March of the Penguins!

March of the Penguins@Simon’s Town…
Simon’s Town in Capetown is a unique bay,where History was established in 1647 when Europeans found this bay much more safer with protection from Simonsberg Mountains.It got its name from the Governor of that place in 1687!
The beach is called Boulders beach,nestled between the blue sea and picturesque mountains.Sailors thronged this bay and over a period of time,caught between Cape Point on one side and Cape Town on the other, and obviously,the property value has multiplied many a million!

The beauty of the bay is to be quietly enjoyed…..
1.visiting the march of the Penguins near the golf course.
2.appreciating the Victoria Jubilee centre with its british style surroundings
3.take a picture with the great Dane,called Nuisance,which was so friendly with the visiting sailors during World War II,that they erected a statue for its kindness after its death!
4.whale watching during season..we cdn’t!
5.relax at Bertha’s for a cool beer on a hot summer day
6.if you can drive a hired BMW,it is that much easier in Cape Town!Stay in a quiet place like Hout Bay!cook and eat,with selected wine,whenever!
7……..and thank your ***** stars for what you are enjoying..!

Note on Penguins..
Here it is called Jackass Penguins,because of its loud braying like an Ass!
Has black and white facial pattern.


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