My 100th Blog in WordPress..Dedicated to my father!

My 100th Blog in!
Dedicated to my father,who expected all his children to live upto his Immeasurable Values in life…. But,alas, died due to Heartattack at an early age of 60,accepting Defeat!!

My Father's last Photo in a function in Ramnad

My Father’s last Photo in a function in Ramnad

I.Uppili is my good friend from LKG days..Uppili is actually Uppili Sinivasan from Devakottai.He comes often to my next house in Ramnad when I was just 5 yrs old to see his uncle,Rengasamy Iyengar,who happened to be my father’s Boss in th Rajah’s High School as the Corresspondent of Rajah of Ramnad! In 1971 I met Uppili after a gap, in my MBA class at IIMC..We revived our old child hood adventures.Uppili was with me to meet my father in 1972 at Madras when my father was attending a Council Session.(He was a famous,honest MLC repesenting Teachers constituency)Uppili expressed a desire to see the Council session one day and my father gave these two Visiting cards asking us to come to the Visitors Gallery…

My Father's Visiting Card as an M.L.C.,allowing me to Visit the Assembly Session in 1972!

My Father’s Visiting Card as an M.L.C.,allowing me to Visit the Assembly Session in 1972!

On that day,my father’s Question on some imp Tecahers issue came up for which the Min of Education started answering in Tamil(My father was very fluent both in Tamil and English) Within a few mts of Minister’s speech,we saw my father suddenly obstructing the Minister’s telling him.

“I am extremely sorry that the Honble Minister is unable to understand my question..My question is this and your answer is irrelevent..!”As usual there was a few seconds of silence.. The minister responded in Tamil.. “Intha kelvikku thakka tharunathil aavana bathil alikkapadum..For this Qn,right answer will be give at an appropriat time!)”and sat down..

My father took me&Uppili to Geetha café where he used to have dinner everyday by buying coupons!Uppili asked my father.. “Sir,How come you were so abrupt and rough with the Minister Nedunchezhian?I was stunned!!” My father replied. “I don’t care whether he is a Min or not..He must come prepared for the Qn hour..Besides I don’t go for obligations and hence I don’t carry any weight at the end of the day..!”

While recalling this incident,I can only visualise the type of Value system he has been building around him.He never ever went for any favours and he never spared anyone,if they are failing in a very Just deserving cause too..

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II.1967..The last session of the Council before the Assembly Elections…As usual my father was going by the Bus and he was seated next to Madhavan of DMK..My father wished Madhavan while he was getting down at the MLA Hostel.. “Last trip in this Bus for you..All the best..!” “

Madhavan.. “Why Sir..Will I not get reelectd..You are wishing me as Last Trip?”

“I said in this Bus..You may come in Minister’s car after the elctions!”

“Thank You Sir..Thank You so much for your Good wishes.”

My Father was seeing the undercurrent after the anti-hindi agitation ..As expected DMK swept into power..As soon as results started coming,I saw a car in front of our house with a huge 1000s of DMK supporters of..Ramnad MLA(yet to be sworn in)Thangappan ,who was my father’s old student and Madhavan who had come all the way from Singampunari(near Devakottai wherefrom he won)They came with huge garlands and prostrated before my father for his blessings..tho’ Thangappan knew my father wd never vote for him as,his rival was Rajah Shanmuga Rajeswara Sethupathi , contesting as an Independent…

Again when the First DMK Ministry was announced by Sri Annadurai,Madhavan’s name was there.He immediately talked to my father and profusely thanked him for his Predictions! My father always used to call a spade a spade! He tried his level best to stop Rajah of Ramnad to contest the elections but his cronies forced him to stand and they all swindled his money..

When the results came as a shocker to the Rajah of Ramnad..he called for only one person and hugged him and cried profusely..

“Rajah Iyer..I didn’t listen to your kind words..”

Rajah died within a few months..!

I write these things because it is so rare to have such a Great Man as your Father..

Generations will remember him as a True Karma Yogi..


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4 Responses to My 100th Blog in WordPress..Dedicated to my father!

  1. A.V.Venkatesh says:

    Touching and at the same time inspiring. Incidentally, I do not understand why you say ” ——-
    accepting defeat” in the opening sentence of your blog.


  2. kahanam says:

    Great person. Perhaps he might not like to contest an election or even countenance the politicians of today. Even the Legislative Council has been abolished. May be under Narendra Modi, a new turn may occur for the country.


  3. R.V.Rajan says:

    Very interesting and inspiring piece. thanks for Sharing. -RVR


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