people and their ability to think and do something great was relative to their intake- after all you need food which is hard to get.Karmegam was a young man who desired to excel in studies but poverty prevented him from pursuing what he wished to do.

One day he met his Teacher and explained to him his desire to study and his inabilty to come all the way from his village which was 15 kms away.He was also from a very poor Harijan Family,adding to his woes.His Teacher,being taken aback by this man’s

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amazing enthusiasm and alertness in General Knowledge Quiz he did for him,said:”You can join VIvekananda Hostel and study well.But with a condition that you must excel every where to become an engineer ultimately to bring glory to this Ramnad!”

Well Karmegam used to live on frugal meals in that Hostel and did well to go to Engineering college as demanded by his Teacher.He excelled in Engineering and he became an authority in Water Management in India.He went to various conferences in UK,USA and presented his papers.One fine morning in 1990 he came to see me at a very early dawn.He greeted me with an young boy of 15 yrs age.

“Suri,I want you to bless my son….”

“Karmegam,come on man,who am I to bless your wonderful Boy?”

“I see my beloved Teacher in you and I want your blessings before he Joins his engg., college?”

“Nice to know he is going to do engg.All the very best and do well like your Dad?”I said

“You know ,Suri.He is a British Citizen!”

“Thats a great news Karmegam.How come?”

“well when I was in England I got married to a Malaysian Lady and we are nicely settled now and as you know I am the Director of Water Management at Anna University!”

“I am so proud that from such a background like Ramnad,you have come thro hard fought life and indeed you deserve everything in life,Karmegam”

“It is definitely my Teacher’s blessings and thats why I chose to take yours for my son too today.”

After a few years again Karmegam gave me a ring.

“Suri I am retiring as Director of Anna University tomorrow.But I want to confide with you that the Correspondent of Rajalakshmi Engg., college was after me for a while and he wants me to be the Dean!”

“Great news.Why dont you join,Karmegam”

“I want to take your blessings before I do that on MOnady -day after tomorrow”

He is now heading that Institution with Honour and Pride!

I sulked a bit ,as ,as a son I haven’t been telling my father many things in life and what great citizens this Teacher has produced.

Tho’ these anecdotes are not for self glorification,it may one day motivate others to emulate them to do more good to the society.

‘vidyadhanam sarva dhanam pradhanam

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Are you a Laughing Stock..?Nothing Wrong!

To day is World Laughter Day!
If anyone doesn’t know how to Laugh,One doesn’t deserve to be a Human…
As we dont know whether Animals laugh at us but every one else will!!

There is also nothing wong if someone laughs at us..
Look at Me..
The people around me try to avoid me as I am supposed to be a Moran..
Sometims my own closest family members wd like to avoid me as they wd like to have some more pleasnter ,laughabale company,as I am not that very Laughable!!

Well dont worry..

If we know how to laugh at our ownself we have achieved the Ultimate..

Upanishads divided the HUman form into 5 Kosas or Shields starting from the Earthly Mass…our Body as the very Basic form as Annamay Kosa….till the ultimate 5th one as Ananda Maya Kosa!
Yes..We,every one of us, are supposed to be the Happiest for ever and ever…

So dont worry if anyone says you are a Laughing Stock..

Every one else is be TRue to Upanishads…

There was a time Times of India sold their dailies ‘Only based on R.K.Laxman’s catoons..People used to buy only just for that momentary tocklish time..”

Look at the Kerosene Lantern!in 1995!!

Look at the Kerosene Lantern!in 1995!!

Because when we laugh,we reach the ultimate eality Ananda Maya Kosa..
Even after today’s Karnataka Elections,
we may again see a Krishna who read a wrong paper in a wrong coutry as External Affairs MInister,as CM of Karnataka,for alll that you know..
In every Election Politicians Promise the Moon!

In every Election Politicians Promise the Moon!

Don’t worry..Just Laugh..
Laughter is the best Medicine..
Especially in India when we see Darkness and Corruption everywhere!
Have faith in your ownself..
That you are the Happiest by Nature..
Thats what Upanishads say!
Look at these catoons for a change & Relax!!

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My Father’s greatest strength..

Feb 21st is a fasting day for me since 1974..

I cdn’t digest the sudden departure of a Great Gandhian & guide in mylife.

It was just impossible to forget Him from then on,I have always been a miserable man!

Receiving President's award in 1965

Receiving President’s award in 1965

My father’s greatest strength was His Truthfulness.He never ever deviated from the Path of Truth and I wd like to recall some incidents as a tribute to His greatness on this day..


He being a simple Headmaster of  Rajah’s High School ,was only a servant to the Rajah of Ramnad,Shamugaraja Sethupathi who commanded so much respect all over Tamil Nadu and in many Princely states..But since my father was such a strict disciplinarian and headed a school of nearly 2000 students with such discipline,none including the Rajah,wd like to interfere with this great Institution..Rajah also had so much respect for my father and probably my father was the only one Rajah of Ramnad used to call “Mr.Rajah Iyer” as all others wdn’t get that special respect..

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In 1967 when the elections were announced,Kamaraj,the great Congress Leader refused to give COngress Ticket to the Rajah,who was earlier a COngress MInister!Rajah wanted to contest the elections as an Independent!

Since my father was also an elected M.L.C representing the TEachers COnstituency,He was well aware the mood of the people.So my father ‘advised’ the Rajah ‘not to contest’ as th mood was against him..Rajah refused to listen to my father.My father went out of the way to tell the Rajah that people around him were after his money only and hence ‘this elections wd be a big drain on his wealth’.He didnt listen to My father…

I was doing my Final year Engg. examn when the elections was in the offing and had come down to Ramnad to prepare for the examns.Normally I used to spend a lot of time with my father and when we were together in an afternoon in our HOuse,there was such a noise outside our house..that nearly 400 to 500 boys shouting slogans..’Vote for DMK..Vote for Thangappan’ was heard.My father was a bit startled when the very crowd suddenly became silent when they reached my house!

A tall 6 footer,with a thick MOustache,Thangappan entered my house with a Huge Garland of Roses..He prostrated before my father seeking His blessings..

My father,being never afraid of anyone,leavealone Thangappan,an Old student of His,told him”How dare you enter my own House and ask for my vote for you?”. The crowd  was watching!Thangappan again prostrated and sought His blessings.My father told him”All the best..”

Thangappan won the elections and Rajah was devastated after losing the elections,that too to a drop out from his own school!Thangappan,after the announcements were made,again came with nearly a 1000 boys with a bigger garland and prostrated to my father..”I need your guidance in the Assembly.”

My father told him”Do everything possible for the poor..all the best.”While Thangappan was going back ,my father called him and asked him “How did you come?”

“By a Horse -Cart!”

“Don’t worry..sooner you will get a car!”

Exactly in 6 months’ time,he was given a car by the DMK and he drove straight to my house to take my father’s blessings…

In the meantime,the Rajah was bedridden after the elections..

He sent word for my father and my father went to the Palace..Rajah hugged my father and wept over His shoulders

“Rajah are the Only One who advised me Truthfully..I have lost a few crores..I am so much upset..”Rajah was uncontrollable..

He passed away in a few months..

My father used to say..”Rajah cd have lived a bit more had he ‘not stood for that elections.”

My father served as an M.L.C., for 12 yrs between 1962-74 when he died as a sitting member(see Govt notification)He was commanding so much respect from all the Chief Ministers,like Kamaraj,Bakthavatsalam,Annadurai and Karunanidhi.

He died a poor man.He never had a car.He always travelled by Bus in Madras as an M.L.C.,Some of His students are holding top positions in Nasa,in UK,Singapore&Middle East and the Crescent Group Chairman was my father’s student..Abdul Kalam used to recall about my father’s greatness,as narrated by Abdul Kalam’s gaurdian in Rameswaram,Manikkam,who was my father’s student.Kalam writes he owes a lot to Manikkam!

Well..He has left behind a wealth of pride for us,thats immeasurable!My tribute@Ramnad function

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A Day with Lions,Leopards &Rhinos!

13 th Jan 2013!

A memorable birthday present for me from my younger daughter!

a day with Lions,Leopards,Rhinos,Wilddogs!

Lion Cub 1

Lion Cub 1

Sarasa with Lion Cubs

Sarasa with Lion Cubs

Set in the heart of the Cradle of Humankind, the Rhino and Lion Nature Reserve lies roughly 40 kilometres north-west of Johannesburg; a chance to see white rhino, lion, buffalo, hippo and other species of game up close and within half an hour of the major metropolis.

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If you get to the Rhino and Lion Nature Reserve at feeding time, you’re virtually guaranteed to see predators, as they are hand-fed – a bit like cheating, but a big bonus if you haven’t the time to head off to the Kruger National Park on safari. You can also select to go on a game drive offered by the reserve with a knowledgeable ranger, and with roughly 600 head of game within the reserve, a visit is bound to include almost all of the reserve’s species – endangered species such as cheetah, wild dog and the Cape vulture.
The highlight of any visit to the Rhino and Lion Nature Reserve, which covers 1200 hectares of land, is without doubt a visit to see the lion cubs, one of the species that forms part of the reserve’s breeding programme. Most of the Rhino and Lion Nature Reserve’s focus is on their breeding programme.

Another interesting project of the reserve is the vulture restaurant – literally a way of providing the vultures that live in the surrounding Magaliesberg with carcasses, donated by local farmers. Up to 200 birds feast at a time in the reserve.
If you wish to enjoy a ride in a Nature Reserve,with an experience of touching the cubs like Lions,Tigers,Cheetah..this is the place to be in!
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ஏலே பித்துக்குளி -Selfie Suicides


‘ஏன்டா,தலைலே அடிச்சிக்கிறே ?’

“இந்த Selfie பைத்தியங்களை பார்த்து !”

‘ஒ !இந்த Rattle Snake ஓட
ஒரு கிறுக்கு American ?’

“ஆமாம்,போட்டது ஒரு போடு..
போனமாசம் இன்னொருத்தன்
அவன் $150000 செலவழிச்சு
பிழைத்திருக்கான் !
நம்ப Coimbatore லேயே
சின்ன குத்தாலத்தில்
Selfie எடுக்கிறேன்னு
ஒருத்தி Falls ல் காலி !
‘மூளை இல்லாதவர்க்கு
Selfie எதற்கு ?
மூளை இருப்பவர்க்கு ,
Selfie இன் பயன்தான் என்ன ?
Self ஐ பற்றியே
தெரியாதவர்க்கு ,
Selfie என்ன பயன் சொல் !
Self ஐ பற்றி தெரிந்தவர்க்கு ,
Selfie எடுக்கவும்
(Rattle Snake பக்கத்தில் )
மூளை யும் தூண்டுமோ ?
Self ஐ பற்றி எல்லோரும்,
தெரிந்துகொள்ள ஓர்
இயக்கம் ஆரம்பிக்கவேண்டும் ..
என்னடா ,பித்துக்குளி?”

‘ஆரம்பி ஆரம்பி..
ஆனால் Quota கீட்டா
கேட்டுடடாதே !’

Golden Padmanabha

Intricate workmanship of Lord Padmanabha in Golde..Trivancore 18th Century

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Madras Nalla Madras

August 23rd 1639!

377th Birthday of Chennaipatnam aka Madras! Many memories come to me about this great city where I had spent my most memorable part of my life!

An untimely death of my father after his Shashtiaptha Purthy forced me to shift to Madras to afford a decent life taking care of my widowed mother,two unmarried sisters with my loving newly married wife! We rented a nice portion of a bungalow of a Dr. Bushanam in Aspiran Gardens, Kilpauk, overlooking the Watertank supplying water to entire Madras!

Sarasa started developing her Drawing skills by going to the famous Egmore Arts College, where actor Sivakumar also learnt his amazing skills!

Shakunthala Embroidery by Sarasa

Shakunthala Embroidery by Sarasa

An evening drive to Chintamani at Anna Nagar was a Happy occasion!

Roses by Sarasa

Roses by Sarasa

Lion by Sarasa

Lion by Sarasa

I had a nice neighbour Subramania Aiyer, Retd Railway official who advised me to go to Kanchi Mahan for my agony of not getting my sister married! (see the link  :Miracles of Mahaperiyava )

I was also able to settle my widowed mother in buying a house next to the temple in Srirengam as per her wish!

Many friends and relatives used to visit us and we can’t forget  gogoing for a movie in Kilpauk with nearly 10 to 12 young n old squeezed into my Ambassador!

Elmore Govt Arts College

Elmore Govt Arts College

Sarasa used her painting skills to decorate our house!  From Aspiran Gardens we went to Pollachi to take charcharge as GM of Sakthi Textiles!

I have never looked back and came back from Nigeria in 86 to buy a nice house inin Adyar, which was responsible for making both my daughters going to Princeton n Harvard!I was able to make Tantex a household name for the TTKs as a CEO and it was a great going indeed!

Is there anything more I shd ask for from this amazing Chennaipatnam, which Educated me in Upanishads n Bagavat Gita too, Tks to Swami Paramarthananda!

Long live my Madras!

History :

On 22 August 1639, which is referred to asMadras Day, the English East India Companyunder Francis Day bought a small strip of land stretching 3 miles on the Coromandel Coast. They got a license to build a fort and a castle in the contracted region. The rulerDamarla Chennappa Nayakudu, the Nayakaof Chandragiri, granted the English permission to build a factory and warehouse for their trading enterprises. The region was then primarily a fishing village known as “Madraspatnam”.A year later, the English built Fort St. George, the first major English settlement in India,which became the nucleus of the growing colonial city and urban Chennai, grew around this Fort.Post independence the fort housed the Tamil Nadu Assembly until the new Secretariat building was opened in 2010, but shortly afterwards it was again moved back to Fort St. George, due to a change in the Government.


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Jeeves in Madhampatti – Advaitham!

Jeeves in Madhampatti – Advaitham!

jeeves @Madhampatti

Jeeves @ Madhampatti

Scene :August Ambience..
Breeze from the Vellingiri hills of Western Ghats..

Neelakanta Sastri relaxing on his Terrace @ Madhampatti, overlooking the Velingiri View!

Sunset @Madhampatti

Sunset @Madhampatti

Jeeves disturbs his master with a Beer Glass, broken, falling on the Staircase!

“Jeeeeeeeeeves.. . I am sure you have been eying that Harvard Mug of mine, affectionately Gifted to me, by my daughter, out of her hard earned money from Harvard, for a while! ”

Jeeves :
‘True Sir but that’s Not absolute Truth! ‘
” Are you trying to tell me You have broken it but it is still not Broken Yet? ”
‘ As per your own explanation, Yesterday on Maya,Sir, it is TRUE it is Broken but the Real Truth is what you actually see is Not the absolute Truth! ‘
” So Jeeeeeeeeeves your intentions on this nice August evening is to confuse me with my own Advaithic Philosophy to excuse yourself behind an unforgivable act of intolerable inefficiency & Inexperience! ”
‘ Not at all True Sir. The perception of Truth is beyond all our Conceptual skills as you had Masterfully explained Yesterday, Sir, after your 3rd Kingfisher Beer! ‘
Sastry:” You don’t have to give the Stats of my Beer account every day, aloud,, so that your Mam can overhear and start a new fight with me at this Divine Pradosha Time! ”
‘ My intention is purely accidental to bring you back to what little senses, you may seem to have, Sir! Nothing more! Nothing Less! ‘
” OK OK bring my Kingfisher without breaking any more Beer Mugs from my Collectors’ Catalogue of Prestigious Porcelins! ”

Harvard n Princeton Mugs

Harvard n Princeton Mugs

‘Can’t guarantee the safety of such Beer Mugs Sir as you yourself explained in detail Yesterday that ‘None can prevent the Death of anything as DT OF Death is already inscribed by the Omnipotent Almighty, the moment you are born!’
” But I also explained how we can prevent a premature death by carefully handling a situation either with medical care or with a mental care, as in this case! ”
‘Sir but the phenomena of accidental deaths like the premature falling of Beer Mugs on Stair cases, is not in our hands, as you are well aware! ‘
” I only said Jeeves, its your hands which if properly coordinated with your Mental ability to think, can prevent the premature Demise of such costly Mugs from Mesapatomia! Do you understand? ”
Jeeves didn’t want to provoke his master any further on this Evening, when Master’s desire to have a Beer is likely to provoke him to go to any length, even if its a Thrash on Jeeves Face!
Sastri :Oh! Jeeves Great to have a Beer in Princeton Mug!
‘Master I have a Good News & Bad news for you! Which one you want First? ‘
“Of course Good news First! ”
‘ Sir, Enjoy your Kingfisher as much today. Mam is out for Shopping for the next few hours!’
” Great News! The baaaad news! ”
‘Mam has strictly said No More Beer to be stocked in the Fridge! I don’t know how to convey this news to you, Sir! ‘
” That’s not at all a Baaaad News. Let’s buy a separate Fridge! What do you say Jeeves? ”


” Jeeeeeeeeves… ”

‘ ஏன் பிசாசு மாதிரி
ஏதேதோ கத்தறேள்!
I have to take you to Kilpauk Hospital only! ‘

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Musings from Madampatti – Definition of Independence

A life is made of many Moments!

If we can enjoy these small little Moments, reminding ourselves, ‘Sukha Dukhe Same Kirthva!’ we will be not only Independent but very Happy too!

I normally relax after an evening walk on my Terrace enjoying with some nuts with my friends, Crows! I have always witnessed that they invariably call all their friends before even tasting the Nuts! Happiness is inborn Nature of every one of us provided we are Independent to explore our innerself!

Today the Senior Citizens of Shenbagam celeberated our 70th Independence Day and a few moments  of exchange of Greetings with Senior Citizen Sengodan Hoisting the National Flag!

I was happy to get the message from Prateek Shukla of Lucknow that he has successfully completed his herculean task of Cycling all around India starting from Lucknow!7000KM!

Prateek Shukla completing 7000 km

Prateek Shukla completing 7000 km

Prateek Shukla, a young dynamic Cyclist was waiting for Dinner at Sringeri Mutt in May this year, next to me ! I was stunned to know he had already completed 3700 KM from Lucknow to Rameswaram, Kanchi to Sringeri!Next day 11th of May, Prateek was to continue his cycling to  Kollur, Marudeeshwar!

Prateek Shukla@Sringeri

Prateek Shukla@Sringeri

I suggested to him to stay back for Sankara Jayanthi on 11th and he was so happy to see Sankara Jayanthi and got bountiful Blessings of Sringeri Acharyas!

I was praying for his safe trip as you can see he didn’t have anything else except the bike n revered Jagannath !Prateek Shukla used to periodically give me his GPS location all the way from Bhimasankar, to Omkareshwar to Gangotri to Lucknow! He must be the Icon for the Youth! A great task Prateek Shukla undertook n successfully completed!

On this Independence day Prateek Shuklas make me happy because somewhere some youth, Patriotic, are Independently exploring our Roots, our Independence which can never be compromised!

Sathyameva Jayathe!












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ஏலே பித்துக்குளி – அம்மா

ஏலே பித்துக்குளி!

‘ஏன்டா ஒடிந்து போயிருக்கே? ‘

Kamala Rajah Iyer Block,Hindu Mission Hospital

Kamala Rajah Iyer Block,Hindu Mission Hospital

“செய்நன்றி மறந்த
கைகால்கள் நடுங்கி
காப்பிகூட போடமுடியாமலிருந்த
அக்காவவை பஞ்சகணியிலிருந்து,
வருத்தம் ஓர்புறமும்
‘ நெஞ்சில் நன்றியின்றி,
இலக்கணமாக வாழ்ந்த
சொந்த தாய்
இந்த ராட்ச்சசீகளை
நினைத்து நினைத்து
வெட்க்கி தலைகுணிகிறேன்!
ஊரை ஏமாற்றிதிரியும்
கொடூரமான கொள்ளைகாரர்கள் கூட
ஒரு படி உயர்ந்தவர்கள்!
அவர்கள் கூட
தங்களை பெற்றெடுத்த
இறுதி சடங்கில்
என் அன்புத்தாய்
இவர்களை பற்றி
சொல்லி மடிந்ததை

“உருகிவிட்ட மெழுகினிலே ஒளியேது?
உடைந்து விட்ட சிலையினிலே அழகேது?
பழுதுபட்ட கோயிலிலே தெய்வமேது?
பனிபடர்ந்த பாதையிலே பயணமேது?…”
என்று கண்ணதாசன்
வரிகளை நினைத்து,
மறைந்த என்
என்றும் என்னுடன்
எனக்கேது பயம் என்று
பித்துக்குளி? ‘

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An Amazing Tribute to Swami Chinmayananda!

Largest Salt Mosaic by Ganesh

Largest Salt Mosaic by Ganesh

Staff n students ofChinmaya Vidyalaya Vadavalli, COIMBATORE expressed their admiration for their beloved Pujyaguruji Swami Chinmayananda on His 100 th Birthday by breaking several World Records. I was surprised with the pool of Talents ranging from a Pradeep who withstood 235 runs on his chest by Two Wheelers to a smiling Bhoomish breaking Tiles on Flames!

Times of India

Times of India

If you have ever managed a kid of 4 to 5 you should know how tough a job is to keep them quiet for a minute. You can imagine 500 of them in Krishna Costumes with a Flute on hand, without their parents,  for 10 minutes,  under one roof! Hats off to Mr.Ramakrishnan the able Correspondent n the dedicated staff! 

A Pradeep creating a World Record for maximum Run overs by Two Wheelers in 30 minutes:235!

A Bhoomish creating a new world record for breaking maximum tiles on flames

A Kishore making most no of Paper Bags, painted n pasted to withstand 2kgs,certified by Adjudicators

A group of students creating maximum no of National Flags

Anand’s amazing stamina to Cycle his way into World Record for 28hrs!

List goes on to the awe stuck audience consisting of various TV  channels , press, World Record Administrators!

(Limca, Tamilan, Asian Records Academy, Elite, India Records, Records Setter)

Vivekananda said years ago:”The tremendous emphasis on the scientific and mechanical ways of life is fast reducing man to the status of a machine. Moral and religious values are being undermined. The fundamental principles of civilization are being ignored. Conflicts of ideals, manners and habits are pervading the atmosphere. Disregard for everything old is the fashion of the day.” Vivekananda sought the solutions of all these social and global evils through education. With this end in view, He felt the dire need of awakening man to his spiritual self wherein, he thinks, lies the very purpose of education.

This humane task has been implemented by Pujyaguruji Swami Chinmayananda’sVidyalayas all over the World! I felt so elated to witness this in Chinmaya Vidyalaya Vadavalli!

In an era where teachers are made fun of, with no discipline whatsoever, I saw Pradeeps n Bhoomishs prostrating seeking their Guruji’s Blessings!

Such institutions will not only create more n more World Records, but will produce Einsteins n Sachins too, as Vinayam is implanted in this Gurukulam!

“Vidyadanam Sarvadhanam Pradanam! “

May God Bless such Amazing Institutions!

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ஏலே பித்துக்குளி – ஆடி அமாவாசை

ஏலே பித்துக்குளி!



‘என்னடா, ஆடிப்பெருக்கு
அம்மாவாசை, எல்லாம் சேந்திருக்கு? ‘

“நமது முன்னோார்களை
நினைத்தால் மிகவும்
ஆச்சரியமாக இருக்கிறது!
மாதங்களை பெளர்ணமிக்கு
சித்திரை என்றால்
சித்திரா நக்ஷத்திரத்தில்
பெளர்ணமி வருகிறது!
அதேபோல் ஆடிஅம்மாவாசை
அன்று சூரியன் தனது
தக்ஷிணாயன பயணத்தை
தொடங்குவதை கண்டுபிடித்தான்!
அன்று ஓர் புண்ணிய தினமாக
கருதி நதியிலே மூழ்கி
உள்ளத்தூய்மை பெறவேண்டுமென்றான்!
ஐந்தாக பிரித்து
வானத்திற்கு நிற்குணப்ரம்மனை
(ஏனென்றால் ஆரம்பமும் முடிவும்
இல்லாத, ரூபம், உணர்ச்சி,
ருசி, வாசனை எதுவுமில்லாத
நிற்குணப்ரம்மன் ஆகாசம்!)
வாயுவுக்கு இரண்டாவது
ரூபமும்உணர்ச்சியும் உடைய
மூன்றாவது இடத்தையும்
ரூபமும்உணர்ச்சியும் ருசிரசமுடைய நீருக்கு
நான்காவது இடத்தையும்,
ரூபமும்உணர்ச்சியும் ருசிரசமும்கூட கந்தமும்
சேர்ந்த பூமிக்கு
ஐந்தாவது இடத்தையும்
அக்னியை தன்னுடைய வேள்விகழுக்கும்
தர்மஅதர்ம காரியங்கட்க்கும்
நல்லநீரில் மூழ்கி,
எரித்து சாம்பலாக்கி
நெற்றியில் இட்டு,
(எரிக்க எரிக்க எப்பொழுதுமே
வெள்ளைநிரம் மாறா
‘அத்வைதம்’ விபூதி
மீதிஎதுவும் எரித்தவுடன்
தன் குணமும்
தன்மையும் மாறிவிடும்!)
௺ என்றான்!
(தத் த்வமசி)
அவா வெகுளி
வாய்ப்பே இல்லை!
‘சுத்த அறிவே
சுருதிகள்கேளீரோ? ‘
என்கிறான் என் பாரதி!
பித்துக்குளி! “

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