Musings From Madhampatti..

Musings From Madhampatti..

September 2014 till 15th has been musical..

A series of concerts from Sanjay ,Sikkil Gurucharan,Ghatam Karthik,Trichur Bros,Ramakrishna Murthy and Nithyasri..I felt very sorry for Nithyasri’s voice..

I had to come out halfway,which I have never done in my life,even for an upcoming Artist!God be with her!

Sunset in Madhampatti Mountains

Sunset in Madhampatti Mountains

Madhampatti has been cool.Mountains and Magnificent weather.

Sunset on the Karadimadai is to be enjoyed..

Look at the herd of Sheep returning after their college

in the evening!

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Peace and Tranquility must prevail on 9/11 Rememberance Day,

says my sweet Grand Daughter,Erika,2Yrs old from US.

Erika Kutty

Erika Kutty

The nice pic of WTC was taken by my son in law,Mathew,

from his villa in Weehawkenfrom where I cd see Manhattan and WTC  across the Hudson!

WTC on 9/11 by Mathew

WTC on 9/11 by Mathew

Also I recall my visit to WTC memorial in 2012.

God give Peace a Chance.


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  1. K.NATARAJAN says:

    Reply? Please reply my SMS or call me if you are in India. Pl reply my my mail if you are anywhere else.Hope you and family are fine. Regards, Nats. From where, you can guess.


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