Mesmerising Mangalore

A Day in Mangalore-How to Spend?

Mangalore Beach

Mangalore Beach

I found Mangalore to be a Serene City like Singapore!

The beautiful Hills,Temples and Churches,Elegantly clad Mangaloreans,invite you to a peaceful paradise!

Enjoy the climbing the Hills of Kadri!

Kadri Manjunath Temple-Lingeswarar

Kadri Manjunath Temple-Lingeswarar

Take a stroll near the Station to have a glimpse of 1670 Church built by Goan Father De Castro!Try to investigate how he is so grateful to the local HinduI didn’t imagine I cd see so many places in a Day! rulers for donating that place for a Church!

Mangalore Church 1670

Mangalore Church 1670

Take a Bus ride to the Parambanur Beach-Tranquility in Sunset!

Beaches can be cleaner too in India,like this one!

Manjunath Temple and Kadri Hills on top speak of1500yrs old History of Manjunath!

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Taj Mahal Hotel just opp. Station is an ideal,British Days’ Bonanza!

I cdn’t imagine,I can see so many places in a Day!

If there is a will ,there is a way!


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