Angkor Wat..Suryavarman’s master piece of 1150 A.D.


A Master piece of 1150 AD..It shd be seen to be believed!Look at the 5 Merus!!

A Master piece of 1150 AD..It shd be seen to be believed!Look at the 5 Merus!!


Highlights :

A View from the Western side

A View from the Western side


1.World’s Largest Religious monument.

2.A completely realized microcosm of the Hindu Universe,culminating in the 5 Peaks of Mount Meru.

3.Architectural masterpiece in fine proportions and rich in detail;the apogee of classical Khmer construction.

4.Some 600 M of narrative bas reliefs and nearly 2000 apsaras.

(Source:Ancient Angkor by Michael Freeman & Claude Jacques) 

Khmer temples depict an astonishing degree of devotion to Hindu Gods,particularly Shiva,Vishnu and Brahma,made in bricks,laterite and Sandstones.Their(locals)belief in Hindu Gods,must have been created by the Jayavarmans and Suryavarmans’ devotion to a faith which brought prosperity to the Natives ,interms of water sources(all lakes were created by the Varmans) and consequent bounty in the paddy fields.They found that during 6 months in a year the watr level was so bad but in the next 6 months there was a huge insurge of water from the Toni Sap Lake which is connected to the Famous Mekong River from the Himalayas.So Suryvarmans creatd artificial lakes all around Siem Reap and his master plan was a great success with huge qty of water in an otherwise dry belt,helping the entire area with Agricultural bounty.We can see these lakes in symmetry all around this monument.

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We can see the 7 headed Serpants and Lions in most of the temple entrances and asuras and devas in rows,as if churning the great ocean for the nectar and the central Tower of each temple was the abode of Lord Shiva,called in various names like Tribuvanmahadeva or Koteeswara . 

The Serpents at the entrance to Bayon

The Serpents at the entrance to Bayon

If we enter the corridors of the famous Angkor Wat built by Suryavarman in 1150 AD,we can see Lions and serpants’ heads with snakebody as the corridors(see pic) 

This mounument must have been created by Suryavarman after his successful defeat of the CHampas in 1140 and we can see the Basreliefs of this war too in the SW corridors of this unique monument.

Suryavarman is said to have created this master piece with the Kailash of Himalayas in his mind with 4 merus surrounding the Greater Kailash,at the centre..Here one can see 4 towes at the 3d level before one climbs to the top most level where a Budhist temple is ‘now’ in vogue and monks ar still praying here.. 

Many have written about this monument and I am giving a picture presentation so that you can enjoy the importance of the architecture… 

This  Hindu temple in 1150 AD is famous for the sunlight falling on this deity(now Budha) on a particular day of the year..many believe on the Thaipoosam day or Pongal Day! 

If one has to do justice to this master piece,one is advised to go in the afternoon to enjoy the Golden colour of the temple towrs under the sunrays from the west. 

Despite the difficulty ,stone windows like this, with lathe lathe turned balusters, is the hallmark of the Khmer constructions everywhere! 

80% of the scriptures are defaced and the remaining 20% tell us stories of Kurushetra war and stories from Ramayana..


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