Oberammergau..a Passion Play once in 10 Years!!


Oberammergau..a Painter’s Paradise


A unique place ..where Faith in God has given purpose and meaning to Human Life..

All the Stage is..

Passion Play happens in total Faith..

Once in 10 Years..I wd like to recall my visit of 1984 to this wonderful Bavarian village..here again!

Pls book your tickets right now for the 201 Passion play..you may be Lucky if you get it!!

The Village is Painted to a beauty..the atmosphere a Paradise
The Head Priest acts as Jesus
all others in a True spirit
Grow Natural Beards
Females are Virgins
They do this Once in 10 years!

Why Passion Play
Pls read as below?

Painted Oberammergau

The Stage is set with the Backdrop of Alps
No Cover for the stage except for the audience
Rain or shine they enact this Passion Play

Jesus entering Jerusalem..a real Passion Play!

a scene when Jesus enters Jerusalem

Passion Play in Progress ..the Stage is open with No enclosures..Rain or Snow the show will go on and on!!

The various plays since 1637
as found in the brochure given to me
Only in 1934 cause of Hitler
It stopped !

Pcturesque Alps from my Camera!

All the Stage is a World and all..
A Sculptor admiring his work for the festival
Oberammergau is 40 KM from Munich
On the way to Austria
You should reserve much in advance
Next Passion Play 2014!
Pics:Courtesy Brochure given to me
when I attended in 1984!
How Do MIracles happen?

Another Scene from Passion Play

I normally reserve my airtkts much in advance and I did so in 1984
Reserved for Passion Play for me,mykids.4 tkts
I came on a Holiday to Chennai and my return tkt was booked by Air France
Bombay to Paris and Paris to Munich
all sectors was confirmed .

The Amazing Alps

I just checked just a day before my departure from Madras with Indian Airlines
As I had to go to Bombay to catch Air France at 11:30 PM
They said My tkts for 2Pm flights confirmed(Tuesday)
On that day evening Indira Gandhi had dismissed NTR’s Govt in AP
All Trains were stopped to Delhi,chaos everywhere
On Wednesday I casually checked with IA for my 2 PM Flts
They said Our Tkts are not Confirmed!
I went to meet the Manager of IA
Mr.Ramasamy was surrounded by many MPs/MLAs and I cd nt enter his cabin
I had to take the 2pm flt if I had to attend the Passion Play next day
I begged him but he said “sorry”
I had the courage to shout at him
“Ramasamy I am going to sue Indian Airlines as I will lose heavily if I miss Air FRance
Besides you had told me YDay that my tkts were confirmed
I am also writing a letter to the Hindu right now and
atleast one of these guys here is a witness”
Ramasamy got a bit panicky on my shouting and checked my tkts
Indeed they had removed ournames from the Confirmed Passengers List!
He luckily obliged and got the tkts confirmed again!
It was a miracle on that day!



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An MBA.. Interested in writing,Reading..Indian Philosophy
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