The Black Money Thamasha!

The Black Money Thamasha..

Black Money Trail!

Black Money Trail!

Now that after a Selective Leak,the Modi Govt has been forced to give the Black Listed,sorry,the list of Black Listed sorry,the Black List of Respectable Indians having accts from Swiss to France & Germany,what Next?
To my limited analysis..Nothing cd happen,because..
For 67 yrs,this country was run by Scoundrals and Pedlers,who had been supporting Hawala Dealers..
If you see the Growth of these Hawala Dealers,their meteoric rise since the 67s is phenomenal..
As One who had been regularly visiting Dubai and Singapore in the 70s ,one could have seen Men,with open transaction of bundles of Indian currency and exchange of costly Electronic goods and they were well known even to the Top Ministers in the Central Govt..called ‘Kuruvis!’
These Kuruvis veiled such influence from Customs to the Airport Authorities,that a stupid CEO like me,used to be thoroghly checked whenever he landed in Intl Airport for Electronic Goods and Gold!These poor CEOs like me didn’t even have the necessary Foreign Exchange in those days,even to have had a Decent Meals in Annalaxmis,leave alone their ability to buy an Electronic Gadget or a Gold Biscuit!
But I used to see regular Kuruvis escaping thro’ Green Channels with such a reception ,given only to visiting PMs..!
Over a period these Hawala Dealers were the most trusted friends of most Ministers..With the due connivance of all ,Indian Money escaped India,thanks to stupid Govts,which purposely made Foreign Exchange such a Rare Commodity!
To add Respectability to these Acct Holders,the Congress Govt was in a hurry,as soon as they got the power in 2004,to allow upto $125,000 to be freely transferred abroad!This escape route for already existing Swiss Acct holders,wd benefit incase of any prosecution..They cd drag on and on and on for another 1000yrs!

Black Money Trail!

Black Money Trail!

Just imagine..
There was a Fraud called Koda,caught Red-handed with 4000 cr!
There was a Nationalised Bank,if my memory is correct,UBI,which had accepted Rs30cr-cash in oneday!As per RBI rules more than Rs50000 can’t be accepted and such a huge sum shd hv been immediately reported to RBI,after the 9/11 Terrorist attacks!
But nothing happened..No penal action against anyone!
When such a blatant violation,under your very nose can’t be caught and punishment meted out,catching a criminal with Swiss Acct,acc to me is Chasing a Black Cat in a Dark Room!

As money grew abroad and when Big Industrialists themselves found it difficult to get Foreign Exchange,these Hawala Dealers,thro’ their Bigger Pedlers started operating from Switzerland!
With my own eyes I had seen a few pedlers who didn’t even have any qualifications ,whatsover,travelling in Benzs and BMWs in Dubai!
The one greatest asset of the earlier corrupt Govts is they went out of their way to support Loyal Scoundrals and Honest Pedlers!

The same fellows,allowed huge cuts in Defense Deals and Kashoggis and Hassn Alis didn’t have to do anything to multiply their wealth on a Daily Basis!
The corrupt Govts passed such laws like P Notes,that whenever Indian Equity was attractive,these looted Funds were routed back thro’ approved offshore Treaties with Countries like Mauritius!
When it was not attractive enough,FIIs suddenly wd take out their investment..
So already illgotten Swiss Wealth started yielding enormous returns,that Honest Industrialists like Tatas and Godrejs,used to feel sick about this country!
The counter Treaties signed and committed by earlier Corrupt Govts is a Cob Web,which can never be removed!
The various laws created to protect the Traitors and Pedlers were intentionally done so that even if any subsequent Govt catches these Hoarders of Black Money,it wd be another 3215 yrs by the time the so called legal aspect of these hoardings are brought into books..
So Hasan Alis always enjoy their small outings into the prison and come out on Bail!Imagine,this fellow had a Swiss Acct with Rs12000 cr on the day ED raided and within 15 days he had transferred Rs8000 cr as per the Swiss Stmnt of Accts,which ED officials had confisticated!After 3yrs,we cannot even fix this Fraud..The whole system is corrupt!

You might ask me ..what is the Solution?
Solution is what Subramania Swamy Advocates..
Declare all Hoardings abroad Illegal..including DTAAs..
A few Harish Salves wd shout..doesn’t matter..
If including Americans don’t want to do Business with us,ask them to go to Hell!There may somebody from Timbaktu to do business with us for sure!
Confiscate all the amnt..
Just like Land acquisition,when you want to lay a Highway!

Make the onus of Proof of legality on the affected,thro Special Tribunals!
Confiscated amnt must be immediately used to help alleviate poverty..
Simultaneously make such laws that it can never happen again!

If these steps are not taken at once,Arnab Goswamis & Barka Dutts wd be laughing at all Govts and enjoy their Scotch ,every night,after their show!

There is no other way Black Money cd be unearthed!

Sathyameva Jayathe!


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