Chengamanad Mahadev Temple..

Chengamanad Mahadev Temple..Kerala.Main Entrance

In my search of ancient temples near Kalady,I had darshan of Shri Mahadev of Chengamanad near Angamaly.DSCN4212

The very old temple gave so much peace of mind that I felt like staying on those calm sand corridors of this ancient temple.Mahadev Temple Flag Post

Imagined Adi Sankara wd have frequented this temple as He was just a few KM away at Kalady!

About this temple:-

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According to legends the place derives its name from Jangama Muni who is said to have done penance in a cave in the munikkal Guhalaya. The place was initially called Jangamanad which later became chengamanad. Another account says that the name Chengamand is due to the special kind of soil called Chengal in malayalam. The Cochin Inter national airport is located in this panchayat.

The Chengamand Mahadeva temple is the centre of attraction in Chengamanad and is one of the important Shiva temples in Ernakulam district. The main deity, Shiva is in the form of Kirata Murthi facing East. The shrine of Shree Parvathi and Ganapathi faces towards west and south respectively.

The temple is owned by 10 Brahmin families.. Since the members of these families are spread out in various places and the management of the temple became difficult, the administrative powers was transferred to the “Urazhma Devaswam Board”. As of now, the temple administration is done by the “Urazhma Devaswam Board” with active guidance from a committee formed by the local people


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