Musings from Madhampatti..

Musings from Madhampatti…

Roses from my Villa 36!

Roses from my Villa 36!

Was it Einstein who said..

“Time is Relative.. Pleasure makes it Faster.. Pain makes it Slower..!”…

Cannot believe already I have completed 43200 Minutes in this Serene atmosphere of Madhampatti!

Looks like it was just a month back that I was driving away from Madras…!(Pls see the beautiful Hotel Saravana Bhavan at Salem where I stayed ..It was unebelievable,the roads,the Motel on the expressway!)

I have been getting regular calls from my well wishers

“Hi Suri?How are you managing without the Gandhi Nagar Club ?”

Gandhi Nagar Club has been a part of me for a while..but if one has to accept Old age,one must be prepared for the reality too.. Swimming everyday in the superb Gandhi Nagar Club was a pleasure indeed..(Pun on Swimming !)but I have adopted to a 6 KM daily walk ,exploring these tiny villages around Madhampatti..It has been a great feeling too..

The care with which this Shenbagam Estate has been designed ..hats off to those souls..

A few KMs away is the Paul Dhinakaran’s Karunya Inst and the Health care centre..

I was pleasantly surprised when I went for a Dental check up.They did the scaling,2 fillings and charged me only Rs 500!I asked them whether you have forgotten one ‘zero?’..They said “No ..Sir that’s the Bill!” Real Meaning of Karunya..

Thanks to Paul Dhinakaran,who has created a superb atmos around the Siruvani Area!

It was a pleasant surprise when I was invited by some seniors to come for a RanjanGayatri Concert on the Pongal Day..It was in Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan and I was stunned with the knowledegeable crowd and the beautiful,Serene atmos, when the gifted duo presented a superb Somavara Pradosha Concert (13th Jan)with all Shivas’ songs!

When they sang.. “Nambikettavar Evaraiyyah ..” in Hindolam,after a nice Ragamaliga Virtutham…I forgot myself completely in this Sivan’s Sivan song!

I was happier still to meet Krishna Raja Vanavaayar,Chairman of Bhavan and my old Boss at Sakthi Group,when he was surprised to see me..

“Don’t tell me you are old enough to retire in a Retirement Home..!”

Coming to Coimbatore area is indeed a Home Coming for me.. I somehow feel that the Hospitality of Coimabtore/Pollachi area and the soft spoken gullible people here,would make me stay hee for ever and ever..!

God willing!!


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An MBA.. Interested in writing,Reading..Indian Philosophy
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2 Responses to Musings from Madhampatti..

  1. Welcome sir to Cbe your home town. I too decided to settle down in Cbe and I am at Vadavalli.
    If you plan to visit Marudhamalai, Panchamukha /anjaneyar, Aiyappan temple, Bhuvaneswari Temple, Sai temple etc. I shall be too pleased to join you as a local guide. Thanks.


  2. Anonymous says:

    You gave me an opportunity to reply SURI. Hope everything is good. Will catch you one of these days


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