Merit or Quota?

I was wondering Why most of the Nobel Prizes go to Americans Only?
Anything to do with MERIT?

Merit or Quota?

Merit or Quota?



Enters Rajah Iyer
Chitra Gupta:”Why did you enter here?”
“Cas I am dead and need to enter somewhere?”
“Dont you know there is a form to be filled up-Go there and fill up the form?”
“Do you have forms in Yama Loga also?”
“Dont dare ask any question.Just fill it up?”
Sincerely I filled it up and was unable to remember which caste I belonged to.
“What should I write here-Caste?”
“Dont you know your caste?”
“I have just cast my votes and I know who the defeated candidate is to whom I voted?”
“Caaaaaste-caaaaste not cast?”
“Dont shout you Idiot.I am not Deaf?”
“How dare you call me Chitra Gupta of all, an Idiot.What do you think of yourself.The arrogance clearly shows which caste you belong to?”
“How do you define Caste?”
“So far none has defined caste here in Heavens.They quietly flll up the forms.This is the first experience in the last 26 Billion Years some one is asking me a qn?”
“But I dont know my caste?”
“OK I will ask my medical team to check up and find out what Caste you belong to.”
“But how can you medically identify my caste.”
“It is their job.I need to refer this to the medical Team as they have never come across such a problem in the last 26 billion yrs”
Yama just crossed by.
“What is happening C.Gupta?”
“There is some one here who doesn’t know his Caste.A problem is created.”
“But dont you know that you are holding up nearly 10 million people in the queue.waiting to be admitted here?”
“I know but the admin is at fault having introduced this form a few billion yrs ago asking for Caste to be filled up.”
“Ask Arjun he will solve the problem.”
Then quietly Yama escaped as He can neither solve the problem nor has the solution for the long queue from Chennai to Scadinavia!
“Arjun.I am c.Gupta speaking.What is the meaning of Caste?”
“In what context you are asking?”
“The form -every admitted soul into Hell/Heavens-admission Form?”
“It all depends on the context.”
“I dont understand how a caste can vary from Context to context.”
“If doctors violently protest Caste may be decided by the Prime Minister.If the Mandal fiasco is meakly accepted Caste may be imposed.All depends on the reaction of the affected idiots!”
“Now to be precise-here is one fellow who doesnt know his caste.He is holding up the admission queue from Chennai to (now) Washington!”
“Just tick him in SC and admit him.we will see later.”
Rajah Iyer was suddenly admitted and enters the Heavens!
There the peon ,wearing GOlden wristwatch and diamond Necklace asked Rajah Iyer
“How did you come here.This is a reserved Lounge?”
“Ask C.Gupta.He only admitted me here.”
“I am Logaaaan from the Heavens Pearly Gate.Is it C.Gupta?”
“yes indeed.What can I do for you?”
“There is one guy who cannot be admitted in Heavens but has been admitted How?”
“What do you mean ‘he cannot be admitted’?
“MY heavenly Computer used by Bill Gates clearly shows based on his finger Prints and Gamma Ray Radiation thro Prismatic deviation of cosmic ray concalves, that his soul can never be admitted here.”
“So what should you do?”
“I will refer him to the Screening Committee”
“OK do what you like.Go to Hell”
“What do you mean you arrogant c.Gupta.I am already in Heavens.”
“Sorry for the slip of the tongue.That was unintentional.”
“Be careful in your Language”
The screening committee in the meantime decided to go for Lunch
The problem with Heavans/Hell admission procedure is no one can enter unless and otherwise the admitted one is duly listed in some” quota system “somewhere!So the queue was multiplying from Washington back to the Platform infront of USIS Chennai.
Yama was worried as everywhere it was stinking and he didnt know how to solve the problem.
He got a very good idea.He had one wrong entry some 23 billion yrs ago and there was a Boon given to him at that time by Lord Vishnu to use this wrong entry to send back anyone he likes to anywhere on earth at any point of time.
Yama decided to send Rajah Iyer back to Chennai and he solved the problem quietly.The queue size to Heavans/Hell started diminishing.
Rajah Iyer is now waiting at USIS Chennai Platform to get his Visa to visit his daughters!Arjun is closely monitoring thro his Binoculars whats happening!!
(I wrote this Blog a in Sulekha,a few years back after waiting in the PLatform in front of the USIS Embassy in MOunt Road from 4 AM on wards!)


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2 Responses to Merit or Quota?

  1. sreekumar says:

    Dear Mr Rajah,
    Leaving the tail as it will reveal your caste.
    Missed it in Sulekha. “Superb”


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