Happy New Year to you all…

An imposing Eastern Tower!

An imposing Eastern Tower!

Srirengam..a place I can never forget as most of the last years of my mother,she spent there..near her Reganathar!

Srirengam temple is one of the architectural marvels of India…sri8

Imagine a time  when the entire Cauvery and Koleroon were flowing to the brim with an island as Srirengam inside..No Bridges in those days..They have transported hard Granite rocks to this Island and created a monument,which has stood the tests of time..

The top tower of Renganathar

The top tower of Renganathar

There is not a single day when Reganathar is not having a party time..

Infact,my mom,tho’ a smartha chose this place to be spending her last years

with the festivities of this Temple Town…


For those who wish to enjoy the architectur,I am prsenting the pencil sketches of Sri Kesavan,a close friend of the great Tamil Writer Sujataha,who has used these sketches in his famous NOvel

Srirengathu Devathaigal..

On this Tamil New Year Day,I pray to Si Renganathar,

a Very  Happy&Most Prosperous New Year to all of you!


About s.rajah iyer

An MBA.. Interested in writing,Reading..Indian Philosophy
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2 Responses to Happy New Year to you all…

  1. Melarkode l.n iyer says:

    Marvelios pictures. I am craving to spend my last days of life somewhere near sriranganathan.is there any agraharam home near the temple availabe for sale within the budget of rs. One lakh?


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