Musings from Madhampatti..

Musings from Madhampatti…

Serene Shenbagam Estate

Serene Shenbagam Estate


On the way to Siruvani and Moksha Guru Juggy Vasudev’s Isha won’t miss  Madhampatti..a small village 15 KM away from Coimbatore..

Serene Shenbagam Estate Villa36..My Dwelling!

Serene Shenbagam Estate Villa36..My Dwelling!


My Second Innings is just a week a Serene atmosphere at Shenbagam Estate Retirement Home…

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My First impression of this dwelling is one of extreme Swami Vivekananda says.. “Our Rishis sought quietness in faraway Himalayas just to explore the inexplorable..Thathvamasi..That Thou Art..”


Happiness is a word which is Relatively Real..Whats Happiness to me may not be to you..The atmos of Madhampatti is one of sublime Happiness and contentment for me..Thats the two apt words I can think of this Mountaineous Magnificence!

Again quoting Swami Vivekananda,He says,our age old tradition is embedded in the Villages and in their unique devotion&a way of living..You can see gullbility and innocence amidst the commons, everywhere and a simple Pongal in our Campus,invited Foreign Tourists to Video Record their Happiness… they charge $500 with special Pongal in Silver Plate for the same Phenomena at Fisherman’s cove..!.madhampatti village


A walk in the evening takes me to Thennur,Senniappa Goundar Palayam  to Kuppanur Junction, where a simple conversation in the bus stop, with Augusthiar,the Retd VAO of Kuppanur,amazes me about the Mountains of Kradimadai(I call it Karadimalai..!)The Green belt ensures fresh vegetables for all around this area,a Farm full of Grapes offers  Fresh Grapes at just Rs 40/Kg.These are added attractions in this Retirement Home..

I have already  experienced what my Swamiji,Swami Paramarthananda often used to repeat in all His  Gita Classes.. 

There are Two Types of People… 

One who makes an opportunity into a Problem..

The other a Problem into an opportunity…

I think I have done the right thing! 

Again Adi Sankara’s Words of Wisdom comes to my mind..

“Guruthe Gangasahara gamanam,

Vratha paripalana mathva dhanam,

Gyanavihine sarva madhena,

Mukthim na bhajathi janmasathena..” 

“Man madly travels all the way to Kasi and does all sorts of Vrathams..without understanding that Gyanam is what he(irrespective of his religious faith..Sankara uses the word Sarva Mathena!)needs..For that one need not travel to Kasi or Kanyakumari…” 

Well Happiness is your True SELF and time to explore the same either thro Juggi Vasudev’s Isha Yoga or thro a conversation with a Retired simple innocent Augustiar of Kuppanur!


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16 Responses to Musings from Madhampatti..

  1. Annapurna says:

    Amazing houses..Are these freehold properties sir or like a controlled community?


    • s.rajah iyer says:

      It is a Gated Community for Senior Citizens,promoted by Covai Serene.Some houses get transferred from original owners.Centralised Dining activity,Med chk upp all in great style.Worth visiting!


      • Annapurna says:

        thanks sir..My parents have been looking to settle in one of these communities. I am somehow not able to not able to grasp the concept. Pls let me know your email id or any phone no. , if its ok with you, I can get in touch with you just to get some first hand feedback. I was googling about this community and came across your wonderful blog.


  2. Dr Sankar N says:

    How is Vaishnavaite..Raghavan Ph D ex- Abbott labs…and family.and friends..Greetings..We soon will be in Vandalur adhinath serene.


  3. chellappan says:

    Greetings and wish for a healthy peaceful years to come,
    Keep blogging, I enjoy ur writings


  4. Anonymous says:

    Mr. Iyer, Impressed with the serenity. I am also one of those lucky owner of Retirement cottage, but this is at Melur Meadows on Annur-Mettupalayam Road, I go every month for a week to 10 days. Happy living and enjoy bountiful of nature. For detailed information melue meadows site is available. G Srinivasan. Mumbai


  5. Anonymous says:

    Suri Thanks you are back with your famous blogs. I am glad you have become a part of serene retirement community. I have booked one in Serene Adinath at vandalur. Keep blogging. Cheers


  6. T R Sankaranarayanan says:

    Saw the serene location – Far from from the maddening crowd ….. You are enjoying every bit of it. Best Wishes to you both


  7. D.Ramasundaram says:

    I have settled down in Vadavalli, a well developed area towards Marudhamalai amd am happy to read your nice presentation of Madhampatti,Karadimadai and Serene Villas. I enjoy reading all your blog writings in Thathapatti group.


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