Purpose and Meaning to Human Life!

Panayanthur Sri Subramania swamy
So what is so unique?
It is a unique Temple in Cuddalore District ,near Ramanantham village..a temple said to have been constructed by Raja Raja Cholan in 1017 AD and named as “Brahadeeswarar Nayanar” temple as per ASI findings ..
Later on this temple has been named as Meenakshi Sundareswarar!

The unique thing about this temple is The Sun God brightens ‘only for one week’ after Aadi 18th!Look at His face!
To have a darshan of this unique temple people throng this temple every year after Aadi 18th!
The Sun brightens exactly on this Idol only between 8.00 AM to 8.05 AM!
The Faithfuls throng to see this unique sight!

AAvani avittam..20th of August!

Kanchi Mahan ever smiling!

Kanchi Mahan ever smiling!

For Brahmins,this is th most sacred ritual of all&every Brahmin will try to do this ceremony,wherever they may be!

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I did my Avani Avittam in NJ last year &bought my Poonul in New York Flushing Meadows Temple,last year and hence the pics of that nice temple here!

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Meaning of Avani Avittam:-

In the month of Sravanam,the Pournami day(avittam nakshatram) the Faithfuls..The Brahmins..celeberate their most holiest of all Days by Changing their Sacred Threads!

It is called Yagyopaveedham or Upakarma:-

The Prayer Mantras and Meaning :-
The prayer of that people recite to wash away all the sins on this day is something like :-

“For the removal of all my sins and thereby to secure a divine blessing and for qualifing myself to perform the essential duties of Brahmanas as prescribed in the vedas and smritis and adopted by the really good in their conduct I put on this Yagnopavita”.

While removing the old thread, the mantra recited means :-

“I throw away the broken dirty old thread, may the new one bring on long life and Brahmana’s brilliance.”

When the new thread is worn then another mantra is recited which means: “I put on the sacred thread which is highly pure, is inseparable from God, is capable of prolonging life and is the foremost in the accomplishment of a Brahmana. May such pure Yagnopavita bring strength and dignity.”

The Faith in God gives purpose and meaning to Human Life!  


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2 Responses to Purpose and Meaning to Human Life!

  1. s.rajah iyer says:

    Tks for the response.Grateful.


  2. Venkat says:

    The celebration is not about changing the sacred thread. The thread is changed at the beginning of all subha karyam. Avani Avittam is actually upakarma. There is a hiatus in pursuing the ritualistic and learning process during the months of April, May, June and July (Chittirai, Vaikasi, Ani and Adi). Before starting the process of learning once again, we need to reaffirm our faith and belief in the veda that we follow. This is what we do. The kamo-karishath and manyuba-karishath mantra that we say is telling us to get rid of attachment that emanate out of love, want or greed.


Tks for your views.

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