Marvels of India..Bhimbekta Cave Paintings!

Cave Paintings….30000 B.C!

Bhimbekta Paintings dated 20000 yrs back!

Bhimbekta Paintings dated 20000 yrs back!

 When I saw the B.B.C documentary recently on some of the Ice Age arts(dating 25000 to 30000 B.C)I cdn’t just believe their imagination and some of the sculpture which is beyond our conceptual skills.

Bhimbekta Hills near Bhopal

Bhimbekta Hills near Bhopal

In India too we have cave Paintings in Bhimbekta near Bhopal,dating back to 20000 B.C. 

Man on HORSE DAT 20000 B.C

Man on HORSE DAT 20000 B.C

Executed mainly in red and white with the occasional use of green and yellow, the paintings depict the lives and times of the people who lived in the caves, including scenes of childbirth, communal dancing and drinking, religious rites and burials, as well as indigenous animals.

Bhimbekta Cave Paintings dated 20000 Yrs Back!

Bhimbekta Cave Paintings dated 20000 Yrs Back!

 The best way is to enjoy their imagination..Look at the colours they have used..Shd be only Natural Dies!


They are cetainly NOT PRE-HISTORIC!bhimbetka7

 The Bhimbetka rock shelters are an archaeological site of thePaleolithic, exhibiting the earliest traces of human life on the India, and thus the beginning of the South Asian Stone Age. It is located 60 KM from Bhopal,Madhya Pradesh. The Bhimbetka shelters exhibit the earliest traces of human life in India. Some of the |rock paintings  ,displayed here,is said to be approximately 30,000 years old,in Bhimbekta Caves!The caves also illustrate early evidence of dance. They were declared a World Heritage Site in 2003.

The name Bhimbetka  is associated with Bhima, a hero-deity of the epic Mahabharata.The word Bhimbetka is said to derive from Bhimbaithka, meaning “sitting place of Bhima”. 

Cave paintings are paintings found on cave walls and ceilings, and especially refer to those of Pre Historic origin. The earliest such art dates back to approximately 40,000 years ago, and is found in Spain. The exact purpose of these  cave paintings is not known. Evidence suggests that they were not merely decorations of living areas, since the caves in which they have been found do not have signs of ongoing habitation. They are also often located in areas of caves that are not easily accessible. Some theories hold that cave paintings may have been a way of communicating with others, while other theories ascribe a religious or ceremonial purpose to them.

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The Hand prints is a way of communicating to each other..Imagine some 30000 Yrs back!

Looking at the Monumental Pyramids,Nazca’s straight lines etc.,I am convinced in Erich Von Daniken’s      TheChariots of the Gods!


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  1. K MATARAJAN says:

    Suri, Nice to see such art. Nicer you brought it to us. Need lot of time to go through all these comfortably. Regards, Mats.


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