Emergency and End of an Autocratic Rule!

Emergency 25th June 1975 will godown in Indian History

as one of the Darkest periods ever!

But there were such courageous people who refused to budge

despite cruel methods used to coerce them.

One was Ramnath Goenka,who refused to subject

his Indian Express to be sensored!

His advertisements were cut!

He refused to budge  the appointintment of cronies

like VKNarasimhan and Dubey on the Board!

Indian Express almost closed ,due to lack of Funds and

News Print Supplies!

He resisted despite all odds!

RNG helped Jayaprakash Narain by keeping him in the

Jaslok Hospital ,who was under continuous Dialysis,and I had the honour of

visiting JP with my boss,another courageous Gandhian Pollachi Mahalingam!

Another man I admire is

Subramaniam Swamy!

He was a Prof in IIT..

He was on a search warrant..

He escaped from Gujarath and went to US dodging the Warrant!

His escape and showing his head in Harvard was flashed in New York Times and Frenzied Indira Gandhi,even called Army Heads to get him somehow!

When the Parliament session was on,a cool Subramaniam Swamy walked into Delhi Airport,clad as a Congress Man without any luggage,passed thro’ all security checks,checked into a Hotel,attended the Parliament in the presence of the already agitated Indira and again disappeared!

Pls listen in his own words here:

We must recollect here the famous words of Lokamanya Tilak,when he was sentenced by the Jury in1908 for Sedition when he supported Khudram Bose openly,refusing to accept the verdict of the Jury:

“Inspite of the Verdict of the jury,I maintain that I am innocent.

There are higher powers that rule the destiny of Men and Nations,

and it may be the Will of Providence that the cause which I represent

may prosper more by my suffering than by my remaining Free!”

He was jailed for these courageos words  to the English Judge,

for 12 Yrs in Mandalay Prison,where he died.

The pic here is the plaque in his honour at the entrance to Bombay High Court!

Many from Mumbai go for Exotic Resorts for weekends,but will never go and see such Touching Plaques of Historical Importance!Tilak Bombay Hc

In a ountry full of cowards of 1Billion,

we must be proud of such courageous Souls!


About s.rajah iyer

An MBA.. Interested in writing,Reading..Indian Philosophy
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