Do you Envy an IVY?

It is anyone’s Life’s ambition to see one’s kid goes to an IVY?
But for a poor Truck driver of Sierre Leone to see his son going to Dartmouth is not only a God’s gift but suddenly he is more a Rolemodel in West Africa?
How did he achieve this?
Thanks to ALA
African Leadership Academy (ALA) which seeks to transform Africa by developing and supporting future generations of African leaders.Their Mission:
To transform Africa into a peaceful and prosperous continent by developing and supporting its future leaders
In their efforts many corporations like Dell,Cissco are fully involved in identifying smart youngsters like,William Kamkwamba of Malawiwhose vision..attracted the aatn of ALA and today he is in Yale!

ALA seeks to address Africa’s greatest need: the need for a generation of ethical and entrepreneurial leaders who will work together to transform their continent. Opened in September 2008, ALA brings together the most promising 16-19 year old leaders from across Africa for an innovative two-year A-level program designed to prepare each student for a lifetime of leadership on the continent. Students are selected to attend the Academy based on merit alone and complete an innovative curriculum with a unique focus on leadership, entrepreneurship, and African studies. ALA graduates have the opportunity to attend the world’s finest universities and will lead Africa toward a peaceful and prosperous future.
Over the past three years, ALA’s multifaceted selection process has evaluated over 10,000 young leaders, ages 16-19, nominated from 45 African countries, in an effort to identify 100 young people each year who have the potential to transform Africa and the world at large. Africa’s Bill Gates and its next Nelson Mandela are out there, and we seek to find them and support them throughout their lifelong leadership journey.
I was highly impressed with a set of brilliant African youngsters from Moracco to Mozambique,finding their dreams coming true at ALA,Jbrg..Great job by ALA of which my younger daughter’s contribution is also noteworthy!

Their inaugural class graduated in June 2010 and received offers of admission to every Ivy League university along with more than US$9.5 million in scholarship support. We are proud that our young leaders have already made an impact in their local communities and throughout the world.

Me & Sarasa felt honoured amidst them one evening and who will not envy that deserving Truck driver?




⋆ World-class co-educational boarding school in South Africa
⋆ Emphasis on Leadership, Entrepreneurship & African Studies
⋆ Internationally recognised A-level curriculum
⋆ Outstanding students and faculty from across Africa & the world
⋆ Two-year intense academic program for 16-19 year old boys & girls
⋆ Financial assistance available for students with financial need
⋆ Academic Achievement ⋆ Passion for Africa ⋆ Commitment to Service ⋆ Leadership Potential ⋆ Entrepreneurial Spirit ⋆ 16-19 years old ⋆

ALA students connect to a global support network that will multiplies the impact of each individual’s study. In 2012, the ALA network included almost 400 young leaders from 43 African countries, selected from nearly 10,000 applicants.
The rigorous curriculum prepares students for success on the Cambridge International Examinations and ALA guides them to scholarships at some of the best universities in the world.
Leaders Commit to Africa
For 2 years, ALA scholars gain practical leadership experience, training in entrepreneurship, and a deep understanding of the issues facing Africa on global and local levels. Following university, students commit to work in Africa for ten years, acting on their ideas and experiences.


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