Mother’s Every Day

My mother’s Remembrance day is Tomorrow..

(Blog posted on 23-11-13)

Charu,Sharmi after an award ceremony at British High Commission Both won man awards from Trinity college London in Piano

Charu,Sharmi after an award ceremony at British High Commission
Both won man awards from Trinity college London in Piano

My Mom came to witness my daughter receiving an award at British Council@Madras(see her in the BG)

(when my daughter ,Charu,received the Prestigious Cecil Goshin Shield!)

She has been such an amazing person that I remember her every moment of my life..

It is just unbelievable that how she could have lived all alone in a house in Srirengam for 25 years after my father’s demise ,except for a brief period of 6 months before her demise in my house at Madras..

We sold our house in Ramnad after my father’s demise in 1974,and luckily all the Six children of hers, unanimously agreed, on one thing to hand over the entire amount to my mom..I was able to successfully complete the deals and handed over the sum to her .Suddenly one day she told me from Trichy that she had bought a house very near the Srirengam Temple in West Uthara Street..No help from any one else,but she trusted one Iyengar near this house much more than her own Kids!

I used to visit her often and used to enquire about the property papers,whether they were properly executed,for which her prompt reply was:

“I trust that Iyengar more than any one else..You dont wory about it..!”

Since I was going to see her often I was more worried about the genuineness of the deal which she never wished to divulge to any one,including me!

Once she was diagnosed as suffering from Cancer in early 99,she asked me and my wife to keep her simple box in our car on one of our visits?

I asked her “Are you also coming with us to Madras?”

She never used to visit us except fo a max of a day or two in a year…

Strangely this time she said she was coming with us,telling us “I want to die in Sarasa’s hands!”(Sarasa is my wife and I have 4 other sisters and a brother too..

I wept a bit..and drove to Madras.. 

She was happy in our house..Many unknown relatives started visiting her,after all she has given life to many of them!

One day ,when I talked about the property at Srirengam,

she asked “Do you know what it is worth today..?”

I laughed at her figure,saying ,”No fool will pay that sum!.”

She asked me to go in person the next day and try to find out the worth and short list some buyers..

We had spread the word around and I was there on a Sunday,when there was literally a long queue,from Thirupathi IAS to Aaaravamudhan to Iyengar of Iowa!Thats because it was next to the temple in West Uthara Street and many Iyengar Millonaire’s dream is to die next to their Renganathan,even tho’ they may possess an Island in Barbados!

Tears rolled down my eyes as I cdn’t believe that an uneducated old mom,without even caring for the property papers,trusted one Iyengar years ago and to day there is so much intrest in this house..!Amma's Diary



I decided on One Iyengar gentleman because he had come with his young son and his newly married wife..

He told me :”Sir..Basically I am a cook..I cook for almost all Iyengar Functions in Madras..All TVS people call me only for their functions..I live in Virugampakkam..My son here has taken over our family Business in Trichy last year..Our family used to cook Puliyodhari and Thayir Sadham and go to Rockfort temple and sell in the evenings..That Business has grown..

If I buy this house for him and his newly married wife&he will be able to expand the business and stand on their own legs..!”

Oh!God…What sort of Life style Renganathar has given to every one of us!

I immediately took the advance fom him without hesitating as this is a Good mother wd have also appreciated..

Expenses page2Expenses for House




I brought her Diary as above as a mark of respect and still cherish reading them whnever I think of her..

one can see her expenses for the House!

The Sacred Pot from my mother!

The Sacred Pot from my mother!

Basil Plant in that Sacred Pot

Basil Plant in that Sacred Pot

Basil..very sacred for a HIndu !

Basil..very sacred for a HIndu !

I brought this Thulasi Pot in her memory..still in my house!

I went to bed in that lonely house early on that day,recalling all old memories when my mother used to cook “Kuzhambu Sadham’ in Kumutty Aduppu in 5 minutes..when me&my daughters used to go to that Coleroon bath and come enjoy a great Lunch every day..

When I recalled an incident when that Long Narrow House ,like a pack of Cards,used to have surpise visitors like Scorpions to Snakes often..!

When one day my younger daughter,who came running from that Toilet that something was moving..It was a Scorpion indeed..My mother shouted “Pillayar Aanai..”

“What is it Patty?”my daughter asked..

“If we say Pillayar Aanai,that will not harm us..Don’t worry..!”

my mother replied..

Then I quietly went into a dream world..I suddenly woke up at 1 AM…

I cdn’t sleep..Strange Noises in a Powerless house..Everywhere Darkness…


May be a snake around in that corner or a Scorpion…!

Till 4 Am ..cdn’t sleep at all!Then I cd hear all Renganathan’s devotees taking bath in the common well(One well common for two of our Row houses)

That Night  was one of the Longest Nights ever I have had!

I came and asked my mother..

“How did you manage to be alone for 25 Yrs?I cdn’t spend one Night there?”

“Now you know..How I have lived there..My Rnganathar was with me all the time..”

I used to spend a few minutes  everyday in the morning with her making Coffee for her also..

One day I told her “I am so sad that she has Cancer..”

She asked me..”Do you know how it feels..You select the Hottest Chillis in the world..Pack them in this room and put me inside that room..It is so painful for all the 24 hrs..So Don’t feel sorry..If you really Love me,pray that I must die peacefully..!”

That was Novembr 23rd 1999..

I prayed to God to take her away without suffering..

She passed away on 29th Nov1999..! 

She wanted to see Thiruvannamalai Deepam before her death..which she did..

Her thithi falls tomorrow and me&my wife make our journey to do Srardham and poor feeding in Srirengam..

Kamala Rajah Iyer Block,Hindu Mission Hospital

Kamala Rajah Iyer Block,Hindu Mission Hospital

A Block in her memory at Hindu Mission Hospital,Thambaram.

Pls see a block in my Father’s name too:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

How can I forget such simple,trouble free Parents in my life?

She always used to boast about my two daughters to everyone in Srirengam..

Appa in Suit

Man must be gifted to have Mother’s Love&affection!


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