Kloofzicht,a memorable Resort in Johannesburg!

Kloofzicht..a great place for Wedding!Glenburn Lodge3
After 5 yrs of my younger daughter’s wedding@this unique resort,it is memorable to visit again with my Grandson,Biko,to open a champagne for his parents!Glenburn Lodge1Glenburn Lodgegb4



Nestled at the foothills of the Zwartkops Mountains in the Cradle of Humankind, Kloofzicht Lodge is the essence of tranquility and ultimate luxury, a comfortable 40 minute drive from both Johannesburg and Pretoria.Where tranquility and elegance originate!

Guests entering the luxurious Kloofzicht Lodge are greeted with the stunning vista of endless stretches of water as the infinity pool spills over into the Kloofzicht dam, finally settling into the Zwartkops mountains in the distance.

Kloofzicht comprises deluxe superior suites, superior suites, executive suites and family / executive twin suites, overlooking either the six exquisite fly fishing dams or the unspoilt Zwartkops gorge and mountain. It was a memorable stay for the Wedding of my younger daughter 5 yrs back,with my elder daughter,son in law and other affectionate relatives,who have come all the way.
One can’t miss admiring the impalas & Giraffes,casually admiring your visit,gracing the grass!

At Kloofzichst Lodge Jbrg

At Kloofzichst Lodge Jbrg

The small but magnificent nature reserve upon which Kloofzicht is built, is home to kudu, impala, blue wildebeest, eland, red hartebeest, springbuck, gemsbok, zebra as well as a fascinating array of bird life.imageimage
Once in a Lifetime experience for most of us!


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6 Responses to Kloofzicht,a memorable Resort in Johannesburg!

  1. Venkatesh says:

    Tks for transporting me to Kloofzicht. One great Fringe benefit of having you as my friend has been the privilege to get to know various places in India and abroad which I am not likely to visit in my lifetime. Enjoy the Brut remembering me!


  2. Navneet Bakshi says:

    It must have been a memorable experience


  3. Hillol Das says:

    Rajah Sir., this is an awesome place, it seems. Those places are so maintained and people there are so careful about those beauties that these remains beautiful forever. In our country we do not care for anything. Hence everything is shabby, dirty and filthy. Nice blog with fabulous pictures. Hillol


  4. Simply the heaven’s abode! You rightly said “Once in a Lifetime experience for most of us!” I have visited UK, Singapore and Malesia and certainly they have some places, mostly man ,made. I am a superannuated( do not liked to be called as Retired) defence civilian official and have served from Kanyakumari to Lay. There are places in India, but the govt (politicians) is more intertested in swindling their wealths than to develop them. India is a cursed land and she has born to suffer more from her own children. hats off! I follow your blogs and to be frank, I rally envy you! I am 72, hope you must be slightly younger. Thank U, Pls Continue.


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