Jeeves in Madhampatti..a short story

Jeeves in Madhampatti..a Short Story.

Jeeves is serving Breakfast for his Master,Neelakanta Sastry.
Sastry : What is that peculiar sound I hear Jeeves.
Jeeves:Nothing Sir..the Microwave Oven suddenly stopped.I forgot there is an announced Power Shutdown@9AM.
Sastry:Means my soup will be served Cold.
Jeeves:Sometimes Cold Soup is good for your hot Body Sir!

Karadimalai Mountains..Madhampatti

Karadimalai Mountains..Madhampatti

Sastry:You mean to say I am hot all the Time.
Jeeves:Sir,you only read out from Pg2103 Yesterday from Arthashastra that “By constant Meditation,one can make one’s body suited for suitable changes in the climate…hot in Winter and Cold in Summer!”
Sastry:Jeeves I hv also warned you on several occasions that Upanishads and Arthasastras are only to be Quoted for others’ benefits and not to be used against me,especially when I am waiting for hot Toasts for Breakfast!
Jeeves:Sorry Sir..such mistakes will never be repeated but Power shutdowns,either announced or unannounced is beyond the control of my London Imagination!
Sastry:When I brought you from London,did I not warn you of problems from powercuts to

path to heavens on Pedestrian crossings in Madhampatti!
Jeeves:Ofcourse,you did Sir,but one must have atleast 5 yrs experience to change oneself to a such suitably accomodative environment!
Sastry:I am sorry your learning process is slower than I cd imagine.Anyway whats the alternative for killing my hunger!
Jeeves:How about two bananas and a cup of Cold Milk!

Serene Shenbagam Estate

Serene Shenbagam Estate

After Breakfast Sastry is reading Chapter II of Bhagavad Gita.

Jeeves disturbs Sastry as usual..

Jeeves:Sir,whats all about this Bhagavad Gita being made the National Scripture?
Sastry:Means All Indians need to be educated a bit more!
Jeeves:Sir,I thought most Indians are well educated.
Sastry:True but they don’t have wisdom.
Jeeves:I am confused as usual Sir.
Sastry:Education doesn’t give you Sankara says
“kuruthe ganga sahara gamanam,vratha paripalana mathva dhanam..gyanam vihine sarva mathena!”
Jeeves:Sir..I admire your capacity to confuse the already confused simple mind like mine,beyond all corridors of Confusion,especially in the very early morning..!
Sastry:OK..let me explain..Gyanam is common to all humans.Thats called Wisdom can’t be one Gyanam for a Xtian and another for a Brahmin..Thats what Sankara says..
Jeeves:Sir..I understand..aha..The sudden power shutdown is restored..may I heat the soup for you Sir..

Sastry:Not necessary must not over eat!

Jeeves:with due respects to you,Sir,allow me to go back to London Sir..
Sastry:Why you don’t like Madhampatty?
Jeeves:No offense meant for the people of Madhampatty and the Blue Mountains..Sir..but London is London!
Sastry:You have undergone regular Pranayama Programme..Imagine this is London..
Jeeves:I have done so several times but such unannounced power shutdowns,force me to go to Real London..
Sastry:OK..I can understand..will buy the tkts for your return tomorrow!

Jeeves:Sir..very grateful Sir..will be missing all your Upanishads and shoutings at the Breakfast Table..
Sastry:You have been an exemplary tolerant listener I have ever come across.Tks Jeeves..Is there anything you wd like to carry from here,our own Madhampatty!
Jeeves:Yes Sir..
Sastry:Whats that?
Jeeves:Some Speed Breakers from Express Highways!
Sastry:What..speed breakers!
Jeeves:My wife wdn’t believe there are Speed Breakers on Express Highways!
Sastry: What else?
Jeeves:Bhagavad Gita book Sir!
Sastry:They may not allow you in Coimbatore Customs !
Jeeves:Why Sir?
Sastry:Its meant only for Indians!
Jeeves:I don’t understand Sir..
Sastry:Only Indians need to learn Bhagavad Gita a bit more and seek Wisdom..not you an already intelligent Londoner!
Jeeves:I am so very Grateful for your First complement in the last 5 yrs..
Sastry wakes up and finds himself in total darkness after the power cut..
Looks at his watch 2AM..

Remembers Swami Paramarthananda’s famous statement:
“a Dreamer doesn’t know that he is Dreaming in a Dream!”


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