Hout Bay ,a quiet Holiday spot!

Hout Bay is often called the Heart of the Cape, a 20 minute drive from the Cape Town city centre, almost halfway between Cape Town and Cape Point. Hout Bay5
My daughter’s selection of an apartment,just overlooking the mountains&the Sea,was most enjoyable for us & we can never forget the Xmas,New Year celeberations of 12/13 in our Lifetime!hb apt3
Houtbaai, named by Dutch explorers, literally translated means Wood Bay.The Dutch needed timber for their settlement & Houbay provided them enough

Jan van Riebeeck described Hout Bay as having the most beautiful forests he had ever seen. The timber was used to help build the fort at Cape Town and the subsequent port that grew to Cape Town city.
Houtbay is one of the finest beaches,with mountains all around,making it a regular tourist spot.A drive thro’ Chapman’s peak is considered to be the most scenic drive,one cd imagine in entire Africa!
Hout Bay enjoys a rural atmosphere with several equestrian estates .


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