The Fury of the Lord…

The Fury of the Lord is difficult to understand…

Especially when you get struck suddenly by a Sandy Storm…

Sometimes we are spared,thanks to our good deeds and strong prayers..

Many times,we are badly hit,like that poor woman in Staten Island who was helpless when both her children were swept away by the water’s wrath,just in front of her helpless eyes and cries…

The Metre Gauge of Dhanushkodi found in Rameswaram


I remember when I had come to Ramnad for my Christmas front of my eyes,I witnessd a strong wind throwing the Roof tiles of the opposite house on all the other tiles,making that house a roofless spectacle..I saw many trees getting uprooted..when my father,who was a respectable M.L.C., immediately rushed to write an SOS to the CM on the fury of the nature in Ramnad seeking immdiate help..

The Church near the Dhanushkodi Railway station

After the Fury

He just tuned into the Radio just to make sure what was happening..They announced that a train from Ramnad carrying nearly 800 Passengers to Rameswaram and Dhanushkodi was Missing!Oh!God my dad  said..

Further news started flowing in ,that my father’s younger brother,Adhinarayanan,who was the Journalist in Indian Express was caught in Rameswaram which was cut off from the rest of India…There was no communication..After hearing about more calamities of Rameswaram,my father tore of the SOS.. small story of the tiles of my

Dhanushkodi,which was a few KM away from Talaimannar,was cut off …It was smashed beyond recognition.The train which was uprooted in that gale storm from Dhanushkodi was seen in Rameswaram..The tidal wave in Rameswaram rose upto 20 feet,my uncle,who was the first one to report to Indian express and all other papers, wrote..Famous actor Gemini Ganesh and Savitri were caught in Rameswaram ,and there was no communication about them,and my uncle was the first one to report about their safety,as we Indians were more worried about Cine Actors Safety!

Dhanushkodi is NO more..These pictures I have copied remind me of the Lord’s fury of 1964..The train was always carrying school kids who return to Rameswaram after the school hours in the evening at Ramnad(Abdul Kalam used to come and go in the same train)as there were no High schools in Ramswaram and Dhanushkodi at that time..

The stories of this nightmare still haunt people like me from that place as we have seen how glorious a place was Dhanushkodi and it is wiped out of Indian map today…We used to go to Ramnad Railway station with awe to see Tamilians from Sri Lanka coming to Ramnad with bag full of costly antiques and imported cars..To day..the spectacle is totally changed..

Lord’s will is ununderstandable indeed..

I recall here one of the Gita Gyan(Swami Chinmayanada calls it always Gita Gyan)at Kamaraj Arangam..Swamiji always is prompt in starting the lectures at 6 PM..Many IAS officers,VIPs used to throng His lectures..

On that day He started with a question:

“What is the most important News item of the day?Can anyone tell me?”

Many Vips said..’a problem in Hyderabad’..’a girl getting kidnapped in Delhi’..’a water problem in Chennai’..etc., etc.,

Swamiji was quietly listening to all of them..Then He said..

“None of you mentioned about 10000 people perishing in an earth quake in Brazil..Is it not the most imp News item?”

There was absolute silence and shame..!

Swamiji said”We,humans are always selfish..If it happens to our own family we give more importance..If it happens to a neighbour we dont even notice it..Thats is a wrong approach He said..”

True..Thats why in everyday prayer,Vedic mantras insist on Lokashemam..

Have a look at those picture of Dhanushkodi…Pathetic!!


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