Vijitatma…a supreme Being..Ardershir Godrej!


Ardersh Godrej

Ardersh Godrej

A Biography of Ardershi Godrej..

Every Indian must Read this unique Biogaphy of a man who has such a foresight,innovation of unimaginable levels,humilty and dedication..above all …

Values immeasuable in weights of Gold!

I strongly recommend this book to be prescribed in every one of our Primary Education syllabus as 
1.I have never come across a more inspiring Indian ..not even Jamshedji Tata..than this great man
2.The sheer determination,dedication,single minded devotion in the early 1910s to get a patent for his known as Godrej the British Rule is to be read to be believed(sketches are included in the book!)
3.I have never come across a more Saintly person than Ardershir Godrej because…
He was just 22 when his young wife was hardly 18 yrs of age..Godrej being a workaholic,is involved (in 1888!)in all sorts of his legal(at that time)work and his young wife didnt know how to spend the she along with her cousin goes around and climbs the Rajabai Tower(Bombay Univerisity Building)..suddenly two young girls find themselves cornered at a ht of 200 ft on that top floor of the tower when a Rogue has silently followed them with ulterior motive..well they didnt know what to do as they are an easy prey when both decided to jump from the Top floor..thats how Godrej lost his young various places his brother’s son..S.P.Godrej has indicated that Ardeshir never even touched his young wife as he firmly believed that she was a very very young innocent girl and “not of a marriable age”..well he remained a confirmed Bachelor thro’ out his life(SP Godrej feels thats because of his unimaginable love for his dead wife!)…
4.He becomes a vegetarian too and was stead fast in his devotion to his Religion and did all those wonderful innovations  including..
Godrej Safe…

Godrej Patent for Lock..1909!

Godrej Patent for Lock..1909!

in 1920 when he announces that the Safe is Fire Proof ..all Britishers laugh at him..he calls for an open meeting with the local collectors,officials,leading Indian Businessman..and he keeps…
cotton,wool,paper,wax,etc inside the Godrej safe..puts it on Fire..
to the astonishment of all..when they opened the locker..except the wax..all the things were intact..highly inspiring when you read this..Immediately the british collector orders that all Govt depts must have only Godrej Safe for keeping important Documents!Year 1910!

S.P.Godrej,his brother’s son was always with Ardershir and he describes how his uncle used to take him to the Fire Temple every day near Flora Fountain..One day when S.P.Godrej enquired about this temple,Ardershir Godrej has this to say:”Thanks to the Hindus,we have a place to live with dignity.Thanks to some Hindu Priest we have this temple in this place..we must be ever grateful to them for this gesture!”

I recall in 1998 when my elder daughter ,Charu had the unique honour of playing the Steinway Piano at the NCPA,we all had gone there a day earlier to practise.On the day of the Performance we were all asked to vacate the auditorium 30 mts before the Programme,excepting the Pianist and one helper for her in the green room..When we came out ,the doors were closed and we were standing in the queue..There were many diplomats and to my greatest surprise I saw S.P.Godrej quietly standing a few mtrs behind us!

I cant imagine A.C.Muthiah doing this in Chennai..Humilty is inborn!

Hence I recommend  strongly every school to have this book in their curriculum..


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