Can a Tea Boy make it to the PM’s post?

Can a Tea Boy make it to the PM’s post?

According to Educated Intellectual Arrogant,

Mani Sankar Aiyer,he cannot..

I am reminded of a famous write up in Economic Times in 2008 when the NObel Prizes were announced..I wd like people to read it and judge for themselves,whether hard work will pay eventually or not..It is not politics..It is whats called Self Esteem..I can never ever forgive Jokers like Mani Sankar Aiyers for making fun of a Tea Boy.

Tea Boys have Self Esteem..Mani Sankar Aiyers who have only washed Italian Petty coats all their lives and enjoy their French Wines every day in the night,donot have that self esteem..Mani Sankara Aiyers have only ruined this country by their constant Chamcha Giris!

Here is that write from 2008 Economic times reproduced from my old Blogs:-

Mario Capechi
This years winner of Nobel Prize in Medicine!

As a four year old kid,Mario Capechi during the II world war,was homeless and grew up on the streets of Italy.Many of his co.urchins invariably eneded up ina Hospital and the authorities used to remove all their clothes so that these urchins never wd try to go out on the streets again!That was the pathetic status of this future NObel Laurette when he was just 4 year Old!
His mother was an american poet from the infamous Nazi concentration camp at Dachau,and when the American GIs rescued her she desperately tried to find out where her son was…. trying to look at all the HOspital records.The boy cdnt recognise his own mother when he was 9 yr old …when she atlast found him at the hospital and she takes him to Rome where he has his First bath in 6 years ! and eventually she takes him to Ameica and settles down in Quaker commune near Philedelphia.
But they boy refuses to go to school and his English was ununderstandable to anyone!

His hard work paid one day when he made it to Harvard to do molecular biology!He later moves to University of Utah where he develops one of the most important tools of modern biology-the knockout mouse!Capechis work along with other advances helps elimination of one gene at a time from the gentic make up of a mouse.This allows mouse models of human genetic disease to be made,a breakthrough for which he was awarded the Nobel Prize this year!
When reporters asked him on his getting the NObel Prize,calmly he replied:”Children are remarkably adaptable.Put them in a situation and they will do whatever needed to be done to survive.”
a story of shear determination from the streets of Rome to the society of the Ablest Nobels!
“If there is a will there is a way!”
(courtesy Economic Times)

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