Jai Hind…

Jai Hind!

 Every Patriotic Indian uses this Slogan?

Can any Congressman tell me who coined this Slogan?

Can any of our MP tell me who coined this Slogan?

Majority including Rahul Gandhi will utterly fail in this Test..

As it is not from Nehru or Mahatma Gandhi… 

Subash Chanda Bose..



that too he coined this for a handful of dedicated Indian Soldiers in GERMANY!(Pls see this video if you are keen to know more) 

Subash Chandra Bose is unfortunately not that much recognised in India..Many Indians have started believing that he was a Revolutionary!

Subhas Chandra Bose and Wife EmilieShenkl

Subhas Chandra Bose and Wife EmilieShenkl 

Ofcourse he was like a Bhagat Singh but a Revolutionary who challenged openly Mahatma Gandhi’s Non-Violence against the Britishers! He started giving his Pesidential address in 1938 when he was made the President of the Congress,advocating..’Mere Non-Violence alone will never fetch us Independence against these Tyrants!We need to revolt,Organise and create a good &forceful resistant movment with our own dedicated Soldiers to counter these Tyrants..!” Mahatma Gandhi was surprised with this extempore speech.. Naturally even Mahatmas want only their own Chamcha Giris around them in ..Bose was asked to Quit… He started the Forward Bloc… He got the max support from only Tamil Nadu led by Muthuramalinga Thevar and Bengalis… His struggle to create an army against the British regime is against all odds.He even goes and begs the most hated Hitler to help him in this struggle.. After all Bose wanted to Free India..the means is immaterial when your aim is Independence! He was waiting for Hitler to succeed against Russia ..so that Hitler will help him to attack the Britsh in Delhi next.. His dream was shattered by Hitlers defeat..He even seeks Russian help next..Stalin refuses to help.. He is the most wanted Terrorist for the Britishers in India.. He seeks the help of the Japanese who are more willing.. Bose almost succeeded in creating a huge army..Indian National Army  in Burma to attack the Britishers..They were stunned when Singapore harbour was taken over by the Japanese!(One must see the teenaged Girls in Uniform led by Laxmi Singhal & others).. A spy,very close to Bose plays a double game.. The Britshers crush the Indians and the Japanese.. Bose is said to have flown to Russia ..when the plane crashes.. None knows whether he really died or not… While seeing this movie only two things came to my mind… 1.Wd  any one of us  have taken so much trouble,specially after getting a Lucrative ICS degree fromngland ensuring a plum Dy.Collector’s job in the 30s!He tears that ICS certificate infront of the Britishers saying..   “I will be tempted to take this Stupid  Job you offer..” 2.Cd we have taken the troubles of training young teenaged Girls in Burma in deep inside the forest to an extent that some of them living today,even call ‘what a great Disciplined  Patriot,Bose was..He was so dedicated..His Objective was only one..To send the Britishes back home..!”   Indians knowledge 0f History is limited to Childrens Day on 14th November when everyone  gets Sweets in Plenty!


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2 Responses to Jai Hind…

  1. Anonymous says:

    Written with lot of passion and with many unknown facts. Like Netaji many unsung heroes have contributed to Indian Independance . Though Gandhi led from front sacrificing a lot personally, many who were as satelite to Gandhi got the fruit of power after Independence. But for one family who took control and grip over others have been pushed to oblivion. Let 2014 bring out the much needed change and the person from the land of Sardar Patel be the leader to unleash the potentials of Indian ingenuity. Jai Hind.


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