Dear Mr.Prime Minister


Dear Mr.Prime Minister,

Oh!What a Fall my Countrymen!

Oh!What a Fall my Countrymen!

Sanjay Baru’s Accidental PM reflects some of the feelings I have been holding for a while!

My ltr to you in 2011 is given below for your perusal!We feel sorry for such a man of learning like you ,has come to a point of Public Ridicule!I feel you cd have avoided the same!

Sanjay Baru is expressing his agony in support of his honest PM but sadly your daughters and cronies haven’t understood him at all!

In Artha Sastra,Chankya clearly says :”The duty of a Minister is to advise the King what is good for the people at large,even if it doesnt have the approval of the King.He is expected to display total detachment and dedication for the welfare of the people,even at the cost of his own life!”

I feel,a honest PM like you cd have listened to wiser counsel in dealing with Goondas and Looters.After all your Cambridge Credentials were at stake!If only you had put your foot down firmly  on Looters like Kalmadis,today the gullible Indians wd be only Voting for you,again!

If you have anytime,pls visit an architectural marvel temple called Suchindram,near Kanyakumari.At the entrance,there are Two pillars with beautifully carved Minister ,on one side and the King on the other.They will explain about the Dharmic Minister by putting a flexible wire,on one ear,saying,”anything not good for the welfare of the citizens,he will take them in this ear and let it go on the other,even if the Order is  from that King himself!” And the wire will come out curved from the other ear!You shd have kept your name and fame intact by refusing to be a puppet PM!

Indians,gullible Indians have been taken for a ride in the name of Independence since 1947!They have been praying for Good Governance with No Corruption. at allNarasimha Rao and Vajpayee came to their rescue but was shortlived,as a $1 Trillion Economy is run by Cronies likeKalmadis  And Kamalnaths!

You cd have been one of the most admired PM ever..but alas,pls read the agony of Sanjay Barus !Man must know how to call a spade a spade.Unwilling to Bend backwards might  cost max your Chair ..but your Cambridge Credentials wd have been intact!Today I dont know whether  anyone cares for your name..even the Italian Mafia,cautiously avoids your name,after having used your position to their Max advantage..Thats politics..and you shd have been a bit wiser!

I pray for your quiet retd life when you might retrospect wiser counsels and come out with your own Version of a Penguin Published Book titled “A PM with Bandages!”

My 2011 ltr below:


Dear Primeminister,

Your Interview with the Media,was nothing but a disaster..Let me tell you the reasons why?

1.How long can a Caesars’ wife being above ‘all corruption charges’ hold when everywhere you have Scams of a very High order…the latest being the ISRO Scam?

2.How long can you go on blaming all others including Raja when you are the one the people have put faith in..none your inaction or delayed action has cost the Nation which you must openly ack?

3.For anything and everything you seem to blame all the opposition just to propagate your party,Congress..but in your hearts of hearts you know pretty well it is only the COngress Ministers like Kalmadi and Chavan and the congress goondas everywhere have cost the Nation much more irrepairable damage than one can imagine..Tho’ your conscience wd admit the fact that a BIhar which was condemned for eternity after one joker called Lallau Yadav didnt do anything,a honest Nitish KUmar has tried to bring it back to some respectability..but you go there and openly say”Nitish has not utilised the central funds properly..’ a Total Lie..Just because you have brainwashed the gullible people of India with your Caesar’s wife Tag,you cannot tell lies like this..The least you shd have done is to appreciate the real worthy CMs like NItish and if not MOdi!

4.As a CEO of India..let me bluntly ask you,what is your Job?To go on silently watching Kalmadis to loot and take suitcases to Swiss Banks.You have enough powers and provisions to atleast SACK him from your party..why dont you do that.By putting a gullible,innocent,LOndon School of Economics Graduate Face,you seem to live on Sympathy instead of Propriety..SAD indeed!

5.Coming to SWiss accounts,you know,being the PM that who are all the people who have th Bank accts.Why dont you atleast release their names?Again a Caesar’s wife cover..You shd have by now asked Swiss authorities to bring back all these Black money or else,India wdn’t have anything to do with Swiss cos and the country.They will come running to your doors.You dont have the guts!You are covering up more for someone else than for your ownself?It is a War..In War,there is No Morality..You are defending our Honour and our Country.Why dont you DECLAREWAR ON SWISS RIGHT NOW/WHAT WILL HAPPEN IF YOU DECLARE JUST NOW THAT INDIA SEVERES ALL RELATIONSHIP WITH SWISS TILL THEY REVEAL ALL ACCT HOLDERSNAMES AND RETURN THE ILLGOTTEN MONEY?You cant even arrest a Hassan Ali’ who is caught redhanded,how can you take this war on SWISS ACCTS?Pathetic,Primeminister..

6.If your only Aim is to clean your chair ‘everyday’ and keep it well for the ‘most brilliant braain of all times’ a young,kurth clad Joker,that job can be done by a Cleaner..Not a Prime MInister I feel..

7.Coming to Kashmir..your party’s soft stand has cost this Nation enough..The entire Kashmir Pandits have been driven away and the Terrorists have taken over and now they openly declare their allegiance with either CHina and Pak..You say you are a Gandhian..Is it proper for a Gandhian to accept their open revolts..Send Army and snatch those territories.Lal Bahdur Sastri wd have done it.You dont have guts or you seem to lack guts.In this process you are afraid of Arundhati Roys and Omar Abdullahs but you never accept the glorious Growth of Gujarath,whatever might be the reason?Why this double std..You are pathetically Biased,Primeminister..a CEO shdn’t be baised..If Nitish and Modi are helping the poor ,in a poor country like India,we want only them.They are more to be worshipped than Kalmadis and Rajas and Karunanidhis.Simple LOgic Mr.Primeminister.

8.I know MOdi might have violated your Dharma of Secularism, but what did Sharmas and Pilots do to the Sikhs in 1984?Today a Pilot is more acceptable to you but not a ‘Modi’ who has done such a great Job of bringing in $400 Billion in the recently conluded Gujarath Convention.More so he has declared that he is having 30% surplus power as all villages have been lit fully which all your COngress GOvts from Gauhati to Kunnakudy will take another 1000 Yrs.Is it not a great achievement in a totally Dark Continent?We have power cuts in Coimbatore 2 hrs every day for Industrial sector.Why not give credit where it merits the name?

9.I saw a Video in BBC on Butch sector of GUjarath(last week of Jan)It shows how a totally devastated ,Earthquake hit area has been re-modelled with excellent streets/houses/infrastructure and holiday resorts and also with many Auto Sector a matter of 10 Yrs!If you are the CEO of a country and unbiased,you must not only see their devolopment but also compare with Karunanidhi and Jayalalitha’s wastage of all the money received for the Tsunami hits..Still millions of Tsunami hit areas are more a pathetic picture..This is where Gujarath scores over all others!Your conscience wd admit it but because of your dedication to Rahul Gandhi,you are afraid to speak out?

10.I saw in todays NDTV interview with Nitishkumar ‘how he has tried to curb corruption and reach out to the needy’.He gave an example of giving CYcles to poor Girls.When his Education dept called for tenders and when they recommended that each Cycle wd cost Rs1840,Nitish silently told them, it is better to give Rs2000 each to the poor girl ‘instead of buying ouselves’.Master Stroke he says the Success % is 92%..Pranoy Roy stood stunned.

Why Caesar’s wife, as PM shdn’t follow this instead of asking Sharad Pawars to supply ONions and Garlics.Why dont you implement ‘all will get Coupons’.There wont be any wastage of Grains/Wheat but also it will also reach the needy.You are ‘acting as if’ you are helpless because of compulsions..we dont know.

In conclusion,Primeminister,

You are right now a DISASTER acc to many intellectuals,

tho’ they dont want to tell you bluntly..

But it is not too late to correct that view..

Take the whip and implement instead of looking helplessly at Looters like Karunanidhis to loot the entire Nation!



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  1. anandkumarrs says:

    Good post ! I agree. While on this please read my satirical take on Indian Elections –
    Pls read and feedback most welcome. Thanks


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