Marvels of India..Triumbakeswarar,Nashik

Marvels of India…Triumbakeshwarar,Nashik

Triumbakeshwarar Temple,Nashik

Triumbakeshwarar Temple,Nashik


Triumbakeshwarar,near Nashik is one of the 12 Jyotir Lingams of India.In Indian Hindu tradition there are 12 places where Jyotir Lingas are located and by visiting all of them during one’s life,you fulfill a life’s desire and get Moksha..


Sunset on Sahyadri Mountains

Sunset on Sahyadri Mountains

Triumbakeswarar is just 28 KM from Nashik,over looking the Brahmagiri Mountains.It is also the birth place of the perenial river Godavari and hence more sacred.


Kushavarta is  the place from where river Godavari takes its course.  A dip in this sacred river wipes off the sins, is the belief of people. The sage Gautam committed a sin of murdering a cow and by taking bath in this river, wiped off his sin.

Triumbakeshwarar Temple,Nashik

Triumbakeshwarar Temple,Nashik

Cows are there, everywhere for worshippers!

Cows are there, everywhere for worshippers!


Unlike the othe 12 Jyotir Lingas,in Triumbakeswarar,if you are looking for a Lingam,you will be disappointed!I didn’t know this till I was taking a Pradakshanam in the famous temple ,when a small local boy,sitting on one side of the Gopurm invited me to see the duplicate of the Linga which is installed inside..He also said

”See..It is not a Lingam..It is just a Hole..No Lingam..Thats the beauty of this place!’he said.

When I checked with the priests they said the same thing.Here there is no lingam and inside the hole,there are 3 spots symbolically placing the Trimurthy,Brahma,Vishnu,Maheshwara..making this place Triumbakeswarar..I was so happy I rewardd that young boy ,he was equally happy!

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Caution for Male Tourists who travel alone to Nashik&Shirdi..

I found myself in a piquant situation that No Hotels gave me accomodation,tho’ all of them were having rooms..They used to ask: “You are alone?”.


“No Room”

I tried all and atlast Sahyadri Hotel gave me a dormitory where we can keep the luggage below the bed with a locker and go for bath in the common Bath Room..


The reason given by them..varies from person to person..

1.You may bring girls.

2.You may take drinks&Drugs.


N.You may Committ suicide… person said!




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