In search of Inspiration…

In search of Inspiration… 

In a world full of contamination with corruption,materialistic objectives and substandard moral values,

we still find people of outstanding calibre who inspire us..that is the  good aspect of life.. 

When I read about Steve Jobs who said ‘the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world…are the ones who do’(Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson)I get inspired to try and try till I drop dead! 

The moving tribute by Lee Kuan Yew when his wife passed away two years ago(read my blog VEENA a Love story)I was inspired to put that great moving tribute to his wife somewhere in someform and hence that story ‘VEENA’       I wrote. 

Inspiration is an experience..It gives you so much happiness… 

When I read a moving letter from a dedicated dad,requesting for a Job for a most brilliant son,who has been failing in all Job interviews,as others cdn’t understand this great man so well as his father,I shed tears..Einstein’s father did that for a Job in Switzerland when Einstein was Jobless and crestfallen..I was reminded of my father taking my CVs to all his friends when I completed my Engineering and the whole country was undergoing a rough time..My father has always been my every aspect of moral and ethical standards ..when I got my job in Mafatlals after my MBA I wrote to him along with my salary slip..He wrote back saying,

“You may occupy position of power and money..Never Get corrupted.Never Tell Lies.You can ALWAYS keep your chin up and walk STRAIGHT”

My Father receiving President’s award in 1965. 


My father being introduced to the GOvernor,Jayachamaraja Wadiyar as an M.L.C.,

Those were words of wisdom..which I never ever deviated from,as far as possible.Infact standing by Truth has cost me darly in certain Jobs but I never regretted like the Khemkhas of today. 

JRD Tata’s biography reveals many instances wherefrom one can get inspired ‘how to live a simple life.’(Beyond the Blue Mountain by Lala)

He was chairing Tata Chemicals AGM when one man got up and told him ”Sir,I am extremely sorry to tell you that your Hamam soap quality has gone down so bad ..”

Jeh “Man..Change the Soap!”

“Sir it is not me who is using that soap  but my wife..She is  so loyal to Tatas she wd never do that.”

“Man..I suggest you change your wife!”

He made that AGM so simple and the CEOs had to take note of the meaning! 

When I was reading the Biography of Henry Ford(by Walter Isaacson)I cdnt believe his absolute faith in his workers and he was the first man in American Industry to volunteeriy   increase the /hr rate to $5 in 1913..He did so much welfare programmes for the workers,there was never a strike in Ford,till 1938…He was so much ‘inspired by his arlier boss,Thomas Alva Edison,that he quietly planned a surpise party for Edision in 1929 to celeberate the 50 yrs of Electric Bulb invention..He rcreated the same Lab facility in Deerfield,Michigan (he named it as Edison Institute)and arranged the President of USA to come in a special train..when Edision was about to do the Bulb Disocovery once again.Edison was pleasantly surprised the whole of USA was switched off at that a mark of that elec bulb Re-disocvery!..Edison was stunned beyond words..Ford planned it so meticulously for his dear friend.. 

Whenever I read Lal Bahadur Sastri’s Biography I used to wonder whether  we deserve such Great Patriots..Sastri,on hearing at dead of night in 1964 that there was a tragic accident in Ariyalur(near Trichy,which he has never ever visited even)on Cauvery and nearly 550 people 1 AM…. in that dead of night Sastri went to his office as Railway Minister in Nehru’s Cabinet and left his resignation letter on Nehru’s table and walked home,taking moral responsibility..Can we imagine today’s Minister’s doing such an act?


Todays’ youth must try to read Biographies of Sastri,Sardar Patel ,Rajaji,and Subhash Chandra Bose to know more about their sacrifices…Highly inspiring is Subhash Chandra Bose..He is one of the 12 children for his father and they were not so well off when Bose goes to London and becomes a Qualified ICS.Those days (1920)ICS means automatically you will be employed as a Deputy Collector..Bose on getting his ICS Certificate in London,tears it into many pieces ,telling them “This certificate might tempt me to go for a JOB forgetting my ultimate Aim of Liberation for Indepndent India!’I shed tears when I read !Bose inspires young trainess like Laxmi Singhal(she was hardly 20 yrs old at that time)to take the Boyonet in Burma and fight the British…Acc to Laxmi,Bose was so inspiring even in very very tying circumstances…

 I am an avid collector of coins and till 1909,when they issued a Penny with Lincoln’s picture,americans,as a policy never issued coins with their President’s face(now you have only dead Presidents’)..the reason for this was a revealation to me.When in 1786 they wanted to issue Silver coins,George Washington volunteered to donate his silverware.The first Slver coin proof was brought to the President with Obverse side with his picture..Washingtom politely said “No President of USA wd see his face in the coins or currencies..!”


In times like this,when corruption has engulfed our entire India,beyond recognition,these Biographies keep my most optimistic imagination about our country alive,

 that one day we wd definitely relive the glorious periods of Rama Rajyam..

YES One day!!


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