Musings from Madhampatti..

It is about to Rain in the nearby Western Ghats!When I see Mercury hitting 45+ in Delhi to Dehradun,I feel privileged!

Karadimalai Mountains..Madhampatti

Karadimalai Mountains..Madhampatti

An evening walk allows you immeasurable qty of Fresh Oxygen!Added to the beauties of the Mountains and freshly Grown Grapes from the nearby Vineyard!

Sunset in Madhampatti Mountains!

Sunset in Madhampatti Mountains!

If I compare the picture above with this one below,I can’t distinguish which one is Madhampatti and which one is HautBay near Cape Town!God has given us all in equal qty the Nature’s is upto us to make use of them…!

View from our room@Hout Bay,Cape Town

View from our room@Hout Bay,Cape Town


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Swami Paramarthananda used to say that “We shd start preparing ourselves for Old Age from 50 onwards..Whether you likeit ornot,just go and sit for 1 hr every Saturday and Sunday for Bhagavat Gita Classes or a Unnikrishnan’s Music..This practice will help you when you reach the age of 60..Otherwise,even your own wife wd hate you to such an extent,’yen Prananai edukkarel..Poi summavathum 1 hr Swami Paramarthananda Classle ukkanthuttu vangolen..!”

“bharya bibyathi thasmin gaye” ngarar Sankarar!

Noticed a conversation opp. To my Villa between Two Colourful Birds!

He Bird:”Look at this old man..all the time cribbing about food,

tho’ its all Fine for all others!”

She Bird:”Don’t get spoilt by watching these Humans.If you start asking for Iddly and Dosas with Sambar and Chutney,I can’t afford..We have only this Ever Green fruits and grreenery!”

One of my close friends,who was a regular well wisher

and reader of my blogs asked me oneday:-

“Suri..Why do you go on writing Blogs?Whats the use?”

I told him”I write for my inner happiness..Oneday in posterity someone may look at it..may make use of the colourful pics..Whenever I see old Movies of India,I used to look for those Greenery,Rivers and Rich culture..Compare with today’s Garbages!”

Nature is God’s Gift..

On this Environmental day,let us try to do our bit a bit!



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  1. I have just returned from Chennai after spending very hot Saturday, hot Sunday and rainy Monday. On reaching Cbe it was so cool like your greenery photos and contents.


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