Most Amazing People..I salute them!

Most Amazing People….

I cannot believe a cool Wellenda,siiting on a steel wire at 700 Feet Height on that Great Grand Canyon,trying to adjust the windforce and coolly Re- starts his walk..chanting

“King of Kings..You are there..The Glory is yours..!”

I was praying that he makes it without any hitch and it was a great miracle I have seen in my life time..I have seen gypises in those days making a tight rope walk on the streets!

But walking on top of the great Canyon and Niagara shear Guts!

The other amazing act of humankind I admired is the Dynamo..the Magician..Cool to levitate infront of the great Redeemer at Rio De Jeniro!I am sure you all wd love to see the video link below to know how scintillating these acts are!

Hats off to them!

About Wellendas:-

The Flying Wallendas is the name of a circus act and daredevil stunt peformers, most known for performing highwire acts without a safety net. They were first known as The Great Wallendas, but the current name was coined by the press in the 40s and has stayed since.

Nik Wallenda became the first aerialist to walk directly over Niagara Falls on June 15, 2012, from the United States into Canada. Wearing a safety harness as required by ABC Television, he crossed at the river’s widest point. 

Nik Wallenda became the first aerialist to walk directly over the Little Colorado River Gorge in the Grand Canyon in the U.S. State of Arizona on June 23, 2013, doing so as it was broadcast live on Disovery Channel. At a height of 1,500 feet above the Little Colorado River, Nik Wallenda walked upon a wire just 2 inches thick, without a harness or safety net. During his traversing of the 1,400-foot-wide gap between the cliffs, Nik stopped to adjust cable sway and to accommodate for the sudden wind gusts with no safety tether attaching him to his line. At the end of his walk Wallenda ran to the end of the wire, jumped down and kissed the ground.


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