A good friend…humble enough!

Who is a good friend?

I have the firm belief that a Good friend is God’s gift and he/she is better than a thankless relative!

Whenever I landed in USA,my good friend Easwar and his wife, Nalini, ,always treated me very well at Amherst..

With Easwar @ Amherst

With Easwar @ Amherst

Again this time too and his beer was always filled with Calories of Happiness and love,words cant express..

His position as the Chair of Marketing at Amherst doesn’t reveal in anyway his humble,simple ways of enjoying an evening with his classmate,playing Tennis on the roadside or relaxing on the lawns of the nearby Lakes or buy a pizaa and sit on the Amherst Square to enjoy the nice cool weather..Mind you he is well recognised in that place..Still thats fun..

In the course of our arguments about how long India wd take to reach the type of developments we see in the western world,particularly the US,we always had a common perception..it will be not less than 100s of years?

I used to argue that its becausein a country like US,Easwars and Nalinis are recognised,based on merit and they have something to be proud off..whereas this might take years and years for that to happen in India..There might be many more issues other than that..

I casually mentioned..

“See how amazing this(US)country is!To imagine that NASA has named an Explorer  of the outer world after “Chandra”,a simple Indian..means they encourage Merit..I salute them..”

Easwar asked me “Do you know who Chandra is?”

I know he ia a Nobel Laurette and a great Indian who got recognition in the US.

He is Nalini’s own uncle..mom’s brother!”

I was unable control my emotions to know that and how smple these guys are…She narrated how Chandra used to take her request to come and address her high school classmates in Bombay! Privileged indeed!! She insisted that I shdnt shout about it.

But on friendship page I felt like making this news public


I am accustomed to jump around if I have won a Billiards tournament in my Chota Gandhi Nagar Club..

Being a Niece of a great Nobel Laurette, it is a great feeling..She narrated how 12 Nobel Laurettes got together to celebrate Chandrasekhar’s Centenary Celeberations in Harvard, where she also wrote an article about her school days with her great uncle! 

I am proud of my classmate whose aunty(Easwar’s mother’s sister)  is none other than the Magasay award winner,Dr.Shantha,who has dedicated herself for the cure of the incurables@Cancer Inst,Madras…

I live with the nice feelings of such good friends…

as I have forgotten a few of my ungrateful selfish relatives!


About s.rajah iyer

An MBA.. Interested in writing,Reading..Indian Philosophy
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One Response to A good friend…humble enough!


    Touched my Heart. worried about our motherland.I do not perceive anyway we can to get near to the developed US. We have to change ,system to be in position & environment to be changed. Perhaps we may require 100 Modis to climb up to this Mount everest with determination of Tensing Norgay & Edmund Hillary ………may in 10000 years.Very Sad state of affairs… Each one of us is to be blamed; since we have not been HONEST in our affairs affecting the system & environment..

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