Sathyameva Jayathe

Sathyameva Jayathe!

“Yatha yatha hi dharmasya klanirbhavathi bharatha;
Abyuthanamadharmasya thathathmanam srujamyaham!”Lord Krishna 4-7

“Bharatha,whenever Dharmam is getting eliminated and adharmam is widely prevalent all over,that’s the time “I” reincarnate myself”
(to establish Dharmam again)!”

These words from Bhagavd Gits,said to have been written 1000s of years ago,is very True and if we look at some of the adharmic activities in our own life time,it is a fact that God Himself has taken the central stage and protected Bharath…

"Believe in Yourself'"Swami Vivekananda

“Believe in Yourself'”Swami Vivekananda

When a set of Terrorists almost entered the Parliament and taken hostage of our PM Vajpaye and all the MPs,there was just one single soldier who killed the Terrorists from proceeding any further.He is acc to me Lord Krishna Himself!

None knows what happened to that plane on 9/11,when the Terrorists targetted the White House..It is said all passengers over powered the Terrorists and landed elsewhere!An Act of unimaginable Bravery!

When the entire Victoria Terminus to Taj Mahal Hotel were encircled by Terrorists,and one Terrorist was about to escape,Kasab,he was luckily arrested near the Chowpatty beach,leading us with many clues to their other Terorist Activities.
God was there Truly!

In the last few years we have seen how precious Indian wealth was being plundered in the name of all Scams.There was a shameless selfishness to hoard in whatever form from here to the Swiss accts…

All including the Media were afraid to show case these looters.Hassan Ali,a known Hawala Pedler,was caught redhanded,accidentally for a forged Passport Case and he was raided by Income Tax authorities,when they found to their astonishment Swiss Bank acct details.If we care to listen to this video below,that Swiss Bank letter,addressed to Hassan Ali,reveals,how Rs2 Billion Dollars wd be disbursed in the I week of January and another $6 Billion within a fortnight..Any Govt,let it be from Fiji to Timbaktoo,wd have immediately sent their Fin Minister with a set of Cabinet Ministers to Switzerland to confiscate this huge hoaded amount of 50000 Crores!Our Government not only helped Hassan Ali to get a bail within a day(it shd have been a min of 6 months fo Fake Passport Cases)they didn’t go any further on this huge amount,which was just lying,for the asking, with an open letter!
This is only the tip of the Iceberg…
What has been happening in India is open Looting of Unimaginable Magnitude in the last 3 decades..
The amount involved is so huge that anyone can be bought,including the opposition leaders like Advani!
That’s why Ram Jethmalani has been attacking the Advani Camp so vehemently,as he is a True Patriot!
“That’s why the Delhi Lutyen Club of Advani,never ever wanted Modi,who will be so uncompromising on such loots,anywhere near the Delhi club”…These are the words of M.J.Akbar,not mine!
So when Narendra Modi wanted to spearhead the elections,Advani&co didn’t like it at all..Later the thought that he will get only 160 to 170 so that Advani will always have an upper hand..More than Manmohan Singhs,Advani&co,never believed that Modi wd get anywhere near 250!…

But God was watching all the Fun…

He knows that Adharmam has spearheaded to such an extent that every one from Italy to Indira,must be taught a lesson..When the results started coming,the greatst shcoks wd have been felt both by the Italians as well as Advanis!

Modi is only a Messenger…

He has been subject to such humiliation from Congress to all Media from India and foreign,there is none who wd have withstood such an onslaught!Its because, he is above all insinuations!
Thee is none who cd have faced the combined Onslaught of CBIs,SITs,NIAs Shindes and pimps like Dick Vijays and Mani Sankara Aiyers!If he had faced these continuous targetted attackes for so many years,I can only say he is the God’s Messenger!

Modi is the chosen one acc to me..

One of his greatest strengths,I feel is “Sathyameva Jayathe..”
He faces all insinuations with ease because as Swami Vivekananda says
“If you speak Truth,you have no Fear.Where as if you speak one lie,you ned 1000 more to keep that One Lie alive!”

Of all the episodes of Modi,this one brought out his True amazing,empathetic character in him to me:
Modi was transferred from Gujarat BJP unit to Delhi in 1990s when Vajpayee felt Delhi needed a revamp and Modi has done a great job in Gujarath.Vajapaye admired Modi’s hard work in Delhi in a very short time.He used to be in touch with him regularly.
On that day when Madhav Rao Scindia,died in a Helicoptor Crash,Vajpayee called Modi..
Vajpayye: “where are you?”
Modi: “I am attending the funeral Sir!”
“What Madhav Rao Scindia’s?”
“No Sir..everyone wd be going there but that poor pilot Gopal of that Helicoptor.
I am attending his!”
Vajpayee: “You are an amazing man!”

Many have targetted Modi in the last decade..
They all must read this episode..

Many have brandd him as a murderer..Murderes don’t hav any such sentiments!

Many have ridiculed his Gujarath Model..One must Visit Gujarath and see for Oneself before making any such stupid comments!Infact Swaminathan Ankleshwara Aiyer writes after this mammoth Victory “many of the migrant workers from Assam to Bihar,who are all working in Gujarath,have personally seen the Deevelopmnt of Gujarath and they were the True Amabassadors for Gujarath model&Modi in their respective states which won great many votes for Modi!”

Coming to Congress…They tried all their means with Swiss money and Indian paid Media to ridicule Modi.The last desperate attempt was, bringing the Sari Clad ,Thief’s wife..excepting that she is the Grand Daughter of Indira Gandhi,she has nothing else to her credit!

God was watching all the fun..
Modi’s diehad enemies may not believe it..
But I firmly believe its God’s will!
Let us understand that upanishads are not jokes!
Bhagavad Gita is not another Book!

Sathyameva Jayathe!


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