Sardar Patel..How he became a Sardar?

India has produced some amazing personalities like SardarPatel,Lokamanya Tilak,Bipin Chandra Pal,Gopala Krishna Gokhale,Netaji Subash Chandra Bose,Jayaprakash Narayan,Rajaji,Lal Bahadur Sastri,Gulzarilal Nanda,Abul Kalam Azad ,JB Kripalani etal..all known for their selfless sacrifice.Sardar_patel

Unfortunately Majority of Indians are Idiots..

They don’t have any idea of these personalities.The more we read about their sacrifices,we will find out why Real Patriots go an extra mile to emulate them or STILL TALK ABOUT Them..

Here is the story of Sardar Patel how he got that Title:-

With his daughter

With his daughter

“Sister,can I ask you something?”

“Yes please?”

“Your father is such a great man that on a daily basis many foreign dignitaries,ministers,Princes come to see him..

Why don’t you wear a good neat Sari atleast?”

Quetion to Maniben,Daughter of Sardar Patel by Mahavir Tyagi,

who was also a Minister in Nehru’s Cabinet..

Maniben..” It is not that I don’t like to wear a good Sari..As per Mahatma’s order, we should spin our own  yarn for our  dresses.But due to health reasons ,father(Sardar Patel)is unable to do Chakra(Yarn)So I only have to do Chakra for him too.Thats why I make dresses for Father alone from my Chakra..”

“For you..?”

“When Father’s dresses become soiled,I try to restitch and make my own Saris..Thats why they look a bit odd and torn!”With Azad

Mahavir Tyagi cdn’t control his emotions..Tears roll Down..

This is Sardar Patel’s Life Style a man who became a Bar At Law ,with such a good earnings ,gave up everything to join Mahatma’s call for India’s Independent Movement!A man who lost his wife at an early age,remained single and devoted his entire life for India’s Independence.Maniben is his only daughter!He had a son also.If Sardar had desired all the Textile Mills of India wd have donated everything for them from Nice dresses to what you like..But thats the difference between people of that Era and Now!

When Mahatma started Swaraj movement Sardar joined him.Sardar told Gandhiji ‘that in District Bardoli,we will start the first Satyagraha movement by refusing to pay Taxs.”

Gandhiji asked him “Why?If we start refusing to pay Taxs,Britishers will terrorise us..So Lets rethink about it..”patel and Gandhi

Sardar explained to Gandhiji the advantages of such a movement in that area,as the District Collector and others were all already illtreating the Natives.Gandhiji didn’t give his consent immediately.

Gandhiji went to bed but Sardar was thinking all thro’ the night about the Dharna..Next day Sardar started his Satyagraha in Bardoli tho’ Gandhiji was a bit sceptical..

It was such a great success that the entire District administration gave up their atrocities..This made Gandhiji to hug Patel and gave him a title ..”Sardar.”

This is how he became Sardar Patel from that day onwards..

Gandhiji and Sardar spent 18 Months in the same Jail during Independent MOvements and Gandhiji liked Sardar more than anyone else..Thats why he even ‘took it for granted’ that Sardar wdn’t mind if Gandhiji Named Nehru the Prime MInister..

This was a shock to Sardar Patel but he accepted whetever Gandhiji had offered..

Sardar Patel as Home MInister of India had shown extraordinay courage to bring all the 550 Princely States under One India..States like Kashmir,Junnagath,Hyderabad,Trivancore Bhopal,Jodhpur refused to accept One India…Sardar had a very able Secretary,tho’ not qualified,one V.P.Menon who was equally close to the Britishers.Menon was highly diplomatic and was very very loyal to Sardar .He deftly handled all situations including getting the acceptance letter from King of Kashmir for a merger with India!But unfortunately with the influence of Mountabaton,Nehru,wanted Kashmir dispute to be referred to the UN..Sardar Totally opposed Nehru’s moves and there was always a cold war between the two till Sardar’s last Days..

Deft handling of Jugannath forced the king to disappear silently to Pakistan..Nizam was given 24 hrs notice to either surrender or face the consequences..He surrendered immediately.Sardar told Nehru “Give me 24 Police Men ..I will evacuate entire Pakistan Occupied Kashmir..Don’t ever refer this ‘internal problem to UN..Please for heaven’s sake..”

Nehru didn’t listen to Sardar..

He was always a soft man thinking all are always Good..

Sardar passed away in 1950 after 6 months of Kashmir problem being  referred to  the UN..

Kashmir is still burning!

We atlast honoured Sardar Patel with Bharat Ratna in 1992 after giving this HIghest Title of India to an actor,MGR,in 1991!

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A Blog on Sardar which I wrote in 2006 has suddenly found to be active  with some readers.Here is the link.I have quoted from a Book “Bhishmar Rajaji” an ardent devotee&close associate of Rajaji,S.S.Marisamy,Laxmi Publications,1996..

Sardar Patel


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    This is really an interesting information about Shri Sardar Vallabai Patel. These informations are to be included in the history book of SCHOOLs.


    • s.rajah iyer says:

      I hope Modi govt will do that.Congress govt was not bothered about great patriots like Sardar patel n all..their aim was to name even Roadside Toilets as Rajiv Gandhi Toilets!Brainwashing!Tks for your views!


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    Good information about Sardar.


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    Really a very good information from history.


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