God&I..Nani Palkiwala

Kanchi Mahan ever smiling!

Kanchi Mahan ever smiling!

it was 1978..

kanchi Mahan was in Mahagaon..

Morarji Desai was selected as the PM& he wanted Nani Palkiwala to be the Ambassador for India at USA…

Palkiwala’s devotion for Paramacharya is inexplicable.He was the Chairman of the Veda Rakshana Nidhi Trust ably run by Sri Annadurai Iyengar.He has included Keshub Mahendra &TS Santhanam also in this Trust.

Palkiwala rushed to Periyava at Mahagaon to get His Blessings before going to US as our Ambassador.

He describes in his own words “Iwent to Mahagaon and was taken aback,when Maha Periyava was happily sitting in a cow shed..He reminded me of Romain Rolland’s famous words ‘you will come across such a great man to make you how humble you ought to have been!”

‘Maha Periyava is an embodiment of simplicity& abundant empathy ‘ wrote Palkiwala!


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