Where is Indian Culture?

For 1000s of Years .the rest of the World looked at India with admiration and unimaginable awe..right from Alexander to Victoria,they all wanted to possess India…

In 1687 a set of Dutch Sailors start their journey  to explore India but land in America and start their trading activity with a wall to protect them from unwanted elements..called it Wall Street…Wall Street Museum Boasts of this PIcture at th Very Entrance!

Where are we Today?

Every woman travlling to India, alone ,is unsafe anywhere from Kerala to Kedaranath?Every Indian Minor girl is living a Nightmarish life from the Backyards of Bihar to the plains of Rajasthan!

Every Indian  who has seen the News Items of Goondas selling Rs100/bottle of drinking to the victims of Uttarakhand must have wondred,how these Japanese behanved after they were struck by a Tsunami..Japanese  have  a culture unique and we can say with pride ” that was Indian Once upon a time!”Genghis Khan’s general who conquered from China to Srilanka,India(when Chinese net was invented) writes about the rich culture of Malabar..”I saw people very very happy only in this country and nowhere else..People traded their wares on the streets which boated of Gold and Silveware..I never saw a single incident of theft or arson&looting..”(1200 AD)

Do we belong to the same Race?

When a handful of Jews migrated to the west coast,the Indian prince gave them asylum.

When an entire Parsi Community migrated to Nausari of Gujarat,we took them  in all happiness and pride..Infact in Adersh Godrej’s biography(Vijitatama)he specifically mentions about the Parsi Temple in Mumbai in a conversation to his nephew..”Thanks to the HIndus,we have this temple and we must be grateful!”

Is it the same race  we are talking about?

I saw the other day while coming from Central Station,a cop on the road ‘smelling two boys..aged hardly 20..for alcohol in their mouth..They were literally kissing the Boys!’

I got a shock of my life time?Is it the way you try to detect the alcoholics?

Is there not a more dignified way in 21st Century?

What sort of respect these Cops wd command, if they follow instructions to ‘Smell every fellow’s Lips open in Public places?

What will a Foreign Tourist think of us..?

I was totally ashamed!

I go to Perungudi..which is an area supposed to host the best of ITs of India..

Behind such great names like TCS/Infosys/HCL Tec,Govt has created a huge dumping yards for all the garbages of Chennai!

Is it the way we boast of a 21st Century.Emerging Giant of the world!Is there not a better way to handle garbages?

A small rain has marooned the Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi,which was voted as one of the best Airports in the World a day earlier!People land by air and go home by Boats!

We react for any Tragedies  like what happened in Uttarakhand after the events… 

We don’t have any early warning systems in place..Even if it is there,nor they wd function..

Natural Calamities are not in our hands..They strike not only Indians but the entire world periodically..But a good country with Good governance,react so fast even after the incident,that a Japanese Tsunami is completely forgotten within a year..The entire area looks like a Utopia..

It is unfortunate that our political system has disappointed us in every walk of life..

Our politicians try to get elected somehow and start looting us again and again!

We boast of Bagavd Gita but don’t practise!he moment w look at a helpless young unescorted girl,we become Animals..But read Bagavad Gita everyday at Home!

W are proud of Budha but we are never empathetic!The moment w see a foreigner we try to fleece them!Or misguide them!

We repeat everywhere ‘Satyameva Jayathe’..famous quote of the Mahtma from the Upanishads but sincerely practise’Asatyameva Jayathe.!Fleece helpless Victims under the very temple of Kdaranath which is supposed to remind us of our age old culture..Then why do we go there?

That is why..

God is Furious..Can’t You see?



About s.rajah iyer

An MBA.. Interested in writing,Reading..Indian Philosophy
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One Response to Where is Indian Culture?

  1. The Traveler says:

    God is love. Take God’s loving commandments away and men become mere beasts. A man that can not protect a woman is worse than the birds who look after their own.


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