Nelson Mandela..Great Saints Never Die!

Madiba aka Nelson Mandela is according to me

One of the greatest Human Beings God has created!

Nelson Mandela,the Man I admire the Most!

Nelson Mandela,the Man I admire the Most!

For the simple reason,here is a Saint,born with a Silver Spoon..
Could have been the King for his Tribe,soft pedalling the Whites and enjoying women and wine every hour of his Life!

Made up of 50 steel rods to give an effect of his face from a distance!

Made up of 50 steel rods to give an effect of his face from a distance!

Could have accepted White’s offer in 1977,after spending 13 Years of very very hard Labour inside Robben Island,if only he could have taken the offer to keep himself in seclusion in Tanskei(I call it Tenkasi!)..but he refused and continued to cut Lime stones inside Lime Caves of Robben Island at 43*C!

Me&Sarasa at Nelson Mandela's house

Me&Sarasa at Nelson Mandela’s house

In his LOng Walk to Freedom,he describes how a benevolent white Cop,admired his conduct and wanted Madiba to escape from this tyrranny and purposely kept his single prison cell(466/64)open so that he can escape..Next day when the cop comes for work,he was surprised and shocked when Madiba calls him and says..

“Hi Man..You cd have lost your job..See what you have done!”

showing the open lock!


Me&My wife@Robben Island
I have read of Saints and Saints..
Here is one man,who made me cry and cry when I walked thro his Long Walk to Freedom!Me@Mandela's Cell 466/64
Here is One man,who,when he speaks like the Mahatma,every one in the whole world listens with awe and admiration!
Here is one man,who in the prime of his youth at 30 Years undergoes hard labour and looks forward to his wife’s meeting once in a fortnight just to say “Hello!”
I don’t have words to describe this Great Saint..
But in Pictures…A Journey I undertook with all reverence as a True Brahmin who takes to Varanasi..
I am so happy that I made it..
I feel Madiba like any of our Ancient Rishis,NEVER DIE…

He is ever ALIVE!

Robben Island Prison,Cape Town

Robben Island Prison,Cape Town

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Madiba’s Life Line


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