Bye Bye Sachin..

Master Blaster!

Master Blaster!

Sachin Tendulkar may be seen, as a player in the field

for the last time today…

Bye Bye to you,wonderful fellow…

Amidst the various innings you have played and I have watched

I single out the following:-

1.Against Australia  in Sharjah..

Not only India needed to win but win with a huge margin..

I remember Tony Craig shouting..

“Oh!God..He not only wants to win but win with a margin to enter the Finals..”

This ODI wd show how a ‘Great Captain called Azaruddin wd ‘not be bringing his bat down at the running end to get Run out..”

I was sure the captain wd have sold the game before the match!

Still you won it for India..

Thats the Importance of  your dedication in this game..

2.We enter the Finals again against Australia..

I cd remember you hitting everyone everywhere..

Gallispe..or a Bowler sounding like Kasparo  witch..

Again the winning wasn’t easy but you made Tony Craig shrilling..

“Oh!What a player..Oh!What a Player!!”

3.There may be many more innings like this but Sachin  ,

You made the entire India sit tight whenever you walked into the field..

An incident I recall with pride..

that you wore a wrist band with MRF Logo in the 1999 World Cup in England..

Thanks to my good friend TS Sekhar who told me..

“I will ask Sachin to wear it..”

I didn’t believe Sekhar at that time..

Sekhar used to tell me..

“You can never come across a more Gentler Person than


on this earth..”

After I saw the wrist band in your hand,

I believed Sekhar..

After all you have been kind to many behind the scene greats like Sekhar..

Long Live your Glory in the annals of History of CRicket for centuries..

God be with you & your family!


About s.rajah iyer

An MBA.. Interested in writing,Reading..Indian Philosophy
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