Indians have always mystified the rest of the World for several Centuries..



Queen Victoria,it is said,was always fond of anything Indian and thats why her servants looted the Kohinoors and immeasurable..It was Swami Vivekananda who said”Ask any Indian who the Vice roy is(at that time no Prime MInister!)..he may not know..But ask him who Rama or Krishna are..each one will tell one story on each of them..Their religious faith is imbdded in their birth..”

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True..for several centuries it is recorded in History books that people used to throng Allahabad for the Kumbha Mela which happens once in 12 years..

It is said th Russian grand Dukes,Alexis and Sergius had come for the Kumbh fair in 1891!

It is written inHistory books that a chinese traveller ,Hsuan-tsang had witnessed the Khumba mela in the 7th Century!

The East India co., decided to make money out of such a gathering ,they imposed a Tax of One Rupee in 1890 and that was so severe on the poor pilgrims that a researcher from Australia, Mclean calls it ‘unwarranted and the brutal attitude of the Britishers on the gullible Indians,mainly to discourage them to congregate on their Religious Faith,which was an obstacle on the spread of Christianity!”

Anyway..my visit to Kasi,called Varanasi was full of great joy and impossible memories..

Me with the Sastri..They have all facilities including pick up from the Station/Airport!

Me with the Sastri..They have all facilities including pick up from the Station/Airport!

My bath at Hanumanghat was scintillating and when I came out I saw the full flow of the Sewage of Varanasi at the very place where I had a dip!May be I didnt treat my Mom properly when she was alive,for whose ‘thithi’ I went all the way to Varanasi on a cold Winter!



None can dispute the fact that the Prayers for Maa Ganga at Sunset is a Once in a LIfe time experience..

With centuries of flow of the Ganges,Indians are yet to learn..

1.How to keep such Historical Places Clean..

2.The Successive GOvts are yet to learn how to arrange clean Hotels/Toilets for Visitors

3.How people blindfully dip into these Ganges,unmindful of the Garbage and corpses floating around all of them..Amabanis are No exceptions!

I believe Faith is important..but HYgiene takes a priority!


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An MBA.. Interested in writing,Reading..Indian Philosophy
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  1. Hillol Das says:

    True Rajah Sir! We, the hindus are so obsessed with the various rituals, we neglect cleanliness at any of our holy places. Hillol


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