For many,A High School Teacher is God Himself!

Karmegam,is a School mate of mine.

On Every Full moonday he never misses to go for Girivalam@Thiruvannamalai.

I come to know that it is a Full Moon Day because of his never Failing SMS..

“Suri..I am doing this Girivalam,praying sincerely for your family’s welfare!”

President's Award 1965

President’s Award 1965

Invariably,tears will blind my eyes,when I see this SMS!

Karmegam means,A  Dark Cloud-literally if translated.

Was it a Dark cloud around this wonderfil fellow in his early days?May be Yes.

My Father's last Photo in a function in Ramnad

My Father’s last Photo in a function in Ramnad

Dry lands of Ramnad produced drier people and their ability to think and do something great was relative to their intake- after all you need food which is hard to get.Karmegam was a young man who desired to excel in studies but poverty prevented him from pursuing what he wished to do.

One day he met his Teacher and explained to him his desire to study and his inabilty to come all the way from his village which was 15 kms away.He was also from a very poor Harijan Family,adding to his woes.His Teacher,being taken aback by this man’s

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amazing enthusiasm and alertness in General Knowledge Quiz he did for him,said:”You can join VIvekananda Hostel and study well.But with a condition that you must excel every where to become an engineer ultimately to bring glory to this Ramnad!”

Well Karmegam used to live on frugal meals in that Hostel and did well to go to Engineering college as demanded by his Teacher.He excelled in Engineering and he became an authority in Water Management in India.He went to various conferences in UK,USA and presented his papers.One fine morning in 1990 he came to see me at a very early dawn.He greeted me with an young boy of 15 yrs age.

“Suri,I want you to bless my son….”

“Karmegam,come on man,who am I to bless your wonderful Boy?”

“I see my beloved Teacher in you and I want your blessings before he Joins his engg., college?”

“Nice to know he is going to do engg.All the very best and do well like your Dad?”I said

“You know ,Suri.He is a British Citizen!”

“Thats a great news Karmegam.How come?”

“well when I was in England I got married to a Malaysian Lady and we are nicely settled now and as you know I am the Director of Water Management at Anna University!”

“I am so proud that from such a background like Ramnad,you have come thro hard fought life and indeed you deserve everything in life,Karmegam”

“It is definitely my Teacher’s blessings and thats why I chose to take yours for my son too today.”

After a few years again Karmegam gave me a ring.

“Suri I am retiring as Director of Anna University tomorrow.But I want to confide with you that the Correspondent of Rajalakshmi Engg., college was after me for a while and he wants me to be the Dean!”

“Great news.Why dont you join,Karmegam”

“I want to take your blessings before I do that on MOnady -day after tomorrow”

He is now heading that Institution with Honour and Pride!

I sulked a bit ,as ,as a son I haven’t been telling my father many things in life and what great citizens this Teacher has produced.

Tho’ these anecdotes are not for self glorification,it may one day motivate others to emulate them to do more good to the society.

‘vidyadhanam sarva dhanam pradhanam

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Are you a Laughing Stock..?Nothing Wrong!

To day is World Laughter Day!
If anyone doesn’t know how to Laugh,One doesn’t deserve to be a Human…
As we dont know whether Animals laugh at us but every one else will!!

There is also nothing wong if someone laughs at us..
Look at Me..
The people around me try to avoid me as I am supposed to be a Moran..
Sometims my own closest family members wd like to avoid me as they wd like to have some more pleasnter ,laughabale company,as I am not that very Laughable!!

Well dont worry..

If we know how to laugh at our ownself we have achieved the Ultimate..

Upanishads divided the HUman form into 5 Kosas or Shields starting from the Earthly Mass…our Body as the very Basic form as Annamay Kosa….till the ultimate 5th one as Ananda Maya Kosa!
Yes..We,every one of us, are supposed to be the Happiest for ever and ever…

So dont worry if anyone says you are a Laughing Stock..

Every one else is be TRue to Upanishads…

There was a time Times of India sold their dailies ‘Only based on R.K.Laxman’s catoons..People used to buy only just for that momentary tocklish time..”

Look at the Kerosene Lantern!in 1995!!

Look at the Kerosene Lantern!in 1995!!

Because when we laugh,we reach the ultimate eality Ananda Maya Kosa..
Even after today’s Karnataka Elections,
we may again see a Krishna who read a wrong paper in a wrong coutry as External Affairs MInister,as CM of Karnataka,for alll that you know..
In every Election Politicians Promise the Moon!

In every Election Politicians Promise the Moon!

Don’t worry..Just Laugh..
Laughter is the best Medicine..
Especially in India when we see Darkness and Corruption everywhere!
Have faith in your ownself..
That you are the Happiest by Nature..
Thats what Upanishads say!
Look at these catoons for a change & Relax!!

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My Father’s greatest strength..

Feb 21st is a fasting day for me since 1974..

I cdn’t digest the sudden departure of a Great Gandhian & guide in mylife.

It was just impossible to forget Him from then on,I have always been a miserable man!

Receiving President's award in 1965

Receiving President’s award in 1965

My father’s greatest strength was His Truthfulness.He never ever deviated from the Path of Truth and I wd like to recall some incidents as a tribute to His greatness on this day..


He being a simple Headmaster of  Rajah’s High School ,was only a servant to the Rajah of Ramnad,Shamugaraja Sethupathi who commanded so much respect all over Tamil Nadu and in many Princely states..But since my father was such a strict disciplinarian and headed a school of nearly 2000 students with such discipline,none including the Rajah,wd like to interfere with this great Institution..Rajah also had so much respect for my father and probably my father was the only one Rajah of Ramnad used to call “Mr.Rajah Iyer” as all others wdn’t get that special respect..

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In 1967 when the elections were announced,Kamaraj,the great Congress Leader refused to give COngress Ticket to the Rajah,who was earlier a COngress MInister!Rajah wanted to contest the elections as an Independent!

Since my father was also an elected M.L.C representing the TEachers COnstituency,He was well aware the mood of the people.So my father ‘advised’ the Rajah ‘not to contest’ as th mood was against him..Rajah refused to listen to my father.My father went out of the way to tell the Rajah that people around him were after his money only and hence ‘this elections wd be a big drain on his wealth’.He didnt listen to My father…

I was doing my Final year Engg. examn when the elections was in the offing and had come down to Ramnad to prepare for the examns.Normally I used to spend a lot of time with my father and when we were together in an afternoon in our HOuse,there was such a noise outside our house..that nearly 400 to 500 boys shouting slogans..’Vote for DMK..Vote for Thangappan’ was heard.My father was a bit startled when the very crowd suddenly became silent when they reached my house!

A tall 6 footer,with a thick MOustache,Thangappan entered my house with a Huge Garland of Roses..He prostrated before my father seeking His blessings..

My father,being never afraid of anyone,leavealone Thangappan,an Old student of His,told him”How dare you enter my own House and ask for my vote for you?”. The crowd  was watching!Thangappan again prostrated and sought His blessings.My father told him”All the best..”

Thangappan won the elections and Rajah was devastated after losing the elections,that too to a drop out from his own school!Thangappan,after the announcements were made,again came with nearly a 1000 boys with a bigger garland and prostrated to my father..”I need your guidance in the Assembly.”

My father told him”Do everything possible for the poor..all the best.”While Thangappan was going back ,my father called him and asked him “How did you come?”

“By a Horse -Cart!”

“Don’t worry..sooner you will get a car!”

Exactly in 6 months’ time,he was given a car by the DMK and he drove straight to my house to take my father’s blessings…

In the meantime,the Rajah was bedridden after the elections..

He sent word for my father and my father went to the Palace..Rajah hugged my father and wept over His shoulders

“Rajah are the Only One who advised me Truthfully..I have lost a few crores..I am so much upset..”Rajah was uncontrollable..

He passed away in a few months..

My father used to say..”Rajah cd have lived a bit more had he ‘not stood for that elections.”

My father served as an M.L.C., for 12 yrs between 1962-74 when he died as a sitting member(see Govt notification)He was commanding so much respect from all the Chief Ministers,like Kamaraj,Bakthavatsalam,Annadurai and Karunanidhi.

He died a poor man.He never had a car.He always travelled by Bus in Madras as an M.L.C.,Some of His students are holding top positions in Nasa,in UK,Singapore&Middle East and the Crescent Group Chairman was my father’s student..Abdul Kalam used to recall about my father’s greatness,as narrated by Abdul Kalam’s gaurdian in Rameswaram,Manikkam,who was my father’s student.Kalam writes he owes a lot to Manikkam!

Well..He has left behind a wealth of pride for us,thats immeasurable!My tribute@Ramnad function

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A Day with Lions,Leopards &Rhinos!

13 th Jan 2013!

A memorable birthday present for me from my younger daughter!

a day with Lions,Leopards,Rhinos,Wilddogs!

Lion Cub 1

Lion Cub 1

Sarasa with Lion Cubs

Sarasa with Lion Cubs

Set in the heart of the Cradle of Humankind, the Rhino and Lion Nature Reserve lies roughly 40 kilometres north-west of Johannesburg; a chance to see white rhino, lion, buffalo, hippo and other species of game up close and within half an hour of the major metropolis.

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If you get to the Rhino and Lion Nature Reserve at feeding time, you’re virtually guaranteed to see predators, as they are hand-fed – a bit like cheating, but a big bonus if you haven’t the time to head off to the Kruger National Park on safari. You can also select to go on a game drive offered by the reserve with a knowledgeable ranger, and with roughly 600 head of game within the reserve, a visit is bound to include almost all of the reserve’s species – endangered species such as cheetah, wild dog and the Cape vulture.
The highlight of any visit to the Rhino and Lion Nature Reserve, which covers 1200 hectares of land, is without doubt a visit to see the lion cubs, one of the species that forms part of the reserve’s breeding programme. Most of the Rhino and Lion Nature Reserve’s focus is on their breeding programme.

Another interesting project of the reserve is the vulture restaurant – literally a way of providing the vultures that live in the surrounding Magaliesberg with carcasses, donated by local farmers. Up to 200 birds feast at a time in the reserve.
If you wish to enjoy a ride in a Nature Reserve,with an experience of touching the cubs like Lions,Tigers,Cheetah..this is the place to be in!
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Cowards Die Many Times..


JJ is gone….

I personally feel its Good for her credibility,  getting such a great send off, as anything unexpected from the SC probably wdnt have been appropriate for a Really Courageous Character, who can be equated to Jhansi Ki Rani!

I had a few years of seeing first hand a coterie around her swindling and stage managing everything around her! My blog Farooq below, which I wrote years back in Sulekha may give an idea of whom I am talking about! What was heartening to me was JJ’s self confidence in 94 to send clear signals to a selfish swindler and taking complete control of everything under her thumbs! No doubt a few mistakes because of her blind faith on a friend of hers, tarnished her image, but she firmly built a Cadre of worshippers by her shear determination to reach out to the poor!

Her story is amazing for Historians as :(1) Her caste is the most hated one by majority in Tamil Nadu (2)added to that is a Stigma of a Foreigner in Tamil Nadu! To make everyone worship her and kneel down is an Achievement to be etched in Gold Letters! 

A Warrior - Jayalalitha!

A Warrior – Jayalalitha!

I personally wd like to print my views on her close friend..

She has according to me, sacrificed her total life for preserving a great friendship! In our short sightedness, we forget, she has suffered enormous humiliation everywhere, particularly in her household, by asserting her loyalty to a friend, who always needed someone very very confidential !

In JJ’s death we all must learn one moral :

“Cowards Die Many Times but Valiant only once!  The Valiant is always victorious!

Bye Bye a Courageous Patriotic Lady! 


Farooq, a school mate of mine:

(If you see next to Ethiraj Kalyana Mandapam in Mowbray’s Road, there is a 3 story building called Tamil Arasi Maligai! Original name was ASMA building built by my friend and he wanted me to be in charge of the construction! I quit when a set of Swindlers entered Farooq’s life.. A Story worth reading!) 

1987..11 AM…a Saturday I remember and I was in my office at TTks.
I got a call from a lady in Dubai..”Sir,are you the one who has sent SMB traders a set of Tantex products..?”

In my anxiety to make more exports I sent samples of Tantex products(at that time we were the kings in entire South India..every one knows Tantex!)to all distributors in middle east..
I answered “Yes”
“Does your initial R.I.stand for ‘Rajah Iyer’?”
“Wait a minute Sir,our M.D.Mr.Farooq wd like to talk to you…”
“Suri Naan Farooq peserenga..eppadi irukkiinga..ellarum soukiyamaa?”
It took a while to place him as we havent seen each other since we left school in 1961!
He recollected our School days and I was so happy to talk to him again..” are you SMB yours?”…
“Suri I feel like seeing you immediately and I can send you tkt if you can fly down to Dubai tomorrow?”
“Farooq,today is Saturday and tomorrow is Sunday…and I dont have Visa..”
“Dont worry Suri..I am arranging the tkts Right now…and Visa is my problem here”
Air India tkt was delivered by evening by a special messenger and I was in Dubai for the First time in my life when my wonderful Farooq came inside and escorted me without any problems..
A Benz was waiting and I cdn’t believe that he is having a full floor for his family in a huge building just opp. Al Khaleeja Hotel..

The entire family was eagerly waiting for my arrival and when he introduced me to his wife she said:”Avar appava ninaikatha naal kidaiyathu”
He told Abdulla his cook:”This is my Guru’s son..I want you to make strict Veg for him..Suri..see that to my elder Brother”
He has given a Honoured place for my father next to his elder brother who brought him in the 8th std with a single Lungi from Ceylon to Rajah’s High School…
He treated me so well and I was happy that he had employed a lot of our people from Ramnad in his stores and I thanked him for what he has done for them..
He insisted that I shd see his shops in Singapore too and without waiting for an answer booked the tkts to Singapore by Brunai Airlines..there too he had atleast 3 Flats in Strand street and I was shown all his shops and he said he has a flat in Hongkong and LOndon too and I didnt know how he has made his money but I found him to be the same ,simple,kind hearted nice Farooq I knew years back…

Then he insisted I shd come and stay with him in Singapore for every New Year and he started sending Tkts for me and my daughter and we had a great time every New Year in Singapore…

1991..Feb 27th…I was with him in Singapore…

A well known CEO of a Textile Mfng co., was leaving for Madras and Farooq handed over him a parcel requesting him just to take it..saying someone wd collect it at the Airport on his arrival…(I knew what it contains as he was always True to me)

Next day ..when we were discussing about his family problems,he recd a Fax,which said:”Recd the 12 Kgs of French Perfumes..but such and such(4 nos)were NOT SENT!..signed…”
Farooq has sent FREE 12 Kgs of small French Perfume bottles and there is a Complaint in FAX that something else is not sent..not even a word of Thanks..

I told Farooq..”You are dealing with Ungrateful fellows..Never go anywhere near any politician..they are all like that..they dont have any morality..”
“No Suri..they are sure to capture power soon..”
“So what..forget these Politicians ..”
He dint listen to me and I distanced myself from him as I hate any type of Politicians in India!

He went on asking for my advice even for a small investment in a Brewery upto Rs 50 Lacs..I told him:”Farooq,you must be mad..You are an Orthodox Muslim.You dont take Drinks.How can you think of investing in a Brewery just because someone wants you to do so..Forget it..”
He didnt listen….
I lost touch with him as he was more involved with some close to the power which I didnt like at all…

One day I was in the Airport waiting for my daughter’s arrival,when an IAS officer,who also hails from our school and who is quite close to Farooq too saw me..came running to me..

“Suri..Do you know Farooq annan has lost almost all his properties..He has lots of Family problems also..”

I came to knoew that he passed away a couple of years ago…
a sad man..basically a good man..He never intended to hurt any one,he never wanted someone else’s money but wished to gamble a bit…by probably buying some politicians..that was his deathknell…

He has many buildings in Madras and one of them was most modern too..all seem to have gone with the wind….

“I thank you Farooq in all earnestness for your kindness,not to me,for Remembering my father..and I cannot forget those days….

If only you had listened to my advice Probably you wd have saved your skin”


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ஏலே பித்துக்குளி – உட்பகை


Thiruvalluvar Statue

Thiruvalluvar Statue

ஏலே பித்துக்குளி!
‘ஏன்டா, கொஞ்ச நாளா
ஆளைக்காணோம்? ‘
“ஷேத்ர யாத்ரா! “
‘ எங்கேடா? ‘
மலைக்க வைத்தது!
சிற்பியை கேட்டேன்:
எப்படி ஓர் கல்லுக்கு
இவ்வளவு அழகாக
உயிர் கொடுத்தாய்
அவன் தந்த
பதிலை நினைத்தேன்!
பிரமித்து நிற்கிறேன்!”
‘ ஏன்டா, என்னடா
அது அகங்காரமே
உருவான உன்னையே
பிரமிக்க வைத்தது? ‘
நிறை குடங்கள்!
அவன் சொன்னான்
‘ சிறிய உளியை வைத்து
கல்லை செதுக்கினால் கலை!
சிறிய உளியை வைத்து
சிறபியையே செதுக்கினால்
அது கொலை!
தனக்கு மேல்

ஒன்றுமே தெரியாதென்று
உளியினால் தன்னையே
அகங்காரத்தின் விலை!
அதை நல்ல தருணத்தில்
வந்துவிடும் வீழ்ச்சி

எனும் வலை!
இதையேதான் வள்ளுவர்
தெளிவுபட கூறியுள்ளார் :
‘உட்பகை அஞ்சித்தற்காக்க
மட்பகையின் மாணத்தெறும்! ‘
பித்துக்குளி! “



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Divided Indians!

Divided Indians

From the time the Chauhan King, Prithviraj III was cunningly defeated by Mohd Ghori in 1192, Indians have been successfully divided and Ruled by one Dynasty or the other.
Its much easier to create a wedge amidst Gullible, innocent, God fearing,  illiterate,  society, than in a matured educated Community . Aristotle wrote 2500 years back :

“The Tyrants try to keep the poor, permanently poor and starved, so that they will be only fighting amidst themselves and won’t have the time and thinking power  to probe about the Rulers’ atrocities ! “
John Kenyatta put the same idea  beautifully in a different way, when Kenya got Independence :

” They (Britishers) had Bible in their hands and we the Lands, when they came here. Today we have the Bible in our hands and they, our Lands! “

The Tragedy of Indians and Africans are similar, probably, we,  a bit better off!
Many of us don’t even know the Rust proof Ashoka Pillar in Delhi is an engineering marvel built in 320 AD by Kumara Gupta I of the Gupta Dynasty or the Beautiful Ajanta Paintings, so stunning is 2000 yrs old! An inquisitive mind wd wonder :”So why, an enterprising, brilliant society, with such an advanced scientific knowledge some 1800 yrs back itself, is still having 50% of them starving, below the poverty line! “
A country boasting of excellence in every field from Medicine to Modernity has been vertically divided by opportunistic Tyrants, as Aristotle put it, and it continues!
When I visited Wall Street, there was a Museum which displays rare happenings in the Commercial World One was about India in 1656 successfully doing trade and a set of foreigners ‘ who started trade behind a Wall (That’s why it came to be known as Wall Street!) express their desire to excel the Indians  in every angle! The Pride of place we had!

Successive rulers  since the onslaughts of the Gaznis, kept the locals fighting amidst themselves thereby helping them loot the  entire Bharath!
From 1947 also, politicians continue to get us divided with Pride of Caste and vote and some Dynastic Tyrants  enjoy the Thamasha, at the poor man’s Peril! Benevolence is a word unheard of in our Politicians life! However Saintly a man may appear before the Elections, the Seat of Power Corrupts him Totally! Tragic indeed! 14-56-00-rahul-gandhi-poverty-joke-pappu-poverty-poor-swiss-bank-account-sonia-corruption

When I was in Oman I experienced a unique, nice, feeling, everywhere, under a benevolent King, Sultan Quabos! In December every year he used to visit all towns by driving his SUV himself. I saw with my own eyes in Al Buraimi, him enquiring about welfare  projects planned in earlier year for the place,  about everything including drinkable water on Tap. Any lapse on any Ministry, they need to explain. All in the open! I came to know that Quabos removed his own father from power , who was drinking and dancing all the time, without concern for the common man and came to the Throne, to be a Benevolent Ruler and he Infact is! I feel India surely needs an Autocratic but Benevolent Ruler too.

Democracy is a Joke according to  Nani Palkiwala in a country like India. He wrote in 72:

“Only 52% go to the polls and with 26% votes polled, you become the Ruler and feel you have a right to change even the constitution! Is it a Democracy? “

The tragedy of Divided Indians was well explained in a Lecture by Swami Dhayananda Saraswati :

” The many problems we face are due to lack of Knowledge and Self Respect to our own Culture and our own Selves! If I take Bagavad Gita Lectures none comes but if advertised ‘Francis Gautier of Harvard speaks on Gita, the roads will be overflowing!’
Vedas are a treasure immeasurable even according to Harvard Studies but here we do everything to ridicule it!

In Purusha Suktam the 4 varnas are beautifully described equating to our own various organs of the Body :

The Brahmins are the heads, Kshatriyas the hearts, Vysyas are the Thighs and the Sudras the feet! Without the feet your body is useless. Same way without the  heart and thighs too and one shd understand this Truth! But, politicians have successfully divided us all and  the innocent poor, just to get votes ! Vedas never differentiates between any creation of God, leave alone Humans!

‘ATHMA SATHYAM! THATHANYA SARVAM MITHYEYI!’ says the Vedas That Thou Art – That Athma is You!

Every one of us! How can we hate each other if we have so much consideration even for Plants and Animals as Vegetarians? A Brahmin as described in Vedas is a Brahmin by Guna  not by Caste :

“Sathurvarnyam Maya srushtam:Guna Karma vipachakaha ” says Bagavat Gita “There are 3 types of Brahmin according to Lord KrishnaHimself!
One is born as a Brahmin. Excepting that he may not have any other attributes and he may live 100 years even without knowing what GayatriMantra is!
The Second one is by Profession. Say a Priest’s son becomes a Priest! Mechanically! Ask him’ Why does he do Deeparathana, he may not even know! ‘My father did and so I am!’  
The 3rd type is by Guna, or Character which according Krishna and Vedas is the REAL BRAHMIN!

Every Brahmin is supposed to chant several times in a day at least Gayatri Mantra but that Mantra is given to us by  a Great Rishi, Viswamitra, who is a Kshatriya! Your logic of division amidst our ownselves based on Varnasra Dharma is Torpedoed with this example itself. Not only that! Lord Rama and Krishna are all Kshatriyas and all Brahmins, and we worship them as Gods!
I have many foreigners disciples who are much more praise worthy by their character than some born in that caste Brahmins ! Abdul Kalam is a True example! So we should understand the hardcore philosophy of our culture before we start ridiculing it! The essence of every living is in its Harmonious Livable Ambience and its possible only if we judiciously apply all our Cultural prescriptions including Yoga to create a Happy Atmosphere around us!
Happiness is not an object! It is You and you must all Realise it! Vedas paves the way for a Happy Living! “

After listening to various Swamijis, Abdul Kalams and various Patti Mandrams, Indians will still choose to Remain Divided since they really don’t know what Truth is !
Maya is not the Truth!Whatever you see is Only Maya! 

‘Gyana vihine Sarva Mathena! ‘says Adi Sankara. Gyanam or Wisdom can’t be different from place to place or from person to person or Religion to Religion !
Gyanam is the same for all Human Creations! That is the Real Truth about our deep rooted age old culture!

So beware and be enlightened as to what is Good for You and your Motherland!

Politicians who try to keep us divided will surely succeed to permanently keep the poor, poor for ever! 

Sathyameva Jayathe!


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Bhuvanesawari – A Short Story!

Bhuvanesawari, a Short Story.
Aged :52
Qualifications :M. Sc.,

As usual Bhuvaneswari was ready at 8 AM for the Share Auto to take her to her work place. The Indian Bank!

‘Hi Bhuvana Good morning! ‘
her friend Grace, Co Traveller every day to her work place :’ How do you feel the enormous work pressure after the demonetisation, last two days? ‘
“Horrible. People talk all sorts of things. Some abuse using vulgar language. Can’t come back home before 10 PM. But need to do my duty in the spirit of work ethics! “
‘ Sorry mam. People don’t understand the personal sacrifice you are doing! ‘
” What to do Kathiresa? My life My problems! “
Kathiresan has been a sort of Guardian for Bhuvaneswari, Grace for several years taking them to their work place!
He knows how a highly qualified Bhuvana Cd have got promotion as an officer and become a GM by now but after an unfortunate separation, she decided to bring up her two little children, alone!……… 

Looking back…….. 
Bhuvaneswari put them in a Govt school and both the kids, a boy and a girl clearly understood their mom’s dedication and sacrifice!

She was looking back which looks like a Dream cum True :

Kannan the elder kid used to manage all by himself without troubling his mom. Systematically used to go to the Local library nearby to equip himself with an extra sense which others of his age and bring up, generally fail to capitalise!
No doubt he came out with flying colours in School examns and the entire Banking Colony celeberated a brilliant boy in the making.
‘Amma I am applying for B. Com in Govt Arts College! ‘
“I don’t know Kanna. Wherever you feel you can excel, of course, where college fees is affordable for us! “
Bhuvana shed tears consciously knowing that her son Cd easily walk into any professional programs!
‘ Amma you should stop crying. I am very confident of making the best of even a B. Com., B. Tec. is not the Only Way ! ‘
On that day her close friends, Santhosh and Sangita analysed Bhuvana’ s predicament during Lunch time. Both felt ‘how Bhuvana can’ t afford anything other than a B. Com., for Kannan! They told her :’ Be Courageous Bhuvana. Let him choose B. Com., May be God is keeping a different path for him! After looking at all the troubles you have taken this far, God will always be kind to you ! Be Cheerful, and Don’t worry Bhuvana! ‘
When God closes the Door, He always makes it a point to keep the Windows atleast Open!

Kanna came out with brilliant marks in B. Com., and his Principal called him and told him :’ For your marks you shouldn’t think of any other Place other than IIM s! ‘
Kanna was stunned!
A simple B. Com., aiming for an M. B. A., where B. Techs and B. E. s and an estimated 80000 compete for a handful of Seats! He smiled but the Principal wanted to talk to his mother too!
Bhuvana, a normally shy person, entered the Principal cabin with Kanna!
‘Madam, you must be really proud of such a Gifted Son. Look at his marks! Besides studies he has read anything and everything from Aristotle to Artha Sastra! He must aim for only MBA, we, in this college very strongly feel!. ‘

A single Mom working as a Bank employee cdn’ t control her tears! What else can she say, excepting :’Sir, very Grateful to you for all your help and kind words but frankly I am not in a position to even imagine such a program, due to financial situation and with his younger sister, now ready to enter the college! I don’t know, what to say, Sir! “

‘Don’t worry about funding the MBA programs. He will get enough Bank Loans and your life will turn for the better!’
” Whatever you say Sir! “

Kannan started looking at what IIM s mean!
A very cool guy he started planning sincerely……. 

Time never waits for any one!
The younger girl Nithya was on the Plus two, too!Nithya got admitted in a nearby Govt college for a B. Sc.,
One fine morning Kannan surprised his mother :
‘ Amma I have passed the Written Examns both from IIMCal and IIMA! ‘
The entire Banking Colony celeberated Kanna’ s achievement, that Night !
As usual Santhosh and Sangita were more happier as if their own son has achieved this unique honour! They also advised their Colleague Bhuvana as what to do!

‘Kanna I understand from my Friends the personal interview will be equally tough. So they suggested you take advice from your mama (uncle) or someone who went to IIMs long back!”
Kannan met his uncle who was more than jubilant to welcome Kanna!
Uncle :’See Kanna in each group there may be 15 to 20 eligible candidates, each one more competent. So your idea must be in the top 1 or 2 of the group as that’s the probability of your getting admitted! ‘
“I understand mama!”
‘ So what you should do is to chalk out a strategy. They will throw a topic for discussion. Let’s say
‘Is Nehru ‘ s contribution for India’s Growth immeasurable or not? ‘
Atleast a handful of smarties will jump start with convincing facts and figures but YOU REFRAIN. Just sit and watch and take a totally opposite view with clarity of presentation! YOU WILL WIN!as the Jury will be evaluating from a corner your Leadership Qualities more than anything else only! ‘
“Thank you Mama! “

After a month Kannan gave a ring to his mama :
” Mama I am selected in both IIMs and I am choosing to go to IIMA! “

It took nearly a week for the Bank employees Colony to come back to Normalcy after a great fun fare and a Surprise Deepavali!
Bhuvaneswari shed tears in front of her Krishna in the ISCON Temple.
Nithya was so proud of an MBA brother!
Kanna brought such happiness in Bhuvana’s life, she felt all her problems are once for all solved!
Looking back….. 
Bhuvana was asking herself
“Is it True my son is now working for Google?
Is it True my daughter is an M. Sc. and nicely settled, married to a nice Doctor in UK? “……….. 

‘Madam what’s happening?
Your Bank has come? Still thinking of Kanna flying off to USA day before ? ‘

Bhuvana said ” True Kathiresa! “wiping out the tears of Happiness! 

Thiruvalluvar Statue

Thiruvalluvar Statue

” மகன் தந்தைக்கு ஆற்றும் உதவி இவன்தந்தை என்நோற்றான் கொல்எனும் சொல்!”
Says Thiruvalluvar :
Of what great Yagyam this father has done to get such a son who is praised all over the World! “


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VOChidambaram – Greatest Patriotic Tamilian Ever!

VOChidambaram Pillai’s Remembrance day is Today!

VOChidambaram Pillai - கப்பலோட்டிய தமிழன்

VOChidambaram Pillai – கப்பலோட்டிய தமிழன்

Greatest Patriotic Tamilian who was born with a Silver spoon and started the First Shopping co., against the mighty British in 1900!
Faced innumerable torture, Sabotage by the British to make the co into Liquidation!
First Union leader for workers welfare even before Lenin and protested in Tuticorin Coral Mills!
Was arrested and underwent innumerable sufferings, lost all his wealth!Collector Ash was shot n killed by Vanchinathan only because he called VOChidambaram to Tirunelveli and arrested him!



You can imagine that today how wealthy you must be even to buy a Scooter and imagine buying a ship in 1905!and becoming a pauper! Cruelty!

No Tamilians came to receive him when he was released from Coimbatore Prison!
Poor Chidambaram depended on his Legal acumen to earn 3 meals a day but the treacherous British denied him even  to practise!



VOCHIDAMBARAM appealed against this ruling and argued that to live a decent life, he must be earning through his Legal acumen!
Hearing his plea, a benevolent British judge, Wallace, struck down the British rule, and allowed him to practice!
He named his last son who was born at that time, as Walleswaran, after this British Judge!
I had the privilege of meeting this simple Walleswaran in Madurai who lived a very very simple life and passed away a few months back!

Indians, majority of them know the Nakshatram and Gothram of Rajiv Gandhi, will sincerely send Bouquets, remembering Priyanka’s Kids birthdays and cut cakes on the Italians’ greatest contribution for poor Indians’ Welfare but unfortunately :
Don’t know who this VOCHIDAMBARAM IS OR
Another day in a Brainwashed Indians life!
Sathyameva Jayathe!


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ஏலே பித்துக்குளி – Obama!

ஏலே பித்துக்குளி!
‘என்னடா Obama Supporter ஆ? ‘

Selfish Eeeee!

Selfish Eeeee!

ஒரு நாட்டின்
நிலமையை எப்படி
கணக்கிடுவது என்றால்
அதன் UNEmployment Rate
Is very very important!
அதைவைத்து பார்த்தால்
9.5% லேந்து 4.5%க்கு
OBAMA has brought it down!
Commendable indeed! ”

‘ பின்னே ஏன்டா
எல்லாரும் அவனை

“கலியுகம்டா பித்துக்குளி!
நாட்டையே வித்தவனை
மூளையில்லா மக்கள்!
பாவப்பட்டவனை ஏறி
இதை நான் செல்லவில்லை!
2000 ஆண்டுக்கு முன்னேயே
அரிஶ்டாட்டில் சொன்னான்!
ஒரு Democratic State like USA
can’t dream of a better Status
than what Obama has done but that’s how Paid Media
wd try to propagate with
Concocted Stories!
இதைதான் கண்ணதாசன்
இருட்டினில் நீதி மறைக்கப்படுகிறது
என்றான் :

“என்னதான் நடக்கும் நடக்கட்டுமே
இருட்டினில் நீதி மறையட்டுமே
தன்னாலே வெளிவரும் தயங்காதே – ஒருதலைவன் இருக்கிறான் மயங்காதே!!

உலகத்தில் திருடர்கள் சரிபாதி

ஊமைகள் குருடர்கள் அதில் பாதி
கலகத்தில் பிறப்பது தான் நீதி – மனம்கலங்காதே மதி மயங்காதே! (என்ன)”
ஓர் தலைவன்
பித்துக்குளி? “

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A Soprano from Harvard! Happy Birthday!

Sharmi's Harvard Graduation

Sharmi’s Harvard Graduation

“மகன் தந்தைக்காற்றும் உதவி இவன் தந்தை;என்நோற்றான் கொல் எனும் சொல்! “Says Thiruvalluvar, the Greatest Tamil poet ever some 2000 yrs ago! Meaning

” Of what type of Great Yagam a father Cd have done for getting such a noteworthy, talented, scholarly child!”

Both my daughters brought me such fame and today happens to be my Harvard Girl, Sharmi’s Birthday! There are many innumerable Laurels to her credit starting as a 5 yr old in Ijebu Ode, Nigeria enthralling an audience of 1500 Indians and making the Indian High Commissioner to come and lift her for that famous Sound of Music Song “So long farewell” as sung by the Vantrap Family’s last child:

Prof.Balakrishnan lifts Sharmi to HC Srinivasan..Pesident Ahmed and HC Srinivasan admire!

Prof.Balakrishnan lifts Sharmi to HC Srinivasan..Pesident Ahmed and HC Srinivasan admire!

So Long Fare Well..Sharmi eagerly waiting for her turn

So Long Fare Well..Sharmi eagerly waiting for her turn!

“So Long Farewell..” from Sound of Music infront of Indian High Commissione,Nigeria and 1500 audience..Fearless Thunderous Cheers!My most fav.picture!!

As a Church Park girl, Sharmi completed all examns in Alliance de Francaise and Max Mueller Bhavan to be proficient both in French and German! As a 15 yr old she was one of the 15 Jurors in French Film Festival @Paris!

Sharmi Interviewing French Actor in Paris Film Festival

Sharmi Interviewing French Actor in Paris Film Festival

Tks to Mrs. Menon, a great Piano teacher, Sharmi not only passed all Trinity College of Music examns in Piano in flying colours but was excelling in Menon’s Choir too. Handel Manuel was so nice enough to hold the Mike for her once in Russian Embassy!

Handel Manuel holding the Mike for Sharmi

Handel Manuel holding the Mike for Sharmi

I was not at all surprised when her hardwork got her admitted into Harvard UG program with Full Scholarship! Soon she was in the Radcliffe Choir.. A rare honour, as never heard of an Indian Soprano in Radcliffe Choir!

Radcliffe Choir 2000

Radcliffe Choir 2000

Sharmi did so well in Radcliffe Choir that she was also able to take the Choir on a South American tour and collected a substantial amnt for the Choir, as its Manager! Naturally I am so proud of her but you may be tempted to ask :

Why such Trumpeting? Because I firmly believe with hardwork every kid can make it to Harvard or any of the IVYs :

1)Learn an extra Language. Sanskrit is highly valued for admission!

2)Music is an added advantage

3) Sports or any extra curricular acrivities are appreciated

4) Atleast from 10th std focus on IVYs

You are sure to succeed! Currently Sharmi is training and sending deserving African kids to IVYs from Jbrg Most of them are poor but brilliant!(see link below)

Ihope you take this blog as an inspiration and not otherwise!

Vidyadhanam Sarva Dhanam Pradhanam!

God is Great!


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