The Fall of Indian National Congress!

The Fall of the Indian National Congress…patel and Gandhi

The one party which doesn’t believe in Democracy ,in its own House,is INC..
From the time when the First PM was selected,this party always believed in an Autocratic way of Choosing their leaders..
The First PM,as elected by the majority of the 18 CWC members,16 members voted for Sardar Vallabhai Patel.Only 2 preferred Nehru,but because of Mahatma’s request,Sardar Patel accepted,Nehru as PM and he became the Dy PM..a man with such humility and devotion for the Mahatma!
The gap between Patel’s thinking and Nehru’s autocratic ways of doing things his way grew slowly till it reached the climax when Kashmir problem surfaced in the 1950.Patel walked out of the Nashik Congress meet,where referring Kashmir to the UN by Nehru,was not at all appreciated by an Iron Man.
But for this Iron Man a coward PM cdn’t have had the guts to give 24 Hrs Notice to Nizam of Hyd and another 500 Princes!
Rajaji was equally voicing his concern but Nehru added adventurous coteries around him and those,like Rajaji,were openly called Mad men!

Pandit Madanmohan Malaviya with Gandhi

Pandit Madanmohan Malaviya with Gandhi

In the recent past one cd see a similar situation..
After Rajiv Gandhi’s death,a man who did no want to be in Politics at all,was elected as PM..Mr.Narasimha Rao..
Mr.Narasimha Rao,for me reflected the ideals of Sastri and Sardar Patel.
Narasimha Rao,for me,defined the parameters of a Karma Yogi from the Upanishads..
Narasimha Rao,for me,looked like a God sent in the hour of a very big financial mess,India was in..
Narasimha Rao,for me,had one supreme quality..Confidence in himself,courage to execute,and never talked a single word,in a country of 1 Billion!
As he started repairing the Economy by bringing in Manmohan Singh from RBI,and Chidambaram from the South,an aloof widow got slow poisoning from Jalras like Mani Shankara Aiyers,whose very survival depended on the First Family in power..
I felt,a widow,an alien soft spoken cultured lady,never ever wanted to seek power,especially after the cruel demise of her beloved husband..
MS Aiyers and Jalras showed the Swiss accts and Bofors Boomerangs,to entice that innocent lady to come to the Command Control Room..again an autocratic way,best known for that party!
Narasimha Rao started feeling the embarassment as a PM like our present day CM of Tamil Nadu,without any power in his hands!
It was a question of time,that a Good PM like Narasimha Rao,started feeling,that the real power lies elsewhere..
For me,the Widow made a mistake..for three reasons:
1)Even if you wear a Rs32 Cotton Sari from Karur,you will be an alien..
2)Even if you are able to manipulate the Muslim votes against Hindus for a while,Indian Muslims wd oneday,wd always prefer an Indian Hindu,worst coming worst!
3)Even if you change all laws of the land,because of your arrogance of power to suit your son and son in law,You can’t escape the Final Judgement..
For these reasons,she wd have been well advised
1)to be away from power
2)Create many more Sardar Patels ,Sastris,like Narasimha Raos in every state,
and be well respected for her detachment..
This way INC wd have grown from Strength to Strength..
This way Man Mohan Singhs wd have axed corrupt Rajas on time.
This way INC wd have continued to be the darling of the Dalits.
This way by not supporting thugs,pedlers,bandicoots,and looters like Lallu Prasads,INC wd have redeemed the Dream of the Mahatma..
This way an Italian Lady wd have been respected and worshipped from remote villages of Rajasthan to Ramnad!
That didn’t happen..
To cover up one lie,they added one million lies!
Since the coterie started covering up the scandals,the Scandals started multiplying from Common Wealth to 2 Gs..
By managing the Muslim votes,the Lady also firmly started believing “that Majority of the Indians are Idiots..hence we can divide and rule for ever!”

It was a question of Time,such stupid policies get exposed..
Indians,average Indian let him be Muslim or Dalit or a Yadav,wants respectability of Living!
He wants a Job!
He wants to earn Not a Dole!
He wants to see his sisters and mother safe!
He wants to see Indians get basic amenities like
A)Pure drinking Water on his Tap
B)Basic Medical Welfare
C)24 Hrs electricity..
D)He doesn’t care whether you are a Gujarathi or Gucci from Italy,as long as he gets these amenities..
By not providing these basic needs,like Maslow’s Theory of needs,the basic being hunger,he goes to any extent to satisfy his hunger..
He doesn’t care whom he votes,as long there is a ‘reasonable promise’,that this party can be ‘more trust worthy than the Time tested INC!’
The downfall was in the Horizon,which even Advanis didn’t understand!

Today the coterie wd be advising the widow as how to come back to power ,after the humiliating defeats in Maharashtra and Haryana:
1)Make the Daughter the chief attraction..
2)Ask her to tour all the villages from Rajasthan to Ramnad in Mini Skirt
3)Gullible Indians wd throng back to INC!
4)Again INC wd win hands down!
5)Again the coterie headed by Mani Shankara Aiyers can enjoy their French wines in Spanish Brothels!
Is it a Vision Statement for a Party founded by Dadhabhai Nowrojee,BPLal,Lajpat Rai,Subhash Chandra Bose,Mahatma etal?

Action..sincere action down to the Platform No 12 in Trivandrum..
What if Sashi Tharoor takes a broomstick and cleans it every day?
What if Rahuls and Priyankas clean the Public Toilets near 10 Janpath every day?Haven’t you earned enough to come out and do the dirty work of Nation Building?
You cannot do the Nation
Your vision is limited..
Limited to the extent that..
Oh my name is ‘Rajah Iyer’..
He must be a BJP man..!

Oh..he is a Dalit..
He can be enticed to vote against BJP..!

Oh he is a Muslim,
He can be Trusted to Vote
Only for INC atleast till 3014!

The fall was imminent..Recovery will take much longer,
Tho’ INC can still be proud of Sidharamaih’s..

Rahul Gandhi Cartoon

Rahul Gandhi Cartoon

Provided,you don’t topple him by selecting a Cronie like
Mani Sankara Aiyer to replace him suddenly,
Just because The Budhu doesn’t like him!

Congress has buried Democracy beyond words!

Sathyameva Jayathe!


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2 Responses to The Fall of Indian National Congress!

  1. Very very knowledgeable article, with good history background! Very realistic! Hinduism describes dharma as the natural universal laws whose observance enables humans to be contented and happy, and to save himself from degradation and suffering. Moral degeneration that is found within modern every party and today’s news of bringing Priyanka Gandhi is very disturbing instead of bringing some person who is aged, experienced, selfless and who has belief in the welfare of the citizens.


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