Peter Drucker,the great Management Guru has written many Books on Management,which are all recommended in most of Reputed Management Schools from Harvard to Kelloggs..

Drucker has made a Disclaimer in all his books on the Mgt Principles he recommends for the great following he has,all over the World,,saying,”They Donot apply to Japan,which follows a unique work culture and Ethics,that Western Mgnt Principles wd find it difficult to be compared!”



I have analysed the Moditva for the shear joy of watching a Karma Yogi and my views here may not be liked by some Italians..All others might like them…He,like Drucker’s Disclaimer,donot belong to any party or Faith.He firmly believes in

“Karmanyeva dikarasthe,Maa palechu Kadacana..”

“Do your Duty.Don’t worry about the End Result.

I,the Supreme will decide the End Result!”Lord Krishna.

A Karma yogi like Sastri,Kamaraj,Rajaji,Kakkan,donot just care for Your Views.

They just do what they think is their Duty..

They believe that their deeds will reveal what is Truth!

When the entire World,including opportunistic Economists of Economist and Washington Posts,targetted Modi before the Elections,he was highly focussed on only one Theme:

Attack the enemy where it hurts the Most..Miss Governance and Inefficiency.

Corruption obviously is a corollary!

When the combined opposition was targetting him for the2002 Riots and called him all sorts of names,he with the help of a sincere Rajnath Singh,decided to contest from the Hindu’s most sacred place on earth..

Varanasi,further consolidating the young Educated Hindu votes!

When Religious cards are played against you,try to play 235 in 3 cards..Act as if you are not a Religious Fanatic but it is upto the real Hindus to decide!

When Gujarat Model is projected only as a Clay model by Idiots like Raul Vincis and Digvijays and Mulayams,he allowed quietly the Media to debate on them with facts and figures!

He proved beyond doubt that the best way to take on an Idiot,who thinks that he is a great Leader,is to allow him to be stripped by Arnab Goswamis than by wasting his precious time,on uneducated urchins!

When he had to face challenges from within,by a coterie of Age Old,Impotent Jokers,he relied more on the Real Educated Youths like Parikkars,thereby attracting more support from educated Youngsters,both within and outside!

Education is the backbone of India.Educated Youth,irrespective of their religious faith,understand who is going to take them and their country Forward!You can,never more,cheat them based on Quotas and Carrots!They wd like to lead a respectable life,where Merit matters more than Quotas!

Coming to the actual Facts of Execution:

In the last 67 yrs of Indian Independence,I have never come across a mammoth task of taking drinkable water to remotest dry deserts of Gujarath,as one can see here its magnitude:When70% of the State is under desert,waterless,attacked by Draught once in3Yrs,and 30%has the water,he saw to it that the Water reaches everyone,even in the Kutch and Draught stricken Saurashtra..This mounumental work doesn’t happen on the Election Day!Its a Life long ambition fufilled!It was not started 10 yrs back thinking he can fight for the PM’s post in14…This is where

‘Karmaneva dikarasthe,maa palech kadacana” is important!

If anyone can challenge me after seeing the above Video with facts,on

1)”A man must be judged on his deeds..not on his birth or Caste”..Says Chanakya.Tell me honestly whether you want to rate Modi on his deeds or because of BJP or anyother biased Angle?

2)I find Peter Drucker’s MBO everywhere Modi has ruled and ruling.It is just impossible for a Leader,especially facing the max revolt ‘withinhis own party’,to execute projects of unimaginable Social Welfare Schemes,within such a short time of12yrs in Gujarat,if he doesn’t have able leaders also around him.He has tapped the available talent to an amazing length!

3)Writing about Moditva,if we don’t touch upon 2002 incidents,we will be termed as Primitive Animals by Highly Paid Burkha Dutts!My question to them is to quote Tim Sebastian of BBC st to Syed Shahabudin..”Why did it Happen?Why do you try to deny the fact that 100s of Hindus were Torchered to Death?Don’t you think this reaction was only expected?”

Syed Shahabudin accepted that the reaction was natural.He felt Godra Train torture cd have geen avoided.

Conveniently Italians,Frauds like Lallu Prasad Yadavs don’t talk about it..but today’s Youth is more educated than you cd imagine.If you hit them,they may not react immediately.But they wait for their time.So don’t think,you Italians,you are the most intelligent God’s creations!

To answer Burkha Dutts,Modi did never talk about these incidents till all courts declared his innocence..Silence in such a country in sometimes is good,Modi thought and proved!

Moditva,acc to me is a new model,designed for countries like India with1Billion,Gullible,uneducated,poor,who vote everytime,thinking that they are voting for the right person,but unfortunately,the elected Ministers become Rajas!

I wd like yo narrate an incident which happened sometime in1986 when Iwas on a SwissAir flight from Zurch to BBY.There was a nice American next to me who started the conversation.

I asked him about him and he said,”I am a politician..I am a Senator!”

“ have been coming to India?”

“Yes..often..I love India!”

“What do you like the most in India and how America is different!”

“To tell you the Truth,95%of Indians are honest,gullible,good and the reverse is True in USA!”

“Oh..Thats great but why India is still so backward?”I asked.

He said “Thats becuase when95% of Good Indians ‘always choose from the5%Crooks’..the reverse is True in USA!”smilingly..

Fantastic Statement..

Moditva in simple terms,acc to me is,

“Do something Good for the Country..

If you can’t just Get out!”

It applies to him,First,I think..

Thats Moditva!



About s.rajah iyer

An MBA.. Interested in writing,Reading..Indian Philosophy
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2 Responses to Moditva…

  1. I enjoyed reading your version on Modi and read it twice to memorize certain facts which I do not know. I believe that he is a true leader who can face the inherent odds in Indian Political System and work to end the freebies system enslaving the innocent and gullible Indians to start with. Secondly, its time India do away with the caste based reservation system and so I wish he initiates action. I admire your way of putting across things!


    • s.rajah iyer says:

      Major Arokiaswamy,
      Very kind of youSir to hv left your opinion.
      I admire your views.
      I firmly believe that if India has to progress we need Karmayogis.They dont velieve in any party based identities,leave alone caste based.Time will prove ,I firmly believe,Modi is like Kamaraj and Sastri.He admires hard work in the interest of the Nation.
      In this respect all True patriots must support all his sincere efforts.
      I will be the happiest if India gets back to its glorious days when,anything Indian,used to be much sought after from Columbus to Victoria!
      After all castes are today’s creation since1947..before that,if we read from Genghis Khan in the 12th century,we all belong to one family!
      God be with India!
      Sathyameva Jayathe!


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