The Crisis of Character!

The Crisis of Character..

Baburao Patel's Mother India

Baburao Patel’s Mother India

This is the Title,Babu Rao Patel has given for his article in Mother India dt Jan 1964!Baburao Patel,one of the most open critics of Nehru,has written about rampant corruption in Nehru’s administration in this article!
If one cares to look at the ’50 yrs back ‘column in the Hindu,this week,20th to 24th Sept14,there is a corruption charges against ONGC to the tune of Rs 10 lacs!Nehru and Manmohan Singh are two typical characters,who tried to create a Feeling:
“I am honest.Don’t care what others around me,might be Looting!”

Rahul Gandhi Cartoon

Rahul Gandhi Cartoon

Nehru was more autocratic too but this trait was not openly visible unlike Jayalaltha’s open mouthed talk on every subject,with so much Arrogance!Nehru’s cunningness and going out of the way to protect,even his most tainted Ministers like Kairons,VKMenons,KDMalvyas,were not appreciated by hardcore Gandhians like Rajaji,Acharya Kripalani .Hence,autocratic Nehru ensured that these intellectuals like Rajaji and Acharya kripalani were eased out,so that Nehru could have a Free Run!
Aristotle wrote years back about such Characters
“Tyrants hate Intellectuals,keep their citizens in abject poverty,so that they won’t have time to revolt against them(the Tyrants)”
Nehru has brainwashed a billion people to such an extent that even the most brilliant and Educated Indians,’worshipped him’ They even called Intellectuals like Rajaji and Acharya Kripalani mad people!
Baburao Patels and Patriots like JRD Tatas tried to tell Nehru that he was taking the country to an irretrievable downfall,but autocrats like Nehru,don’t listen to Intellectuals!They wd increase the Brainwashing techniques to such an extent that ‘Garibi Hatao’ will be their Permanent Vote catching Tool!
Jayalalitha followed the same Nehruvian philosophy of ‘not listening to intelligent counselling!’
She is such an arrogant autocrat,that she was even eclipsing the very founder of the party MGR and brainwashed a section of the Tamilians to Chant ‘Amma,Amma’ !

Gutless Idiots started falling on her feet and started Saluting a Distant Helicoptor which ‘is supposed to be carrying her!’
Her arrogance and total Faith on some uneducated cronies around her,meted out the same fate on some Honest Counsellors around her,as that of Rajajis by Nehru!
In India,people worship only Moneyed Man!
If I come in a Benz car,there will be several people to come and open the doors for me,not even realising,it is a borrowed car!
At the same time if I come by a Bus,people don’t bother much,even tho’ I may be a Sahayam!But these brainwashed Indians do not need Benz Characters..Only Sahayams and Khemkas can give them Salvation!
If only we have millions of Sahayams and Khemkas in every Govt dept and millions of Judges like Michael DCunha,we can see an India where poor will be a word Only in the Dictionary!
I have seen Kakkan coming by bus to meet my father all the way from Melur!
He might be coming by Bus,but instantly he commanded so much respect either in the Bus or the Bus stand,which I have seen!patel and Gandhi

That is Character!
You must command Respect by your Character!
Not thro’ your arrogance of Power and Money!
The former is Eternal!
The later is Ephemeral!
Sathyameva Jayathe!


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