Schrezner’s Pamban Engineering Marvel….

Schrezner’s Pamban Engineering Marvel….

Pamban Bridge..Look at the Design in 1914..A Gigantica Cantelever to allow Ships to sail too!Alignment of ail Tracks!

Pamban Bridge..Look at the Design in 1914..A Gigantica Cantelever to allow Ships to sail too!Alignment of ail Tracks!


Year :1910…

The only mode of Transpotation between Mainland Mandapam(near Ramnad)&Rameswaram,Dhanushkodi,an important Pilgrimage for Hindus all over the world, was by a boat in a very very rough Rocky sea..

Train thro Pamban Bridge

Train thro Pamban Bridge

Schrezner,a brilliant German Engineer builds this Pamban Bridge with  cantilever to allow boats/ships to sail under neath whenever needed and the Trains(metre Gauge at that time)will carry passengers thro the rail track in 1914.. The bridge is located at the “world’s second highly corrosive environment”, next to Miami, US, making the construction a challenging job. The location is also a cyclone-prone high wind velocity zone This Bridge consist of 143 piers and the centre span is a Schrezers rolling type lift span. It’s 220 ft (67 m) long and each of 100 tonnes.

Pamban Bridge..Rocky sea on both sides!

Pamban Bridge..Rocky sea on both sides!


Pesident Abdul Kalam built his entire life only thro this bridge as I am from Ramnad and I know he used to go to Schwartz High School(nearer to the station in Ramnad)and take the last train back to Rameswaram..EVERY DAY of his school life..There were no High chools in those areas except in Ramnad..My father’s school was more famous Rajah’s High School and majority of the Muslims from Rameswaram,Mandapam,Keelakkarai,Devipattinam, came to our school tho’  they needed to walk a bit from the station.

Pamban Bridge

Pamban Bridge


This Bridge brings memories of great German Engineers,English collectors from Mandapam who used to come for weekend Bridge Game with my father &Rajah of Ramnad,Shanmuga Rajeswara Sethupathi..My father&Rajah won many trophies as Bridge  partners in those days…


Shrezner’s brilliance was tested in 1964 when the entire Dhanushkodi(pls see my other blog as below ‘dahnushkodi)was wiped out of the Indian Map..The Bridge was restored from a small problem by the famous Engineer of our time,E.Sreedharan in 1964 in just 45 days!dhanushkodi

This bridge is nostalgic for me and many Ramnadians..

I remember in 1965 when one Bengali,Mrinal Sen,if I get the name correct,crossed the rough Palk strait from Talaimannar to Mandapam..a great achievement at that time..My father being a famous M.L.C., was requested to receive him at Mandapam which he did..Mr.Sen was in touch with my father for a very long time..

Compare such Engineering marvels of Yester years with Todays..


1Roof of .Newly Built Airport in Chennai collapses!

2.12people killed in the newly built Bridge inDelhi!

3.The newly Built Indira Gandhi Airport in Delhi is flooded due to rains(Pics show Foreign Passengers walking with luggage in hands,walking in Knee deep water…)







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