In Search of Secret India..Mahabalipuram

InSearch of Secret India..Mahabalipuramarjuna penance2

 Mahabalipuram is just 45 KMs from Chennai

Shore Temple Mahabalipuram

Shore Temple Mahabalipuram

Where the Pallavs ruled between the 3rd and 7th Century AD and allowed the artisans to display their skills on solid rocks near the Coromandel shores,that even Marco Polo has mentioned about the beauty of the Seeven Pagodas..The artisans of King Narasimha Varaman of the 7th Century AD must have migrated to East asia like Cambodia and Bali to build the monumental structures like Angkor Wat(12th century tho’ the first Cambodian temple Bantei Srei was built in 8th cnetury AD)

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If one takes a cool walk on the shores of Mahabalipuam ,one cd see today’s artisans following their forefather’s gifted talents, translating granite rocks into statues of amazing beauty of  Lord Ganesha and Lord Krishna,GANESHAMAHABALIPURAM MASTERPIECES

Your day is made!

Have a cool beer in Sterling Resorts where the well decorated Antiques on th walls of Restaurant Pangomiya,a tree which is famous in this area,wd have given you the satisfaction of a Million Dollar trip to anyother place on Earth..

Why wait?Take a drive now..45 Minutes from Chennai.


Pongamiya Tree is a Generous Giver..Nver says “Never”

Its barks are cure for any wounds for seasurfers!Oil and fruits are used in cure for many deseases including Diabetics!Karna,the great Giver of Mahabaratha is compared to this tree!

Sterling Resorts Restaurant is named after this tre as you can se one in front of this Restaurant!

 Note On Mahabalipuram:-

1.The historical town of Mahabalipuram is known to have been established as a flourishing sea port by the Pallava kings during the period from 7th to 10th century. The city was crowned as the second capital of the Pallava dynasty. Most of the temple was built during this time.

2.The ancient name of the city was ‘Mamallapuram’ which was later changed into Mahabalipura during the reign of King Narsimha Varman I. A very interesting history is associated with the name of the town. It is said that the King Narsima was awarded with a title ‘Mamalla’ meaning ‘the great wrestler’. It was from this title that the name of the city was derived.

3.The Pallavas ruled here from the 3rd to the 9th century and during this time many saints and poets were born here. The period from 650 to 750 AD is considered to be the most glorious years of the Pallava rules, as during this time the rulers were the most powerful.

4.The architecture of Mahabalipuram like stone Ratha and arjun’s Tapas are marvelled by all over the world.If you care to look at that elephants in Arjun’s Tapas,it is so smooth that Today’s sthapathis say “It is just impossible to get so much smoothness on such a hard Granite stone.”

I was wonder struck when I recently read an ancdote by Dr.Thiagarajan of Archeological Dept when he visited Kanchi Paramacharya years back,he was asked by Paramacharya “whether he has visited  Mahabalipuram?”

Dr.Thiagarajan said “Yes.Several times.”

Paramacharya “Have you seen the Arjuna’s Penance?”arjuna penance3

“Yes several times.”

“Do you know there is a Time Clock in that architecture?”

Dr.Thiagarajan was wonder struck and said “There was no time clock in 3rd AD!”

“Better see it again and come back”

Dr.Thiagarajan visited and said the same thing..

”No time clock at that time?”

Paramacharya then explained to Dr.Thiagarajan to look at the Brahmins looking at the sun by the river bed showing that they are doing Madhyananm..meaning that stone was carved in the after noon at 12 O’Clock..

The sthapathis have put in lots of meanings into these wonder struck stones and to just and go and admire these small litlle things,we must be gifted too!


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