Mother’s Day is Every day!

Mother’s Day…

 Is evreyday..but

 Once in a year,

a bit more she must be remembered and thanked for all that

She has done for you!

I always feel very sorry for my mom ,who lived a lonely life in a remote Srirengam and taking care of herself at an old age of 70,

without bothering any one of her wonderful 6 kids…

 When she was diagnosed as having Cancer,she took it in a very cool manner.. “what to do..I wanted to live and see Charu(my elder daughter) getting married..?”

Her affection for me and my wife was indeed unique&immeasurable..

 As soon as she felt that she cd never be alone anymore with this type of a killer disease,she quietly bundled her few things and came to my house in Chennai and said 

“I wish to die only in your house!”

 Me&my wife felt honoured but cdnt control our emotion..

As even for that Journey from Srirengam to come to Chennai,

she didn’t ask for any help..

She took a bus and came home by an auto..

 If we look at her life…

Many people have benefitted by her kindness..

 She has always shown affection to everyone and she used to tell me,

that in her prayers,she has a special place for me and my wife..

When she was healthy,she used to take the Conducted tours from Srirengam Travels to places, she never had an opportunity to see in her life,

as she was only a Glorified cook in our house!

 Suddenly she used to visit me in Madras saying

she just returned from Kasi(Varanasi)

“See what I have bought for you!”

She gave me a Ganesha Idol and Ganga Jal!

(Lord Ganesh in the picture is what she brought years back which is the centre piece of my Puja room)

I used to sit and listen to her escapades…

I used to take her for all relatives’ marriages

where she needed me to accompany and take care of her..

 One fine morning in 99…22nd..of November..

I was sitting with her at 6 AM with coffee on hand for her.

(I always used to get up early and make coffee for her and sit with her when she was taking it)

I was a bit emotional and felt sorry for her state of health…

 She told me..

 “Do you really love me?”

I cdn’t answer..I shed tears..

 “If you REALLY LOVE ME…Pray that I die earlier..You know why?

Take the Hottest Chilli on earth..Fill it up in this whole room and put me in the middle..Every second of my life..I am having that type of burning sensation..”

 I shed more tears…

 On 29th November..she quietly left for the Heavens…

 She was happy as she wanted to see Annamalai Deepam in the TV!

 If Man doesn’t know Mother’s Love…

He is the one who is Cursed in Life!!


About s.rajah iyer

An MBA.. Interested in writing,Reading..Indian Philosophy
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2 Responses to Mother’s Day is Every day!

  1. s.rajah iyer says:

    Tks..suchs moms have undergone innemreable sufferings..only they know..very difficult to digest their sufferings!Pure sacrifice!!tks for your views.


  2. Dilip says:

    Quite touching. No words are sufficient to describe MOTHER, She is irreplacable


Tks for your views.

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