Kailasanathar Temple,Ellora..A Mind Boggling Monument!

Just imagine,taking a Chisel and start cutting a Stone!

Go back in Time by 1500 Yrs!Kailashnath Temple,Ellora.

Imagine a huge Mountain in a Thick Forest!

You don’t have any computers,Paper Drawings!

The cut out Material from this mountain over a Span of 200 Yrs is estimated to be 3 Million Cubic Feet of Stones,equivalent to one of the Giza Pyramids!

That leaves you with an architectural Marvel of this Kailashnath Temple at Cave 16 of Ellora !

This is just only one of the 34 Caves of Budhists,Hindus’ and Jains marvelous monuments..

a show piece of Unity in Diversity!

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Here is a Rockcut architecture,at the apex of Technical Skill,regarded as the greatest Monolithic structure in the World!Its conception and execution has been admired by all over the World,for the shear immensity of Grace,Energy,Genius of the Hundreds of architects,under the Rashtrakuta Dynasty!
The work began at the clifftop,a Rectangular trench,measuring 31.61 Mt deep,31.12M long,and 46.92 M wide was chiselled out!
The enormous Rock  left out at the centre was carefully chiselled out to get the shape of this Shiva Temple,with a dedication that defies all imagination!
The pedestal for the temple consists of Elephants of 1.5 M height in various angles!The Elephants seem to bear the entire weight of the Temple on their backs!

While the Temple grew out of the shaping of the great mass of monolith Rock, detached from the ridge by the scooped area around,the Sculptors were busy simultaneously ,adding profuse ornamentation,achieving a Marvel of Unimaginable Beauty!Just imagine a small cut at wrong place..a crack!OMG!
The entire architecture has three buildings connected by an Overhead Bridge!The roof is pyramidical having a three-tier Tower,with a Cupola on Top!
The Sanctum Sanctorum has a decorated balcony,leading one to a Huge Lingam!Infront of this hall is a pavilion of 6.09M(20ft)Square housing a huge Nandhi.On the sides are two flag staffs on either side of 15.54 M height,with Two huge Elephants to add splendour and magnificense.It is presumed,the pillars were created as Victory symbols!

One shdn’t miss out 1)Ravana Shaking Kailasa and Parvathi at the entrance 2)Several Halls on the sides with illustrations of Parvathi,Vishnu in various forms including Narasingha Avatar,Lord Ganesha!Just look at those hanging Statues!

The more we spend time in just one such cave,the more we start wondering,about the Amazing Skills of our Ancestors,whose devotion in detailed architecture,try to prove to us..

Man..Dedicate everything to God..the Ultimate!
(journey with other caves will continue)


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  1. An educative piece of information about the famous temple which many had no opportunity to visit!


  2. D Ramasundaram says:



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