Master Strokes in Pencil!

Manohar Devadas’ Madurai…

Manohar's Madurai..his auto biography

Manohar’s Madurai..his auto biography


His biography is quite touching..a gifted artist,married to a very  beautiful girl,seeing her smashed in a nasty accident,trying to save herself from some holligans..leaving her completely paralysed below the hip..a sincere Devadas attends to her in a wheel chair all his life..

Manohar's Madurai..Eastern Towers

Manohar’s Madurai..Eastern Towers

Devadas slowly losing his complete eyesight but never give up his pet hobby,sketching his Madurai..

A biography of True Love story..

A biography of an unassuming boy from  Madurai ..

A Biography of his total devotion to his wife and the Madurai,..which one he loves more,one cannot judge so easily..!

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 I was engrossed in this wonderful artist’s biography..

His sketches are master pieces in Pencil..

I bought a few to dcorate my daughter’s houses in JBrg and New Jersey…

As I love my Maduai so much!


I love such dedicated people too,who has been living with certain principles

in their life time,a bit more!

I have added the unique sketches from Sujatha’s book on Srirengam,sketches drawn by his admirer Kesavan..image0-009

My mother spent her last 25 years all alone in Srirengam..

The more I see these realistic sketches of Srirengam,I recall my simple mom,who used to be satisfied with a kumutty aduppu and a vatha kuzhambu satham all along her life..

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Life is very simple as long as our thinking is not unduly complicated!


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