The Last Journey..

When we witness the type of send offs, great people like Kamaraj,MGR had received,somewhere,something they ought to have done otherwise the emotional Farewell the gullible accord to such individuals,

can never be underestimated..

One of the greatest Farewells in India was accorded to Lokamanya Tilak..If you ever go to the Bombay High court,you might see these words inscribed in the court room,where he had the courage and conviction to proclaim these  words against the decision of the jury,

charge sheeting him for sedition..

Lokamanya Tilak was a very courageous man, with conviction in his birth,which is a Brahminical Ritualistic society,he being one of the 12 children of a Maths Teacher who was also a Sanskrit Scholar..I had visited  Tilak Museum at Pune and was stunned to see this Palanquin,which was the first one he used to take Ganesha Idol and he made the Ganesh Chathurthi Festival a great fervour in Maharshtra..

His confinement into Mandalay prision for speaking in favour of Khudram Bose (he was a bengali convicted in a bomb case in Calcutta and Tilak said such revolutionaries  are required in Bharath to uproot the BRitish rule)was not acceptable to even some of the BRitish citizens of India at that time..

But he spent nearly 8 years and he suffered innemerable problems and became an acute Diabetic..Still he was very vociferous when he came out of the prison and said

“Swaraj is my Birth Right and I shall have it”He lived a simple life,spending most of his time trying to educate the poor and started a Magazine Kesari,whose Editor was Ganesh Agarkar,great granpa of today’s cricketer!He along with Lajpat Rai and Bipin Chandra Pal advocated a forceful agitation against the British which was opposed by moderates like Gopala Krishna Gokhale..Subash Chandra Bose,Aurobindo are  Bipin Pal’s disciple against the British..

Tilak happily taking a bath at Calcutta Congress Meet 1903!

Can you imagine a Congress man being so simple today?

I cannot imagine what type of emotion the people of Pune wd have had when they learnt about the death of Tilak in 1920..They were literally orphaned as a young Gandhi was yet to   understand the  complications of a communal ridden India.

I wd like to recall here ,the great send off Ramnad gave to my father,who was just a Headmaster and represented the Teachers community in the Legislative council for 12 years and did so much for all Teachers and students..All the party flags were at half mast for 3 full days(it took 3 days for all of us to arrive for the funeral)and when the Raja of Ramnad,Ramanatha Sethupathi and the Municipal Chairman of Ramnad were the noteworthy pallbearers for the mortal remains of my father and when they laid the body on a specially arranged Truck to travel a distance of 6 KMs to the Grave yard..

there were shouts and cries every where..

“where can I see a Teacher like him?”

Well the journey of 6 KMs took us 7 hrs..everywhere I cd see gullible and the innocent shedding tears,touching him and wishing ‘us’ too well…

Another Last journey which comes to my mind is when I was the GM of Sakthi Textiles.

I got a call at 2AM that one Winding section supervisor was hit by a lorry on his way back home by Cycle..Immediately we rushed him to Coimbatore and I did all Icd but in vain.His body was coming back next day along the Pollachi-Coimbatore road,where our factory Sakthi Text was located.

I declared a Holiday and wanted all the workers to go around his body when he reaches our premises,with floral tributes..

That was so touching to many of the 1000 workers..

they said

“Never ever we have given such a Farewell to a simple worker..

in this part of the Country.”

Well… I have always felt,

it is easier to please a worker than a Boss!


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An MBA.. Interested in writing,Reading..Indian Philosophy
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2 Responses to The Last Journey..

  1. H. Balasubramaniam says:

    Dear Atman,

    Thrilled while reading the entire piece. thronging to see such times in our motherland,

    Thanking you for enlightening us with such real episodes

    Balasubramaniam H


  2. Hillol Das says:

    Rajah Saab, a superb blog. Very touching. Hillol


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