God & I..Miracles at Ugar

God & I…

Kanchi Mahan ever smiling!

Kanchi Mahan ever smiling!

Miracles of an ardent Devotee of Kanchi Paramacharya.

Ugar Sugar Factory Episode 1978

1978 Dec..

I was selected as a GM by NTC Mills(TN)and as usual I wanted

to get the Blessings of my Guru,Kanchi Paramacharya,who was

camping in Ugar,near Pune.

I had booked a tkt by train from Bangalore which leaves around

9 PM and reaches in the morning..I was in Madras&hence

decided to go by Bus in the morning to catch the Bangalore

Train at 9PM on that day..

But as illuck(or is it myLuck..pls read the entire Blog)

wd have it,my bus broke down near Vellore.It took more than 3

hrs for the vehicle to move and I was sure to miss the Night

Train at Bangalore..I was expressing my agony to my young

neighbour,a young fellow,who advised me to stay with him and

catch a Train in the morning & change a train at Belgaum to

reach Ugar by next day night..I did as per his wish and thanked

him for the offer…

So I reached Ugar in the next day and after my bath in the next

morning,I went and prostrated before Kanchi Mahan…He was

seated under a Marble Vinayaka(There was a small portico

under this pillayar,very conveniently accomodating Him)and

there were many devotees waiting to have His Darshan.

Balu mama told me “Lucky you have come today.Had you come

Yesterday,it was Moolam.Periyava was in Mouna Vratham!”

I thanked my stars and I know pure Guru Bakthi leads you

automatically into the right path!

When I prostrated before Him,He asked me,

“What brought you all the way,here?”

I told Him I have got this offer and I am willing to join and want

Periyava’s Blessings….

There was total silence for a few minutes…

Periyava broke the silence when He asked ,one Krishnaswamy

seatd there, “Is it worth for him to join this job ?”

Knowing my age,Krishnaswamy,who was the VP of Asian Bank

at that time opined

“It is very good as he is only young and sooner he may even

become an MD.”

Periyavaa smilingly asked me

“How much salary do you get in this Job?”

I told Him the amount…Again there was total silence..

Sri Annadurai Iyengar was also there.(He was in charge of

Vedha Rakshana Nidhi Trust with Nani Palkiwala as its

Chairman & was successfully running many vedic Schools)

Periyavaa asked Iyengar “How many students are there in

Belgaum ,Veda Patasala?”

(Iyengar had just come from Belgaum after opening a Veda Pata


He replied “12 students are there.”

Periyavaa “How much stipend you are going to give/student?”

“Rs 120 per month.”

Periyavaa went into a long silence again..

He expressed His agony,showing the fingers to me, “An young

man like him at 32 yrs is getting …so much salary..You catch

hold of a boy of 12 yrs,compel him to have Tuft etc., and give

him only Rs 120 and want him to learn Vedas,how will these

boys survive on that type of stipend?”

His agony was understandable to all and I prostrated and

volunteered to contribute whatever He says..

Periyavaa smilingly said

“You don’t worry..Your father has done a lot for the Mutt..”

Iyengar showd one letter he has recd to Periyavaa..Periyava

smilingly said to everyone present

“See ..some one in the US..willing to contribute Rs 4 crs(in 1978)

to all our Vedic Schools(run by Kanchi Mutt)..Do you think we

shd accept this offer?”He asked Iyengar…

Iyengar was silent as usua.Aafter a lull,Periyavaa said

“We donot want such donations(It has come from a so called

Yogi of India who later on was caught in many illegal cases)We

will do our sincere service on our own..God is there..”

After this conversation,a young man,approached me.He said

“Sir,I saw you getting Periyava’s blessings and you are also in

Textiles..What do you think of Bombay Dyeing Sir?”

I said “It is a very reputable Organaisation.”

“Sir I have an offer from Bombay Dyeing and when I wanted

His blessings,Periyavaa has asked me ‘not to join…I donot know

what to do Sir?”

I told him,”See for me,He is God..So My opinion will be to do as

He says..If you want ,you can again go and ask Him..”

He again went and asked Periyava

“I have got this offer and want to Join Bombay Dyeing..”

Periyava clearly again told him..

“Stay in your present place itself!”

He came to me and told me

“Sir..I have already accepted the offer.What can I do Sir

now..that Periyavaa has asked me not to join?”

I told him.. “See..Your question to Maha Periyavaa is wrong.I

asked Periyava to bless me as ‘I have already accepted the offer’

and He blesed me..But you asked Him ,you wish to join having

already accepted the offer..Do you realise the mistake..”

“Yes Sir..I very much understand and this is the first time I am

coming to Him as my Mother insisted that I shd seek His

blessings before I join..I didn’t realise that a simple question can

lead me to such a predicament..”

I told him to go and again explain ‘why you have come,as per the

directive of your mother..’

He went and prostrated saying “My mother wanted me to have

Periyava’s Blessings before I join this job..Thats why I came all

the way from Bombay..I seekPeriyava’s blessings.”

Periyava understood his predicament and asked him several Qns

about his Poorviham and Periyava even mentioned his Grand

Father’s name from Tanjore..

Periyava smilingly told him

“You do a Puja for Sidhi Vinayak Temple and join the new job..”

He was highly elated…

This incident clearly revaled to me that even a simple intention

on your mind will be known to Him much much before your

arrival to this Mahan…

Because …

He is God Himslf!

I will always remember for ever the kindness of the

Maharshtrian people of Ugar who served Him and devotees like

us just because of their Faith on this Geat Mahan !


In 1985 I went all the way to Mahagaon with a reasonable amnt

and prostrated before Him(at that time I was employed in

Nigeria)Iyengar was also there..Periyava smilingly asked

Iyengar to accept that amnt and Blessed me with a Picture of His

with Prasadm,which is adorning my Puja room even today!


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2 Responses to God & I..Miracles at Ugar

  1. s.rajah iyer says:

    Mr.SuNdara Raman,
    Tks for your views.There are many more episodes like Subramaniam Swamy’s and Ahobila Mutt Jeer’s in my above blogs.Pls see them too as Mahaperiyava is Truly Nadamadum Deivam.


  2. R Sundara RamanBangalore says:

    After periodically reading more and more about Maha Periava, I have become an ardent devotee. I would like tread and take the path shown by Maha Periava and his sincere and devoted followers. Kindly forward all news items and preachings of Maha Periava.


    R Sundara Raman


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