The Saffron Surge..

The Saffron Surge..


The recently concluded Haryana & Maharashtra Elections prove beyond doubt,yet another polarisation in Indian Politics..
By winning 123 out of a possible 131 seats offered by Shivasena,again Modi has demonstrated..
“I dictate..all other take Notes if you wish!”
It is a good strategy and when AK49s and Italian Budhus are running for cover from Cross Fire,Modi has demonstrated again..
“The Educated Youth of India knows me by now..I know them better too..’,(see my blog’Moditva’)




The Saffron surge is happening..
It has to happen in a country ,where,politics was dictated by
1)non -performers
2)Scoundrals with Swiss Accts
3)Hard core fundamentalists,who use the pseudo Secular credentials,to cheat the gullible,illiterate poor on a permanent Slogan of Gharbi Hatao..
4)Paid Media Playboys,whose sole aim was to target the Single Man,who has performed beyond comparison in his native state!
5)The 67 yrs of Misrule,resulting in misgovernance and retardation everywhere..

The Saffron Surge is not based on a Religious fanaticism,acc to me..
It is an inevitable Phenomena due to a Vacuum,created by impotent Rulers,whose devotion for uneducated Italians,whose experience in Governance is next to Nothing..
The Saffron Surge has kindled the imagination of the Educated youth,
because,they are seeing for themselves,IIT Educated Chief Ministers and admirable Administrators from backward castes like Parikkars,Ramans&Chavans,leave alone the rise of a simple Chaiwalah,becoming the PM!
It is unthinkable in anyother Indian Party,excepting may be the dead and buried,Communists,the Youth of Today,suddenly feel that they can believe in this Saffron Surge..

In the 100 days,Modi,has also demonstrated beyond any reasonable doubts,his ability to take quick decisions&throw a challenge to the developed Nations..
Take for instance,the fuel subsidy being routed thro’ the Bank..
This single act alone wd save nearly Rs2,00,000 cr and remove the pedlers,who have been cheating the gullible for yrs!
Take for instance the Biometric Attendance already introduced in all Govt offices in Delhi..The Babus are all shit scarred to absent themselves from their seats.One can watch their movements Live online..
This is just happening in India!Can you believe it?

The only poll promise,which Modi is unable to execute within 100 days is on the Black Money,trail,giving chances to Burkadutts to Bark a bit!
I presume,there must be such laws and counter treaties ,created by the Unpatriotic Frauds Earlier,that to remove the cobwebs,it takes time..
It is like removing the Muslin cloth from a Thorn Tree..
If you have faith in Modi,he will surely remove it..

I feel,after long years,Indian democracy is coming of age,where competance and performance will be the Yardsticks!Thats the real meaning of this Saffron Surge!
I don’t mind a Sidharamaih becoming the PM of this great country one day,
But certainly not the Italians and Scoundrals like Lallu Prasads!

While we go to the Polling booth,
We must ask not’what his party or caste is?
Whether he can save the poor of this country from abject poverty?’

Pls see this link on Ahamedabad MRT admired all over the worls:-

Then ask those Italians whether they have done anything anywhere,comparable to this in the last 67yrs?


Sathyameva Jayathe!


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An MBA.. Interested in writing,Reading..Indian Philosophy
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