Why Indians are Idiots?

In every Election Politicians Promise the Moon!

In every Election Politicians Promise the Moon!

In a Country of a Billion ruled by consistant, Corrupt Cronies,we try very hard to keep the poor poorer for ever!

Thats why I call Majority of Indians are Idiots as we never learn from our mistakes…

1.Take the IPL Fixing..the recent Scam to keep Arnab Goswamis pocketing Huge OT amounts and they will nevr know anything about these Scams after a year as Shinde correctly predicted..people will forget!

When a country can allow Racing,why not gambling?

We wd have pocketed a cool Rs4000 Cr by way of Taxes..

It is the foolish who wd go to a Gambling den but we wd have created a huge no of JObs officially as Bookies&Agents !

But we have now nearly  a 1000 police men around a single Meiyappan and when there are more Scams more and more Khakhis wd be chasing a Crooked Shadow…So it is  Real Bootleggars who will have a field Day!Remember famous movies when one smuggler is caught,there will be 1000 escaping!Trap!!

2.Take From the Coalgates to all sorts of Scams..

In any ot he developed country ,they wd have allowed the highest bidder in an open system where the GOvt Can only gain..Here we have such a closed system that ONLY Bansals can Gain!Take the examples from August 1947 till 1980,when Bajaj Vespa Scooter was the only One Scooter( or a Fiat  )available and one had to pay $600 for a scooter (when foreign currency was so scarce)and wait for 12 months for allottment papers.I know a few of my own friends who sold their Allottment Papers alone and made money..Here every single Law in India was DESIGNED to help Bajajs or Mittals..not the HOnest Tatas!!Even a NIgeria had so many cars from Volvo to Peugeout in the 80s !

3.The DRY Law is the biggest JOke in India..The money involved is so huge that any joker in Liquor BUsinss wd be only making more and more money..I cannot understand why I just cannot walk into a Spencers or Reliance Stores in this hot summer and take the Chilled Beer I like and walk off!

It is NOt Sensible to control the uncontrollable and hence the Shd Be controllable like the Defense Purchases become impossible to be controlled..All Defense Ministers can’t be a Saint Antony!

The Dry Law in Gujarat is the Joke of the Century..Gandhi himself wd have removed it had he stayed in any of the Hotels thre..all available at a Premium..Who is the one laughing to the Banks..Mallayas!

4.We have boasted of Chanakya’s Artha Sasthram as a Treasure and I dont know whether any of the elected Politicians wd have read even a single page from that..There Chanakya clearly writes that a Good Government is one where the Majority of the people are benefitted by the policies and the police force has enough time for themselves to catch the culprits within a short time.

Talking about Human weaknesses from Drinking and Dancing,Gambling and going to Red Light Areas,he recommends that they can never be eliminated in any society but can be controlled.He illustrates with a picture perfect examples of ‘where and how such Gambling Dens and Red Light areas have to be located in every village!.He says by allowing them,we will have lesser crime inside the normal life and those who want to uphold Moral Values will always Uphold and those who don’t will never ever do so.He even illustrates when and what times one can go to thes areas and take Drinks and any other times ,they wd be arrested!!

This will enable the police to have vigilance on a few spots…and control the village atmos much better!!

4.Have a Look at the US where Lottery and Gambling is allowed officially.The turnover is $45 Billion every year..and they make huge income by way of Taxes!If I go on buying Lottery Tickets and waste my earnings,I can’t blame anyone else for my poverty!Besides how many Police officials wd be chasing a Lottery Ticket seller and book them..In India precious time of the cops are wasted in Chasing unwanted CHases as the cases of Meiyappans and Sreeshants wd never stand a chance for conviction in our outdated Courts!

Dont’ we go to races and bet on Horses wihtout any Horse SEnses!

Manmohan Singh,as an Economist, knows what I mean but he doesn’t have the courage with all the SCams around him to implement such an open system, as he can’t face another wrath from our so called MOral Police…

So lets all be happy looking at R.K.Laxman’s Jokes..

Today’s Meiyappan will be tomorrow’s Sadayappan for Arnab Goswami’s Thamasha!



About s.rajah iyer

An MBA.. Interested in writing,Reading..Indian Philosophy
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3 Responses to Why Indians are Idiots?

  1. Dr. Seshadri Kannan says:

    “The devil quotes Scriptures”. Artha Sasthra is irrelevant and what atrocities we see by way of scams, IPL loots or prostitution has to be wiped out for humans to live well, at least in Gandhiji’s vision of Bharat


  2. S.Chinnaswami says:

    one of the sensible idiot India ever produced…….


  3. Srinivasa Rao Govindan says:

    Pragmatic approach to the unsolvable problems in our country.


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